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Taobao and Hunan Satellite Television co-operation or joint venture company Taobao and Hunan Satellite Television co-operation or joint venture company(0)

According to information sources, on the 29th of this month Taobao and Hunan Satellite TV would hold jointly at Changsha, a major strategic conference, while the content of cooperation may be Taobao and Hunan Satellite TV’s happy shopping to establish joint ventures.

According to sources, many important guests from Taobao, and Hunan Satellite TV, will attend the conference. Alibaba Group Chairman of the Board & CEO Jack Ma, Taobao president, LU Zhao-xi as the representative of the Taobao, while the president of Hunan Satellite TV in Hunan TV Station, Chang-Lin Ouyang, and Hunan Satellite TV chief editor and first deputy director – Zhang Li will also be present.

However, the two sides did not disclose the specific content of this major strategic cooperation. According to “Hunan TV – Happy Shopping – Taobao Cooperation Program” on Internet, Hunan TV is possible to buy its TV shopping – Happy Shopping Taobao joint venture will be called “happy life cross-media (Internet) Co., Ltd. “

According to the program spread out, the joint venture will use television and e-commerce marketing platform for brand licensing, and related movies and television products and programs. These contents will be displayed in Hunan TV shows, happy Taobao e-commerce platform, mobile clients, and other networks.

Taobao did not deny this program, but stressed the strategic cooperation with Hunan Satellite Television was in discussion, and there were many versions of programs of cooperations, so in the end, it was not absolutely to establish a joint-venture with happy shopping.

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