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College overseas chinese students College overseas chinese students(0)

Actually, there is basis for the speculation because the total number of students traveling abroad to study increased from 144,000 in 2007 to 170,000 last year. And the figure will probably top 200,000 this year, according to Feng Jishang, marketing manager of Wiseway, a consulting firm that advises students and their parents about overseas schools.

The top students? destinations are the following countries: US ( 32%), Australia ( 29%), UK( 20%), Canada ( 95).

Another significant change now is that according to industry estimates, the proportion of students seeking their first degree abroad has risen to 30 to 50 percent of all overseas-bound students. That means there could be as many as 60,000 to 100,000 such students this year — triple the number in 2003, when most Chinese students only went abroad for their graduate studies.

Foreign college campuses are also beginning to notice the trend. One reason for the increasing trend of Chinese undergraduate student overseas is that it has become more affordable for them or their parents. Rapid economic growth, coupled with a currency that has risen by more than 20 percent against the US dollar over the last four years have improved the financial capability of Chinese parents. .

Another reason is that there simply aren’t enough places in Chinese colleges, especially the higher-rated ones, to satisfy the demand for a university education. Add to that the widespread perception among parents and students that going overseas for college improves their career prospects, sources said.

Source : Konaxis

Zhejiang, university students openning online shops can be clearly identified as business starting Zhejiang, university students openning online shops can be clearly identified as business starting(0)

Once identified as starting own businesses, in addition to equal treatment in employment the college graduates can enjoy, they can also enjoy the preferential policies for starting businesses.

According to provisions of the Education Office of Zhejiang Province, college graduates who declare their own businesses should subject to the following conditions: must be a registered by college graduates; to engage in e-commerce (Shop) operating in more than three months; average revenue reach local minimum wage standards; in e-commerce (Shop) running course, credit points reach 1000, and positive rates (the number of transactions received percentage) are more than 98%.

Education Department of Zhejiang Province said that the introduction of the employment policy first is to show that the education sector recognizes college graduates openning online shops to achieve employment. More importantly, all over Zhejiang, as well as all colleges and universities have a number of incentives to award businesses. After online shops openning is classified into business starting, the graduates will be able to enjoy this part of funds support.

Sina announced its entrance into the online students enrollment market Sina announced its entrance into the online students enrollment market(0)

Sina wished to create the most complete, most content-rich platform for the students, and to create the first student enrollment brand in China.

Relevant data show that the student enrollment market can be seen specially good, and the market can be expected to reach 400 billion yuan, some enrollment sites reached 400 to 600 million yuan, which also led to large enrollment platform like mushroomed after rainning. It can be seen, the online student enrollment has become a tremendous hot cake in the enrollment industry this year.

The industry insiders said as a best known national portal site, Sina launching platform for education students had a strong popular appeal and strength of security. It is reported that Sina enrollment channels and its resources covered pre-school education, primary and secondary education to higher education, vocational education, continuing education, corporate training, certification examinations and training and other contents. Sina investment channels made “Network for Education and Admissions “From a simple model for the individual, to a new world of Web-based Education for All.

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