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China’s new phoenomen: get Smartphones at all costs China’s new phoenomen: get Smartphones at all costsComments Off

4 facts that show that Chinese will do everything to get a smartphone

  1. Sell your Kid

In Tong’an, a young couple was condemned to 3 years of jail after selling their baby on internet. Being in a bad financial situation, with the money of the exchange they wanted to buy a motorcycle and an IPhone. Indeed, a man did buy the new born for 23 000 yuan, to offer it to his sister.

  1. Sell your organs or sperm

Since a few years, more and more Chinese sell their organs because of their financial difficulties, in order to buy Apple products such as IPad or IPhone. In 2011, a Chinese man, Zheng, decided to sell one of his kidney to be able to buy an IPad 2. He found an announce on internet offering 2 700 euros for one kidney. The truth is that the hospital where he get his surgery actually rented surgery blocks to a private company which sells organs on the black market.

Following the same idea, a Chinese sperm bank published an announce on Wechat: “Get a free IPhone 6S in exchange for your sperm!”. Indeed, the price offer for a sperm donation equals the price of the IPhone 6S, between 5 000 and 6 000 yuan. This announce actually bring more than 500 000 visitors to that sperm bank.


  1. A pedestrian way for smartphone addicts

In a few Chinese cities, special pedestrian ways were created especially for smartphones users, like it is the case in Chongqing. Those pedestrian ways are supposed to avoid accident involving people with literary their heads in their screens.

An investigation was carried by National Geographic concerning those pedestrian ways for connected people, it actually revealed ironically, that most individuals didn’t even noticed this new concept.

  1. IPhone for life and Death

China has a strong tradition regarding ancestors and the dead people, with a strong cult of the dead and important funeral ceremonies. The new trend is now to offer IPad and IPhone to be burned during a funeral, to honour the dead.



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  7. Maximize social Business
Android Smartphone in China Android Smartphone in China(0)

The handset, HTC’s Magic smartphone, will use a Chinese-language version of the Android operating system with some modifications to meet the needs of China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile carrier . with more than 500 million subscribers.

The touchscreen phone, to be sold under the Dopod brand in China, will come equipped with China Mobile applications including the firm’s instant messaging client, a mail service and a download platform for songs and pictures, according to the Web site of HTC.

Huawei Technologies, a Chinese telecommunications equipment provider, also previously announced an Android-based phone for China, but its handset is scheduled for sale in the third quarter.

HTC?s previous handsets were based on the Windows Mobile OS but last year offered an Android-based smartphone, the G1 in the U.S.

Phones based on the Open Mobile System OS, a version of Android modified by China Mobile, are also expected in China this year. HTC, Lenovo, Samsung and LG are all developing the handsets, called “OPhones,” according to telecom research firm BDA.

But Lenovo’s handset, originally earmarked for sale as China’s first OPhone this month, may not go to market until the third quarter, said Lei Shi, an analyst at BDA.

China Mobile developed its OS partly to promote the use of its own applications and value-added services, said Shi.

There’s no final word on price yet, but industry experts estimate that HTC’s new China phone will retail for about 5,000 yuan, or about $730.

The OPhones could be HTC?s way to double sales in China this year from 800,000 units last year, according to news reports. Market giant China Mobile may not be the only operator offering the handset. HTC Chief Executive Peter Chou said HTC may also offer Android-based models through China Telecom and China Unicom.

The OPhones will be competing against Apple’s iPhone, which is expected to be offered by China Unicom by the end of the year.

Source : Konaxis

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