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Ma Says: Microsoft Preparing Search Engine Development In China Ma Says: Microsoft Preparing Search Engine Development In China(0)

Ma told local media that though Microsoft’s Internet and search strategy still lags behind of that Google and other search engine providers, the company sees lots of open opportunities for developing search engines in China, as well as in the international market. Ma says there is still a lot of space for the innovation and development of search services, so Microsoft Research Asia will continue to enlarge its investment in the sector.

At present, there are more than 100 employees at Microsoft working on search related businesses in China. Under Ma’s leadership, the team is pushing the boundaries of current search technologies by leveraging machine learning and knowledge discovery techniques to deliver the next generation of Web search. This includes projects in information analysis, organization, retrieval, and visualization. Over the past few years, the team has generated an impressive record of conference publications, including key papers at SIGIR, WWW, and ACM Multimedia. The research has included direct transfers to products, including key technologies delivered to Windows Live image search, product search, mobile search, and academic search.

In its ten-year history, Microsoft Research Asia has grown into an organization that employs over 350 researchers and engineers, has welcomed more than 2,500 interns, has awarded over 250 Microsoft fellowships, has published over 1,500 papers for top international journals and conferences, and has achieved many technological breakthroughs.

Source : Chinatechnews

Microsoft China Launches Chinese Live Map Search Microsoft China Launches Chinese Live Map Search(0)

Based on Chinese users’ demand and the market features of China, Microsoft’s Map Search contains information on 114 Chinese cities, with a focus on bus transfer routes during the initial period. Tao Chuang, senior director of Microsoft’s Virtual Earth team and person in charge of Microsoft’s local search service, said that Microsoft’s success in local search, including map search, relied on complete localization of the content, localized development and application as well as close cooperation with local business partners.

China Network Economy Research Center’s report shows that the market value of China’s map search will break RMB500 million in 2008 and it will reach RMB1.5 billion in 2010.

Source : Chinatechnews

Microsoft Signs With Digital China And D.Phone On Concept Stores Microsoft Signs With Digital China And D.Phone On Concept Stores(0)

Chen Jingxin, director of Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Department in Greater China region, has told local media that Microsoft wants to expand its reach among Chinese consumers. Microsoft previously opened five similar stores in Shanghai to display and sell Windows Mobile operating system based smart phones.

According to Chen, Microsoft believes that smart mobile phones are the computers for the future. People are surrounded by technology and they need to realize more functions via mobile phones. This is the mission of Windows Mobile.

Source : Chinatechnews

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