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Xinhua video news mobile phone Xinhua video news mobile phone(0)

While both sides are still deciding on the amount to charge their viewers, the service for the first two months is free.

In addition to video programs, the mobile phone TV service will include texts, photos and charts, said the statement. Xinhua’s 31 domestic branches and 110 overseas bureaux, will provide news content covering political, economic, sport, entertainment and social news, it said.

“We plan to provide English news in the next step and look forward to exploring the overseas market,” the statement said.

By just logging online using their mobile phones, users can watch video programs, said Yang Yong, with the agency’s TV department.

However, not all of China Mobile?s 493 million users, China Unicom?s 141 million and China Telecom?s 35.44 million users have access to video news.

“Among the China Mobile users, those whose mobile phones can play video programs are eligible. Among the Chine Unicom and China Telecom users, only3-G mobile phone users are able to receive the service,” Yang said.

Xinhua’s TV department now releases about 600 minutes of video news, from daily news to in-depth reports in Chinese and English, round the clock every day.

In mid August, Li Congjun, president of Xinhua, said that the Xinhua TV news service makes it a world-class global news agency.

Source : Konaxis

81% spent free time surfing the Internet 81% spent free time surfing the Internet(0)

Recently, the China Youth Daily through survey sites found out that a survey on 12158 people showed that more than half of the people (54.2%) wanted to spend spare time quietly; 31.1% of people wanted their leisure time can be “slowed” down. Among people surveyed, “80th” accounted for 62.6%, “70th” accounted for 21.4%.

Of course, these people are in minority, more people’s spare time is not like this. In this survey, 81.4% of the people preferred leisure time spent online, 55.9% chose to watch television.

The survey showed that 51.9% thought that the computer would gradually replace the TV; In addition, when chosing only one between computer and TV, 94.1% of the people chose the computer.

Some people joked that with the popularity of the Internet, people who spotted a dozen or so hours of television sitting in the sofa, like potatoes, motionless, would be fewer and fewer, instead there would be “mouse potato” life.

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