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Sina is expected to get the Internet map license in first batch Sina is expected to get the Internet map license in first batch(0)

According to sources, the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping will issue the Internet map service Grade A license, and Sina, Baidu, and other enterprises are expected to get the license in first batch. It is understood that by the end of 2010, those who have not obtained a license but still in business will be regulated according to law. It is reported that currently the number of applicants for the qualification has reached 26, including Sina, Baidu, MapABC, Mapbar, Alibaba, Nokia, Tencent, Sogou and other 10 companies applying for the first batch of Internet map service qualification.
With the development of Internet technology, the Internet map brought people great convenience, whether it is travel, tourism or shopping, rent, they cannot do without the help of the Internet map. According to incomplete statistics, at present there are about 42,000 websites engaged in the Internet map services in China; a number of Internet giants such as Sina, Alibaba, Baidu, etc. have been involved in the field and created a growing market value. According to data, 2008, market value of online map in China reached 1.05 billion. Experts predict that by 2012, the market size will reach 2.84 billion yuan.

In order to regulate the market, recently the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping published latest revision of the “Internet map service professional standards” to divide the Internet map services into map search, location service, geographic information mark services, download and copy services, send and reference services, covering the mainstream of the market of the map service. Taking into account the different levels and scales of China’s Internet map service units, qualifications are divided into A, B classes, and for the first time to include mobile phones, handheld computers Internet maps services into the scope of management.

8 out of 10 big advertisers of world cup chose sina 8 out of 10 big advertisers of world cup chose sina(0)

Data showed that, among top 10 online advertisers, 8 chose sina as their target.
Wan Rui Data showed this year?s world cup online advertising clients cover from telecommunications, IT, auto, speed Consumption industries, in which auto becomes the biggest advertiser. 3 out of top 10 advertisers are auto companies, and these 3 companies all chose to put ads into sina world cup specials.

Sina ceo said yesterday, this year’s world cup coverage clients are up to 50, across 8 industries. This year sina’s input and output ratio exceed any previous sports event, and the data flow of world cup contents and advertising is also the top 1 in china.

Besides, Ai Rui world cup netizen survey data showed, sina-microblog has become the highest percentage product used by net users. 52% of world cup net users expressed viewpoints and interacted through micro-blog. Sina chief editor said in part of the games, sina-microblog sent more than 3,000 comments per second, which once made server down.

Sina micro-blog and CC video reached strategic cooperations Sina micro-blog and CC video reached strategic cooperations(0)

Below each video of, there has been added the “forward to the Sina microblog” feature, so that users can use this service to move favorite videos to the micro-Blog to share with “fans”. And though this new media form of communication, contents are not limited by 140 word limit, carrying more information and value. To embed media information to micro-blog for transferring, this rich format will further enhance the interaction between users.

CC Video is the largest domestic video service platform, providing video products and services for more than 100,000 video sites, daily coverage and impact of about 320 million Internet users. CC lian bo( is online video network sites under CC video, working with many TV stations, copyright agencies, domestic well-known sites, providing users of genuine authority and original content, local news, local entertainment and arts programs.

CC video market director said: “Sina micro-blog is the most popular real-time communication platform, and cooperation with sina mirco-blog can deeply tap the communication value of mutual customers, providing a more exciting audio-visual content. In the near future, we will deepen the cooperation with Sina micro-Blog, to give more surprise to users at the product level. ”

Industry analysts believe that because of CC video’s unique business model, its contents are mainly from the professional, semi-professional media production agency, so in this cooperation, more high-quality video contents can be introduced to Sina microblog.
According to Sina microblog relevant person in charge, the video-sharing mechanisms established was only the first step in bilateral cooperation, next, the two sides will also connect in depth in technology and product aspects. Though CC video extensive partner resources, Sina micro-blog API sharing can be directly applied to hundreds of thousands of video sites, providing global Chinese the best social media platforms.

Sina and Anta form strategic partnership Sina and Anta form strategic partnership(0)

Both sides did not disclose the amount of advertising. Historical experience shows that major sporting events tend to attract enterprises with actively advertising, the being of Internet greatly enriched the advertising marketing business. Sina COO Du said the cooperation will be through information, videos, blogs, interactive communities and other forms of expression to achieve the most value for the ANTA marketing implantation.

Since 2009, ANTA and Sina signed with the Chinese Olympic Committee, becoming the partners for Chinese Olympic Committee in 2009-2012. Among them, Anta as “2009-2012 Chinese Olympic Committee sports apparel partner” and “2009-2012 China’s Sports Delegation partner” , provided champion equipments for 10 major international multi-sports including the Chinese delegation at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, the 2010 Asian Games, the 2012 London Olympics; and Sina as the exclusive Internet service Chinese Olympic partners, obtained the coverage and advertising rights for many sports events including the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, 2012 Olympics in London.

Sina robust Q4 Sina robust Q4(0)

In July, Sina agreed to sell its online real estate business to E-House China Holdings in exchange for a stake in a newly formed company, China Real Estate, which listed on the Nasdaq in October.

To help it expand the number of users, Sina has a number of niche portals catering to sectors such as food, autos and games.

