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Video Tudou 50 Million Video Tudou 50 Million(0)

The Shanghai company is the first Internet media company in China to be added to Temasek’s roughly $140 billion portfolio, which includes controlling stakes in some of Singapore’s biggest companies and stakes in two of China’s biggest banks. Temasek invested $35 million in Tudou, which provides streaming online video, including syndicated television shows and user-generated content.

The latest round of fund raising “is for us to expand,” said Gary Wang, chief executive of Tudou, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. The company, which has raised a total of $135 million since its website went live in 2005, will use the money to invest in differentiating its products and services, including creating more original video content and developing the ability to develop mobile applications in-house, Mr. Wang said.

Tudou and are the top online-video websites in China.

The CEO said Tudou, which has an application that works with Apple Inc.’s iPad, is developing applications for iPhones and handsets running Google’s Android operating system. He hopes that all 38 million videos available on Tudou will be available for viewing on its mobile applications within a month, an endeavor that Mr. Wang said requires significant resources.

Source : Konaxis

Tudou announced the official proceedings of the Cool 6 Tudou announced the official proceedings of the Cool 6(0)

Cool 6 network will be formally charged for its infringement of copyright for the content of 33 TV drama comprehensive rights protection.

The current evidence has been completed. Next week, the Potato Network will be formally prosecuted at Haidian District People’s Court.

It is learned that Cool 6 was prosecuted for the 33 films and television dramas. The first evidence of the productions includes: “Please Turn on the Phone Log”, “Live with a Smile,” “Wanted to Rely on You,” as well as a joint venture with Central China’s first 3G network drama “Mr. Lei?, and many other Greatest Hits.

Cai, director of legal affairs, said that Tudou issued a notice to remove the Cool 6? prints already in early February this year. The Cool 6 still adhere to a negative attitude, completely ignoring the “norm.” Based on this, the Tudou Network decided to formally initiate proceedings.

On march 1st, Cool 6 announced that it has filed lawsuits against Tudou Network on its copyright infringement. Cool 6 network claim 500,000 yuan for 5 TV dramas. At that time, Shanghai Pudong New Area People’s Court has formally accepted the case. hand in hand with China film group to push ‘network drama’ hand in hand with China film group to push ‘network drama’(0)

The biggest competitor of previously announced completion of 40 million U.S. dollars to increase their investment, while also announcing another plan which is being negotiated of 40 million U.S. dollars. Another video site-ku6, through stocks convertion cooperation with Hurray, to a large extent solved this funding problem. In 2010, with the increasing pressure on the issue of copyright, video website’s “money-burning” speed is doubled.

Wang Wei made the above remarks at the conference of co-operation of and China Film Group. Yesterday afternoon, the two companies jointly launched the network drama “MR. Thunder “premiere in Beijing, through the cooperation with China Mobile, the play will also be ported to 3G mobile phone platform, for a full push. Network play is a new model of video site in 2009, generally a single act of 5 to 10 minutes in length, business model is implanted-up ads.

Rumor has it that received the fifth financing of 40 million U.S. dollars Rumor has it that received the fifth financing of 40 million U.S. dollars(0)

Other details are not available at present and the message has not been officially confirmed.

According to the sources, the financing will be used to purchase copyrighted content, has begun to delete piracy dramas in large-scale, CEO- Wang Wei also publicly indicated that he would input 100 million to purchase the copyright.

Based on publicly available data, had a total of four financings, totally receiving 85 million U.S. dollars.

Taobao and video sites launched the video shopping site Taobao and video sites launched the video shopping site(0)

According to the relevant source from Ku6, this cooperation is the provision of video support for Taobao, the seller can upload the video of goods to display on Ku6 platform, also embed them into Taobao platform. Tudou, Ku6, Youku, 56 are making related technical preparations. Taobao said the the four video sites in cooperations had the same benefits.

According to the video site that the seller using video technology may be required to pay fees, but the specific amount of charges is still in determinations, and profits will be divided between Taobao and video sites. “But it should not be very expensive, considering the actual consumption level of the seller.” Indicated by Tudou.

56 said, except of video support, they would also provide album video services. “For the majority of net operators, to produce a beautiful video is relatively difficult, even if they are capable of production, it may also be time-consuming and labor-intensive, but taking beautiful photos is very easy.” The service also requires the seller to pay to use.

The partnership is the first time combination for video sites and e-commerce, which has been considered by the industry insiders as an attempt for video sites and TaoBao to look for profit models. But have much attraction the video shopping has to sellers and buyers, still needs market’s ultimate decision introduced its SNS network video sharing shortcuts introduced its SNS network video sharing shortcuts(0)

The websites supported by Tudou’s “SNS video-sharing shortcuts” including five popular SNS communities at home and abroad:, education net, Douban, Facebook, Twitter. Users of the site can just click on the corresponding Share button to open a new window to the site or a broadcasting page to share the SNS video with their friends.

Huang Huiwen, vice president of market and community department, said that as an open sharing platform and promotion of the spirit of community sharing, they will continue to enhance the user viscosity, try more functions of combination with other web applications to create a win-win model. To Set Up Branch In Chengdu To Set Up Branch In Chengdu(0)

The four investors of are said to be IDG, General Catalyst, GGV and the Rockefeller family. The financing of US$57 million that received this time is reported to be the largest sum ever received by an online video service provider in China.

Coupled with the first three rounds of financing, has now totally gained US$85 million in investment. According to a representative from the company’s PR department, the new investment will mainly be used on the company’s corporate operations, bandwidth server and video sharing program development.

In addition, will set up a branch in Chengdu this year and the company has reportedly already begun to recruit talent, mainly in technology and marketing areas, for the new branch in Chengdu, which is expected to be the company’s most important strategic city in the southwest part of China.

Source : Chinatechnews Completes Fourth Financing Round Completes Fourth Financing Round(0)

According to China’s TopCapital, the investors of are mainly from Europe and the U.S. It not only includes IDG, General Catalyst and GGV, all of which invested in in the past, but also some big consortia like the Rockefeller family.

The financing of is regarded as a milestone of China’s online video industry. The joining of the big consortia like Rockefeller is believed to bring the competition within the industry to a higher level.

However it is still unclear if online video can make money in China. Because broadcasting rights and media in China are highly regulated, some analysts predict that eventually China’s state-run media will launch its own full-blown Internet video service and crush privately-owned firms. In addition, with total Internet advertising a small fraction of the total advertising in China, Internet video has lots of competition as it seeks ads. Long term, these investors might be hoping to make money off a bubble buzz rather than sustainable long term revenue, let alone profits.

Source : Chinatechnews

SARFT To Issue New Licenses For Internet Video Service Providers SARFT To Issue New Licenses For Internet Video Service Providers(0)

According to No. 1 Finance Daily, about ten companies are going to obtain this license, of which three are privately-run online video service providers and the rest have state-ownership backgrounds.

The new license winners, including and, are all be engaged in video program ordering services. As such websites as that deal with online video uploading and sharing don’t fall into the category, they will apparently not be issued such a license.

China’s online video license is formally known as the License for the Transmission of Audio and Video Program Through the Information Network.

Source : Chinatechnews

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