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3 great strategies on the Social Medias in China 3 great strategies on the Social Medias in ChinaComments Off

Today there is more than 600 million internet users in China, and they all use the social Medias, every time. It’s essential to be present in the social media when doing business in China. Here are three great strategies on the social Medias in China.

1.      Using O2O

O2O is a digital marketing strategy that means Online-to-offline. It’s the concept to attract consumers by internet to make them go on te shops. A lot of social Medias use this technic. We find amongt the most active WeChat. IT’s a mobile app which allows its users to send texts messages, vocals messages, photos and videos. It was developed by Tencent in 2011. There is now 468 million users each month. This app is more used than the texts in China. WeChat also allows companies to be in by having a site: like that users can follow this page and be aware of the news of the company. Here we can set up O2O. The company has to describe its products well on the app to allow its followers to know its services. This is a first step which will conduct people in the shops. This strategy is very effective and make themselves known very quickly and by a large number of people, because everything can be shared on a social media and Chinese internet users who like a company will enjoy sharing it with its address book. A lot of companies have already used this strategy. For example, Mont Blanc, pen maker, set up a exposition in Shanghai, and invite all its WeChat followers to come to the exposition. Thereby, all Mont Blanc lovers have been made aware of this event, more quickly than if the company just indicate this event on its websites.



2.      Creating Buzz

Creating buzz is a very used technique, either in digital or traditional marketing. This is the key to be known quickly and by a lot of people. Doing buzz is all about creating something special, unique, new, something that will attract consumers’ attention. The objective is primarily to make people talk about you. And where can you make people talk about yourself quickly and by many people in China? On social networks course. And to be truly effective, all social networks have to be used, as we are sure not to forget interested consumers especially on the Chinese Internet. We must distinguish ourselves from other companies in direct competition, socreate something never seen, surprising. Many Chinese users spend their time on social networks to find new content, something that will change the ordinary to be able to show his friends and share it. For this, Weibo is the best social network. This is a microblogging platform extensively used by Chinese people. Founded in 2009 by Sina, a Chinese company, it brings together a community of 500 million users, 50 million monthly. It is the undisputed platform to disseminate the buzz. Like the O2O, this technique is widely used by companies but also people like Wang Sicong who is very active on Weibo and created a buzz by commenting and by speaking in an original way to people. This technique has made its reputation.


3.      Having a good content

Of course the edited content has to show a good quality. This includes two things: the content has to be true facts, that is to say, good references , verifiable data, and content in Chinese. As for the true content, make sure that what you put on social networks is verifiable and accurate. Chinese high end consumers like the right information because the Chinese Internet is being widely censored by the government and it is sometimes difficult to get fully complete informations. Then it is necessary that the content is in Chinese. This is essential. Many Chinese citizens speak only Chinese, and do not understand English. In addition, for those who speak other languages, it is always nice to have its mother tongue on a site rather than having to translate everything. Chinese content will also be closer to them rather than if that content appears to have been done for the whole world. Another thing to consider: the photos and videos. It’s more comfortable to watch a video or read a text with photographs rather than having to read just a text. It is important, therefore, to add to its page on social networking videos and pictures (the best would be of course translated in Chinese). People are pretty lazy by nature and are more likely to watch a video rather than read a text. This is very visible for advertising campaigns where photos and videos illustrate this campaign.

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The essentials of Weibo The essentials of WeiboComments Off

Characteristics of Sina Weibo

Created in 2009 by the media company Sina, Sina Weibo looks like Twitter except some differences. The content is in fact, richer. Functions such as “forward” and “comment” can transform simple messages in real discussions. The presentation is also more accomplished with a portal.

The mobile traffic of Sina Weibo is really important (more than 50%). It is not exceptionnal to see a lot of chinese in the subway looking at their smartphone  to Sina Weibo. The chinese use it as a way to express their thoughts and tell about their daily life.

The main streght of this social network is to be a source of information. A lot of buzzs and other news appeared first on Weibo. It’s a good reflection of the chinese society. This power is mainly because the classical medias don’t have a lot of credibility and more especially among young people.


What about the users ?

They are mainly young people. Indeed, around 70% of the users are less than 30 years old. The main cities are Beijing, Shanghai or Guandong. The more active contributors are generally well educated and have an high income.


Brands on Weibo

It is really interesting for brand to have an account on Weibo. Indeed, more than the half of the users follow a brand. Like what we said previously, it is possible to personalize your page. Brands use that to create applications for example. The page of BMW is a really good example of effective presence on the chinese social network.

Like for each social network, you also have to have a good strategy. That is to say, what will be my strategy ? Who will be my target ? For which objective ? Which content ? Etc.

The content is also really important. Indeed, users will more share content with high value and also an interesting content.

There is a lot of different brands on Weibo, from the company of food and beverage product to restaurants for example.


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