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5 key players of the e-commerce market in China 5 key players of the e-commerce market in ChinaComments Off

E-commerce is about to reach 10% at the end of commerce market in China this year. It has easily become the largest online market place in the world since it China’s online B2C exceeded the American one in 2012. The online B2C is indeed the more important part of the market in China.

Here are the most successful players of the e-commerce in China:


The e-commerce in China is clearly dominated by the Alibaba group. It was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma, the original website of Alibaba offered a B2B platform for Chinese companies. Alibaba owned a 44.82% market share in the B2B online market in Q2 2014.

Over the years, several websites and services were created to meet the needs of the Chinese citizens online.


The group therefore created Taobao, a C2C website in 2003 which benefited from an enormous success among the online Chinese shoppers. Mostly because the website adapted to the Chinese way of shopping. Taobao therefore allowed its customers  to bargain online and to pay only after they had received and inspected the quality of  the goods they ordered.


A B2C website came in 2008: Tmall, which owed a 57, 36% market share of the Chinese B2C online retail market in Q2 2014. The B2C platform allows local Chinese and international businesses to sell quality, branded goods to consumers in mainland China.

The Alibaba group also created its own payment system, Alipay, in 2004. The group is owned by Yahoo at 40% since the American internet giant helped them develop in the mid-2000s by investing one billion dollars in Alibaba in exchange for a 40% stake in the company. A good bet since Alibaba is now famous all over China.


As for this B2C retailer, it was created in 1998 in Beijing under the name of, which changed last year in JingDong. It was ranked second largest player of the Chinese B2C online retail market with a 21.22% market share in Q2 2014. The e-tailer offers to its 60 million registered users a range of 12 categories of products from home appliances to clothing. In 2013 more than 500 000 orders were placed on the website every day.  Chinese online shoppers like this website because it is like a wholesaler, they can address directly to JingDong if a problem occurs. Which differs from Tmall where sellers are all individual companies.

In March this year, the e-tailer signed a partnership with Tencent, to allow users on both platforms to transit from one to the other directly allowing JingDong to enter the mobile market more easily.JingDong also owns a C2C platform called that is currently planning to launch a mobile app enabling individuals merchants to create micro-shops directly from their smartphones.


The company based in Shanghai and created in 2008 quickly became one of the top online retailers of the country. The company developed quickly thanks to an always larger range of product classes.This rapid growth was made possible thanks to an agreement reached with Wal- Mart in 2011.  The American distributor agreed to invest in the development of the Chinese online retailer against a 51% stake. Yihaodian since managed to build a base of more than 60 million customers. Those e-shoppers  placed an average of  300,000 to 400,000 orders per day in 2014.

Apart from the affordable prices and the large range of products offered, the e-tailer is also popular thanks to the speed of its deliveries that is guaranteed within an hour in Shanghai. Its efficient customer service is also very appreciated by the shoppers.

Chinese e-commerce is therefore largely dominated by B2C websites such as Tmall, JingDong and Yihaodian but most of them also have C2C platforms of their own to play on the two branchs of the market. More rarely some have B2B websites like Alibaba, the market’s leader that is number one on every branch that e-commerce has to offer. Recently another battlefield has open for the different players of e-commerce to have fierce competition on: m-commerce. M-commerce indeed went from inexistent in 2009 to 10% of the e-commerce in 2013 and experts said it will reach 20% by 2016. The major players of e-commerce therefore have to adapt their strategies to this channel.

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QFIIs to Trade Futures QFIIs to Trade Futures(0)

China started futures trading in April, allowing domestic investors to profit from declines in equities for the first time. The CSI 300 Index, which tracks the 300 most liquid stocks on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, is the underlying index for the futures.

China?s securities regulator allows selected overseas investors to invest in the nation?s stock markets under the qualified foreign institutional investor, or QFII, program.

Currently, 89 qualified overseas institutional investors received $17.72 billion in quotas as of the end of June, the China Securities Journal reported.

Futures, or agreements to buy or sell the CSI 300 Index at a preset value, began trading on the China Financial Futures Exchange in Shanghai on April 16, while margin trading and short selling was introduced March 31.

Each transaction by overseas investors needs to be approved by the China Financial Futures Exchange, according to Monday?s report. Relevant rules will be released recently for public comment, the Beijing-based newspaper said.

Source : Konaxis

eBay to Battle Taobao in China eBay to Battle Taobao in China(0)

Under the plan, eBay hopes to woo Chinese merchants by developing shipping programmes that make it easier for them to sell to US consumers, eBay officials said at a signing ceremony in Shanghai.

“The collaboration will make the most of the advantages of the three while helping expand profits,” Jeff Liao, eBay’s Greater China chief executive and head of Asia-Pacific cross-border trade, told reporters.

