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Video Tudou 50 Million Video Tudou 50 Million(0)

The Shanghai company is the first Internet media company in China to be added to Temasek’s roughly $140 billion portfolio, which includes controlling stakes in some of Singapore’s biggest companies and stakes in two of China’s biggest banks. Temasek invested $35 million in Tudou, which provides streaming online video, including syndicated television shows and user-generated content.

The latest round of fund raising “is for us to expand,” said Gary Wang, chief executive of Tudou, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. The company, which has raised a total of $135 million since its website went live in 2005, will use the money to invest in differentiating its products and services, including creating more original video content and developing the ability to develop mobile applications in-house, Mr. Wang said.

Tudou and are the top online-video websites in China.

The CEO said Tudou, which has an application that works with Apple Inc.’s iPad, is developing applications for iPhones and handsets running Google’s Android operating system. He hopes that all 38 million videos available on Tudou will be available for viewing on its mobile applications within a month, an endeavor that Mr. Wang said requires significant resources.

Source : Konaxis

Youku CEO said: ‘Video industry is take off the hat of burning money’ Youku CEO said: ‘Video industry is take off the hat of burning money’(0)

At present, known as “the most money-burning” video industry began to farewell “input without output” state, entered a virtuous cycle stage.

Insiders said a large-scale video website should across at least three “100 million” thresholds to be successful. Currently, Youku, Tudou and Ku6 crossed thresholds.

Zhao Xufeng, senior analyst, said in just four years, the the video industry market size increased from the original 100 million to 1.36 billion, up to 92% compound annual growth rate. It was expected in the next few years, the video industry would continue to maintain the annual growth rate of more than 60%, to 2013, advertising revenues will exceed 10 billion yuan, reaching 10.86 billion.

Qi Yi finalized Office Location: up to 108 recruits Qi Yi finalized Office Location: up to 108 recruits(0)

This morning, Qi Yi organized a small in- house opening ceremony, Gong Yu, CEO cut the ribbon for the new office , Gong Yu said Qi Yi Network staff number reached 108.

At the ceremony, Gong Yu said that the Qi Yi Site preparations were proceeding well, 108 people were recruited, opening entered a countdown state, and all departments had begun office in Ou Mei Hui Building.

Gong Yu also disclosed plans in the near future there would be web site on-line internal test, and if currently logged home, the progress bar will show the progress of the construction of Qi Yi Web site is 71%, and the site is expected by the end of March before officially launched.

Gong Yu, said during an interview earlier with Sina, Qi Yi provided video platform for primarily long movies and television-based videos content, adhering to genuine, high-definition model of development, and in future will be listed in stock separately.

Not long ago, Baidu’s announced an agreement with the U.S. private equity firms Providence Equity Partners, that Providence Equity Partners would invest 5 million dollars into Baidu’s video site Qi Yi. After the injection was completed, Baidu would continue to hold a controlling share of video company.

Baidu independent online video company was named Qi Yi and get online in March Baidu independent online video company was named Qi Yi and get online in March(0)

It is learned that when Qi Yi officially gets online, it will take domain name. Official logo includes Chinese-language brand name and English domain names. Qi Yi’s CEO Gong Yu said the video platform primarily provides the long videos like movies and television and with a model of high definition and copyrighted contents,and will consider to be listed in stock market in the future independently.

Recently there have been news Baidu video has recruited from other online video companies some technical staff, sales and marketing personnel. At the same time it had settled down with some of the copyrights side of the film purchase agreement, about to sign the contract. According to Baidu video company personnel earlier that staff size would reach 350 by the end of 2010 .

It is reported that Baidu Baidu’s video website is a joint venture with Providence, a U.S. investors, while Baidu is in holding, and the newly appointed CEO Gong Yu shares.

Baidu independent video will be launched in March, disclosing joint US investors Baidu independent video will be launched in March, disclosing joint US investors(0)

Reporter learned yesterday that the site would be get online in March of this year, with an office in Chongqing, which is the first video site who set up office in the west.

Baidu independent video company’s western head – Hai-Tao Yang told reporters that the video site was invested by Baidu’s joint venture with U.S. investor-Providence, and Baidu is in charge, CEO Gong Yu also has a stake.

“If you forget the movie name, you can enter the scripts in the search box lines, it will also search out the movie.” Hai-Tao Yang introduced due to proximity to the domestic search giant Baidu, the site enjoys natural advantages in the search. It is said that currently none inf domestic video sites has related technologies.

“To fully radiate domestic market, Baidu this time specially set up two offices in Chongqing, Chengdu to simultaneously advance with the north, east and south China regions.” Hai-Tao Yang disclosed that this was the first time for video sites to set up offices in the West, which will radiate southwest and northwest 10 provinces and municipalities.

First video had a net loss of 11.27 million Hong Kong dollars in first half of 2009 First video had a net loss of 11.27 million Hong Kong dollars in first half of 2009(0)

As of June 30, the first video in the first half has a total revenues of 70.38 million Hong Kong dollars, compared with same period last year of 53.575 million Hong Kong dollars; gross profit of 49.07 million Hong Kong dollars, compared with same period of 11.817 million Hong Kong dollars;

The first video in the first half had a net loss of 11.27 million Hong Kong dollars, compared with net profit of 8.9 million Hong Kong dollars; a net loss of 0.6 HK cents per share, compared with net profit of 0.5 HK cents. will be the first to test the model of charging individual users will be the first to test the model of charging individual users(0)

This is the first demestic video site which publicly announced personal subscription.

Wang Jianjun said as the majority of contents were original works by net users, so users who uploaded videos should receive a certain amount of remuneration, and the users who needed to obtain the video should pay, which was the development direction of Internet.

A few days ago, in Shanghai “3G commercial trial business conference” the Shanghai Unicom announced and demonstrated a wide range of 3G applications, and formed a “value alliance” with and many more companies for the cooperation of customer sharing, joint marketing, innovative products research and development, Internet business and so on.

It is reported that, in preparation for 3G strategy, started building co-operation platform with mobile video license partners, operators, terminal manufacturers and media, including Chinese radio and television station. In addition to co-operation with Shanghai Unicom, networked with carriers in a number of provinces to reach a cooperation.

According to Wang Hongguang, the senior vice president of wireless, disclosed, the is active in 3G license application to the relevant departments. Even though it is still awaiting for approval, has already been in good preparations to enter the 3G mobile video business.

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