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China’s online game market in 2008 created a 20.8 billion yuan revenue, representing an increase of 52.2 percent over the previous year. More than 80% of the income were from the participation of large-scale multi-player online games, the rest of the games were from the web page games and mobile games. In the next five years, the entire gaming market is expected to be at an average annual growth rate of 20 percent. iResearch estimated that by 2012 China’s online game market scale will be more than 68 billion yuan, accounting for nearly half of global market share.

iResearch report showed that, at present, the United States, China and South Korea are the world’s top three online games market, occupying 29%, 27% and 21% market share respectively. China has a huge group of online game players, the number is still growing, which will further promote China’s online game industry. According to the latest data released by China Internet Network Information Center, China currently has 55.5 million online game players.

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