20 facts about the Internet in China

 Key things to remember about Chinese Internet

1) 1st World Internet population

 Chinese Internet users have exceeded their US counterparts in late February 2008 and since they are the world’s first internet users. With the biggest population of the world, it’s without surprise that China reaches this record.

2)  1st country in terms of Internet censorship

 Ironically, China is the country of the world were the censorship is the most used on the internet. The government wants to control the distribution of all the online content and even plans to deploy police officers directly in companies. The country wants to intensify censorship to reach, by 2020, an internet said “clean.”

 3) 50.3% of Chinese had access to the internet on the 1st January 2016

 The percentage of China’s population with Internet access is now higher than the percentage of people who are not being connected. And it is growing up very quickly, in fact, China had “only” 225 million users in 2012. You should know that for example in Sweden 92% of households have internet access there, in France it is 83% and 61% in Italy. The country with the highest percentage of Internet users is Norway with 96, 30%.

 4)  There were 688 million Chinese Internet users on the January 1st, 2016



 The country dominates the global Internet by being number one (as often on China in the statistics) and far from its competitors. This mad rush is then followed by India (with about 402 million users in 2016) and the USA (with 266 million users)

 5)  91% of Internet users have an account on a social network

 Chinese social networks (such as Youku, Weibo, WeChat) are highly efficient and allow the Chinese to stay connected with their community, which is very important to them. They are also more adapted to the Chinese market.

 6) 5G

 At a time were the world is making just 4G, China seriously intensify its efforts to launch a 5G mobile offer quickly. This enthusiasm is partly explained by the fact that the vast majority of Chinese access to the Internet is made via smartphone and tablets.

 7) 98% of Internet users have a broadband connection

 Chinese users have overwhelmingly a broadband connection, but paradoxically have a very weak average flow of connection. Here are the top 5 countries were the proportion of broadband connection users is the biggest:

 1) Switzerland

2) Netherlands

3 ) Denmark

4 ) South Korea

5) Norway

 8)  3.14 Mbps is the average connection speed in 2013

 Be aware that a connection speed of 3.14 Mbps / s is very weak. For comparison, the average for France in 2010 was 17,6mbs and the United States was 4,8mbs. Here is a list of the 10 provinces and municipalities were the average connection to internet was the fastest in China in 2013:

10. Yunnan Province: 3.20Mbps

09. Xinjiang Autonomous Region: 3.24Mbps

08. Hebei Province: 3,28Mbps

07. Zhejiang Province: 3,30Mbps

06. Sichuan Province: 3,31Mbps

05. Tianjin 3,33Mbps

04. Fujian Province: 3,39Mbps

03. Beijing: 3,50Mbps

02. Jiangsu Province: 3,93Mbps

01. Shanghai 4,70Mbps

 9) 2, 79 million websites based

 China is one of the countries with the most websites despite the famous “great firewall of China”.

10) 74% of sites are registered under the domain “.cn

 The Chinese have much more confidence in the websites registered under the Chinese domain “.cn”. This is partly what explains the importance to register under this domain for a company wishing to operate in China.

 11)  85% of users are under 40 years old          

The new generations are becoming more comfortable with the internet and use it in almost every aspect of life. This trend is not specific to China but tends to be reduced in favor of a more widespread use of internet in all population categories.

 12) 43% of global cyberattacks come from China in 2014

 The PWC research firm estimates that the number of daily cyber attacks at 177.300 worldwide and this number is constantly increasing. China would be the most aggressive countries in terms of cybercrime, followed by Indonesia to be responsible for 15% of global attacks and the US which would be responsible for 13%.

 13) 600 million subscribers WeChat

 WeChat, Weixin in Chinese, is an instant messaging application popular in China that allows you to communicate in writing or orally but also to build up a profile and view those of other users, whether individuals or corporations. It also allows the QR code reading and calls by video conference.

 14) 500 million subscribers Weibo

Weibo is a popular Chinese microblogging website launched in 2009. It is often presented as the “Chinese Twitter”. At its launch, it already had 5 million subscribers in a year, then 200 million subscribers two years later and now it reaches 500 million subscribers.

 15) 800 million items listed on TaoBao

 TaoBao is a Chinese website selling the online business to customer (B2C) and customer to customer (C2C). Created by Jack Ma, the site is only in Chinese and more than 370 million user haves account.

 16) 1st global e-commerce market

The Chinese e-commerce market has a very big potential and weighs over 300 billion euros. Its expansion is favoured by the Chinese government, which wants to counter US giants such as eBay or Amazon. Currently, the e-commerce penetration in China is greater than the United States.

 17) Ali Baba, global e-commerce leader

Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce website founded by Jack Ma. Alibaba employs 18,000 people worldwide and has announced a turnover of 6, 5 billion euros in 2014.

 18) 700,000 Chinese on Facebook

 The fact is derisory compared to the importance of Chinese social networks here, much more suited to the Chinese people. But the main reasons why the Chinese are not using Facebook at first because you have to use a VPN, to bypass the censorship but it slowed dramatically the connection, and then the fact that there is only a very few Chinese people listed on it. Then the social network becomes meaningless.

 19) 740 million web pages on Baidu

 Baidu is a Chinese internet company that can search for images and text. This is the most viewed website in China! The website also offers over 80 million images and more than 10 million multimedia files. It is very suitable for Chinese people thanks to its Mandarin search technology.

 20) A penetration rate of 46%

China, with 688 million users, is the largest Internet market in the world. And with a penetration rate of 46%, the e-commerce can range in an exponential way.

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