Chao expects advertising sentiment to improve further in 2010 with the World Expo being held in Shanghai next year and major sporting events taking place.

Citigroup analyst Catherine Leung said Sina was poised to deliver robust performance in 2010 as it benefits from an improvement in margins.

Sina’s advertising revenue fell 16 percent in the third quarter, but rose 10 percent from the previous quarter to $63.8 million. The company forecasts advertising revenue between $60 million and $62 million.

Net profit fell to $16.7 million, or 29 cents a share, from $18.85 million, or 31 cents a share, a year ago.

Including advertising revenue from its online real estate business, which was recently merged with another company, it expects fourth quarter revenue to come in between $106 million to $109 million. That tops the average $99.5 million forecast from analysts, according to Thomson Reuters.

After excluding that business, the revenue will range between $93 million to $96 million.

Source : Konaxis

Sina Networking Academy is recuiting from eight universities Sina Networking Academy is recuiting from eight universities(0)

Outstanding students will be directly incorporated into Sina internship and staff recruitment program.

The network primarily targets candidates are 3rd year undergraduates, fresh graduates or equilvalant from Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Bit, BIPU. The plan was to recruit a total of 90 people in three classes. After personnel passed registration and written tests, students get free access to Sina online training system. After a 3-6 month courses of study and practical project operations, according to performances, outstanding students will directly be included in SINA practice and staff recruitment program.

Person in charge of the City Colleges and Universities Employment Promotion Council said this event for graduates and businesses could be described as “win-win.” Through this program, graduates can receive the guidance of senior technical staff, not only access to cutting-edge application technologies in practice, but also allow oneself to put on the professional role in advance, enhancing the employment competitiveness. For companies, they could either directly get involved in the process of educating people, but also find talents in the practical training, making the recruitment early and reserve for their own talents.

Chinese real estate group will IPO in the United States financing 200 million U.S. dollars Chinese real estate group will IPO in the United States financing 200 million U.S. dollars(0)

China Real Estate Information Group is a subsidiary of Yi Ju China, providing real estate information and consulting services. According to the company’s filings to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission briefing, as of June 30 this year, the company owned the real estate information database of 56 Chinese cities and information of 38200 development projects or buildings, and 24200 land to be developed.

China Real Estate Information Group plans to merge current online real estate business, and Sina will get some of its stakes after the company’s IPO.

In first half of 2009, China’s real estate information Group’s revenue grew by 61.8% to 31.2 million U.S. dollars, with a net profit of 11 million U.S. dollars.

China Real Estate Information Group plans to issue American Depositary Shares in NASDAQ Global Market under the ticker symbol “CRIC”. The company’s primary underwriters for the IPO are Credit Suisse and UBS.

The Wall Street Journal: Cao Guowei-Sina team-used 180 million US dollars to buy 10% stakes in Sina The Wall Street Journal: Cao Guowei-Sina team-used 180 million US dollars to buy 10% stakes in Sina(0)

At the same time, a group of investors led by Sina CEO Cao spent 180 million U.S. dollars to purchase approximately 10% stakes of

Sina said the money was to be used for future acquisitions and the company’s general corporate expenses.

“Wall Street Journal” online edition reported that according to the terms of the agreement announced in December last year, Sina was going to issue shares for the acquisition of Focus Media’s framework advertising, building television, and stores advertising. If it did not get approved by the Ministry of Commerce by Wednesday of this week, the agreement would automatically be terminated. Guowei Chao said earlier this month, the deal was unlikely to be granted before the deadline.

Guowei Cao said in a press release on Monday: “Although the co-operation with Focus media will bring about strong synergies impact, but the delay will also have a negative impact.” But the two sides still plan to continue to cooperate.

Sina sales falling Sina sales falling(0)

The company projected Tuesday third-quarter sales will drop as much as 14 percent to $91 million.

China’s economic slowdown in the first half weakened spending by Sina’s customers in the automobile, property and technology industries.

Sina’s second-quarter net income declined 41 percent to $13.3 million, while operating expenses rose to $36.7 million, compared with $29.9 million in the previous three months, Sina said.

Media content and bandwidth costs are still rising faster than revenues, said an analyst.

Source : Konaxis

Sina announced its entrance into the online students enrollment market Sina announced its entrance into the online students enrollment market(0)

Sina wished to create the most complete, most content-rich platform for the students, and to create the first student enrollment brand in China.

Relevant data show that the student enrollment market can be seen specially good, and the market can be expected to reach 400 billion yuan, some enrollment sites reached 400 to 600 million yuan, which also led to large enrollment platform like mushroomed after rainning. It can be seen, the online student enrollment has become a tremendous hot cake in the enrollment industry this year.

The industry insiders said as a best known national portal site, Sina launching platform for education students had a strong popular appeal and strength of security. It is reported that Sina enrollment channels and its resources covered pre-school education, primary and secondary education to higher education, vocational education, continuing education, corporate training, certification examinations and training and other contents. Sina investment channels made “Network for Education and Admissions “From a simple model for the individual, to a new world of Web-based Education for All.

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