The partnership centres on an express delivery service to the US that will be run by China Postal Express and Logistics Corporation, part of China Post, and which will include online tracking systems, eBay said.

The US auction site largely withdrew from China years ago after being overtaken by Taobao, part of China’s largest e-commerce firm, the Alibaba Group, which also operates business-to-business marketplace

The American firm shut down its Chinese consumer website in late 2006 and folded its China operations into Eachnet, a joint venture run by Hong Kong’s Tom Online Group, after Taobao won the lion’s share of the Chinese market.

Unlike eBay, Taobao charges no commission to list items for sale and the site’s revenue comes from advertising.

Starting as a consumer-to-consumer auction website, Taobao has grown into an online retailer that also features a growing number online shops run by big brands such as US computer maker Dell.

However, eBay is fighting to make a comeback in China, a market with more than 400 million web users, by refocusing on export-oriented Chinese merchants who are keen to reach overseas buyers through international websites.

The firm’s current Chinese operations include, a Chinese platform targeting Chinese merchants — mostly small and medium-sized enterprises — by offering online training courses on international trade and listing tips.

It also runs, a Chinese version of payment site Paypal.

Source : Konaxis

Yahoo Japan China’s Taobao Yahoo Japan China’s Taobao(0)

Yahoo Japan, the country’s No.2 online shopping site operator after Rakuten, wants to close the deal as early as June so that Japanese users can buy Chinese products through Yahoo Japan’s website and vice versa, a company spokesman said on Thursday.

Taobao is a group company of Chinese Internet giant Alibaba, whose investors include Japan’s Softbank. Softbank also has capital ties with Yahoo Japan.

Reuters reported last month that Alibaba was in talks with Softbank to form a tie-up to help merchants from their online marketplaces sell into each other’s markets.

Source : Konaxis

Guo Guangchang Guo Guangchang(0)

This time Ma’s ambitions have been of public opinion support from ?Li Ka-shing” (in other words, the wealthiest people) tycoon Guo Guangchang. Yesterday, at the National People’s Congress, Guo Guangchang, the chairman of the Shanghai Fuxing High-Tech (Group) Co., Ltd., interviewed at the two sessions, expressed his support for Ma to set up Internet banking, in order to find a way to solve the financial difficulties of small businesses.

He said that in the last year’s financial crisis, foreign companies decreased the size, and the private enterprises are still increasing jobs, therefore, showing the responsibility of the private enterprise towards society. They have to further resolve the employment problem, particularly among SMEs. The government needs to increase support for small businesses. There are more than 70% of employment through small business solution, and small businesses will get more in terms of support if that is the key to solving the employment problem.

Guo Guangchang stated that the Government should relax the cultural industries, the financial services industry and other areas of market access and provide financial support for small businesses. He pointed out that the current financial difficulties of small enterprises have been a consensus, major banks for 50 million or less having difficulty to operate on small loans. ?How do I break through this problem?? He considered relying on private enterprise innovation mechanism. Therefore, he expressed support for Ma to set up Internet banking, using Alibaba’s platform, or what that might be called, to resolve viable small business financial methods.

At the National People’s Congress, Zhi-Qing Shao, the deputy of the Shanghai’s Economic and Information Committee, also mentioned in the interview that in order to solve the financing problems of SMEs, the bank can give support to the new form of “network platform, above the banks form”. The reference is very good.
For the Internet banking specific running form, Zhi-Qing Shao thinks it would be through a number of a large network platform. For example, Taobao is a very good electronic platform. It provides a lot of job opportunities.

Taobao launch consumer protection scheme Taobao launch consumer protection scheme(0)

The soon-to-be Taobao protection of consumers rights protection platform after Spring Festival, is the first self-organized e-commerce website platform for interests of consumers. Consumers can self-complete the online complaints and always monitor the progress of complaints in order to be held accountable. Meanwhile, the homepage of the platform will set up a exposure platform, regularly expose bad sellers.

For consumer complaints, Taobao requires the seller respond within 48 hours; If sellers fails to respond before deadline, Taobao consumer rights protection officers will intervene within 48 hours. Taobao promises, all transactions disputes will be processed within 30 days. For sellers who uses more than the pledged delivery time, and who has no response to applications for a refund within 48 hours, the system will automatically refund. to team up with Hunan TV to team up with Hunan TV(0)

The new company, with a total investment of 100 million yuan ($14.64 million), will produce TV programs related to online shopping and launch a new channel for selling products through the online retailer, said the newspaper.

“The joint venture is our attempt to combine the Internet and television, and find a new way to develop both, ” Jack Ma, founder and CEO of Alibaba Group, the parent company of, was quoted as saying.

The company has jointed forces with Wasu Digital TV Corporation Ltd. earlier this month to develop a TV-based shopping channel, which is expected to be launched in the first half next year, according to the newspaper.

