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Little Network TV PPLive headhunt Giant Microsoft executive as CEO Little Network TV PPLive headhunt Giant Microsoft executive as CEO(0)

PPLive pulled the Tao Chuang who was Microsoft Internet global senior business executive. Yesterday, PPLive company spokesman Chen Zhong confirmed to CBN reporter that Dr. Tao Chuang has officially assumed the CEO, and Yao Xin, co-founder of the company will serve as chairman on board.

Tao Chuang is a well-known expert in the geospatial information field. As early as 2001, by virtue of technological inventions in the field he was awarded the the title of national chief research professor of Canada.

Later on, in the United States he founded the online three-dimensional earth visualization technology company-GeoTango, and developed the first commercial three-dimensional visualization of Earth imaging system, earned a large sum of money at one time in 14 months which made Microsoft, Google very much coveted, who secretly fight for this for a long time.

However, the time he joined the PPLive is not lucky. The external environment is not optimistic, PPLive is faced with heavy financial pressures. Since last year, the “capital-strand breaks” and even the news of the withdrawal from Shanghai is ongoing.

Naturally to raise the money is a big problem. Tao Chuang said the company was planning IPO, the United States, China have both been considered. However, it also needs to communicate with investors.

PPlive Accused Of Violating IPR PPlive Accused Of Violating IPR(0)

This is the first time that PPlive has been sued because of a violation of intellectual property rights.

Shidai Yingyin says it found in March this year that PPlive was offering Huahua Xingjing, a film for which it owns the copyright, online to users and this has caused great economic loss. A representative from Juli Media says that PPlive has been respecting copyrights and spent more than RMB60 on copyright protection last year.

The P2P technology PPlive had a total userbase of 85 million by October 2007. At the beginning of this year, Juli Media received a third batch of venture capital, worth US$21 million, for PPlive.

No decision in the case will probably be known for at least one more month.

Source : Chinatechnews

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