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Many years of migration, development of language and philosophy have shaped the face of this nation that now holds the first place in terms of population with over 1.3 billion people.

The Chinese have developed an enormous collection of mythology, the volume of which can be explained with the relatively early development of their written language. Chinese language was greatly influenced by the neighboring countries and what we see today is a result of a well kept heritage, dating back in ancient times when most of the world used only verbal means of communication. Being great in numbers, the Chinese managed to absorb many different other nations and became multi layered in terms of cultural identity.

Historians define the Chinese history as a chronological record of the ruler ship of various dynasties. One royal family ruled over the country for decades or even centuries before delegating the power to another family. This cycle repeated for thousands of years and is one of the identical features of the Chinese as a whole. Another well known fact is that the Chinese based the way they rule over the people on the idea that everything needs to be Chinese-centered. That is why foreigners have real hart times trying to introduce ideas, goods or anything that deviates with the Chinese mindset and philosophy.

Chinese people always have little tolerance to foreigners and part of the reason stays behind the fact that foreign cultures brought mostly fear and confusion, rather than values, easy to be adopted and accepted by the majority of people. Consequently, the Chinese were in a constant war with neighboring tribes because they could not find reason to accept their philosophy of life. Mongols were one of the few nations able to conquer the Chinese, however many tried to do so and failed.

Because of the lengthy history, which was altogether very complex and rich of facts and figures, Chinese history can easily be interpreted by many ways and contemporary historians have a lot of background information to base their thesis on. From feudalism to communism, Chinese proved to be self sufficient and rarely were open to the surrounding world. The word ?Zhongguo? is how they referred to their country and it literally means ?central kingdom?. It was no later than the nineteen century, when modern Western weapons and tactics made the Chinese aware that this self-sustaining way of life could take another path in history. It was when the millennium old dynastic rule was brought down for good.

Chinese went through from slavery and autonomy to finally adopting Marx ideas and adopt communism. Class struggle was ever present in the Chinese history. Yet after the emergence of the Communist Party it became less. Today, China is one of the fastest developing countries and only a thorough analysis of its history might give an accurate prediction of what are really going to be the outcomes.

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