“ is trying hard to reach more potential customers by covering different media platforms,” Cao Fei, an analyst with research firm Analysys International, was quoted as saying. now has 180 million registered users, accounting for almost half of the 380 million Internet users in China.

Source : Konaxis

Taobao and Hunan Satellite Television co-operation or joint venture company Taobao and Hunan Satellite Television co-operation or joint venture company(0)

According to information sources, on the 29th of this month Taobao and Hunan Satellite TV would hold jointly at Changsha, a major strategic conference, while the content of cooperation may be Taobao and Hunan Satellite TV’s happy shopping to establish joint ventures.

According to sources, many important guests from Taobao, and Hunan Satellite TV, will attend the conference. Alibaba Group Chairman of the Board & CEO Jack Ma, Taobao president, LU Zhao-xi as the representative of the Taobao, while the president of Hunan Satellite TV in Hunan TV Station, Chang-Lin Ouyang, and Hunan Satellite TV chief editor and first deputy director – Zhang Li will also be present.

However, the two sides did not disclose the specific content of this major strategic cooperation. According to “Hunan TV – Happy Shopping – Taobao Cooperation Program” on Internet, Hunan TV is possible to buy its TV shopping – Happy Shopping Taobao joint venture will be called “happy life cross-media (Internet) Co., Ltd. “

According to the program spread out, the joint venture will use television and e-commerce marketing platform for brand licensing, and related movies and television products and programs. These contents will be displayed in Hunan TV shows, happy Taobao e-commerce platform, mobile clients, and other networks.

Taobao did not deny this program, but stressed the strategic cooperation with Hunan Satellite Television was in discussion, and there were many versions of programs of cooperations, so in the end, it was not absolutely to establish a joint-venture with happy shopping.

Taobao will launch the first 3G phone Taobao will launch the first 3G phone(0)

Sina science and technology today was informed of a customized version of Taobao CDMA network phones, according to sources within Taobao that this was the first 3G handset of Taobao.

Taobao had planned to work together with Lenovo to introduce GSM standard mobile phones Lenovo i61, but affected by Lenovo purchasing mobile services, original schedule for releasing information today would be deferred. According to internal sources from Taobao, while continuing cooperation with the Legend, Taobao will also recently launch the first CDMA standard 3G mobile phone.

These people did not disclose with which vendors the 3G mobile phone would work. At present in domestic market CDMA manufactures have more products mainly of Samsung, LG, Tianyu, Kupai, Hisense, Huawei and ZTE, etc., in addition, Nokia, Dopod, Motorola, Lenovo and other manufacturers have also launched CDMA mobile phones.

Insiders believe that, based on the premise of cooperation with Lenovo, Taobao was likely to continue with Lenovo for 3G mobile phone. Taobao did not comment on the matter currently.

According to previous rumors, Lenovo and Taobao postponed G-Net mobile phones would use the MediaTek MTK system platform. Mobile UC will integrate UC browser, mobile phone Taobao, mobile Alipay, mobile Wang Wang applications. It also includes bar code scanning search function, with the help of this application users can scan bar code and directly go to Taobao to search for the appropriate products.

Taobao allied with Hua Shu group to push China TV version shopping sites Taobao allied with Hua Shu group to push China TV version shopping sites(0)

The two sides will cowork in fields such as Taobao TV shopping, digital products, mobile phones Taobao, word of mouth network services to carry out all-round cooperations, and Hua Shu group will introduce customized TV version Taobao shopping.

According to introduction, the two sides are planning to use Hua Shu digital TV products multi-platform coverage advantages, providing TV digital ecommerce to TV audiences. It was expected that in the first half of 2010, Hua Shu digital TV will launch customized Taobao TV page, and television viewers will just need to use the remote control, to shop on Taobao.

Similarly, as the Great Taobao’s information service website, Kou Bei Net are ready to work with Hua Shu 96345 Hangzhou comprehensive convenience services, sharing and complementing each other in the information resources, portal resources, service resources, advertising resources and other areas to achieve mutual benefits and win-win situation objectives.

This is another large cross-platform development of Great Taobao strategy. On the same day, in Hangzhou Taobao announced a second major strategic commercial distribution, developing “Taobao Partner Program” including logistics, marketing, channels etc.

Cao Qiang, president of Hua Shu media group, said the strong-strong unions of Taobao and Hua Shu, will complement each other in the platform, content and user aspects. TV version Taobao will even become the first innovative model combined with e-commerce and next-generation digital TV technology.

Deputy Director of State Administration of Radio and TV – Wang Lian said earlier that the Internet, wired network, wireless network “3 Net integration” was a trend, and would be the “next-generation radio and television network (NGB)” important component. Analysts believed that Taobao’s entry into the field of television was one of the largest cross-media, cross-industry, cross-platform strategies of Taobao, which means a greater strategy and planning began to deploy.

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