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Hacker website said they could modify the college entrance examination scores with payment from 3,00 Hacker website said they could modify the college entrance examination scores with payment from 3,00(0)

They usually charge 3,000 yuan to 15,000 yuan. Contact of the site named “Li Qi” is an early member of a well-known hacker organization – Green Army.

Yesterday, the technical director of a well-known Internet companies in Northern Region named Li Qi said the site fraudulently used his name to provide illegal hacker services and he has reported to police.

Yesterday, pretending to be a client, reporter contacted “Li Qi.” A man speaking in southern accent said that he was the hacker. Clients provide personal information and examinations types, and then internet staff access exam system and computer system of all universities to modify the results, “even you did not participate the examination, technical staff can add your record into the system.”
To prove the credibility, “Li Qi” sent reporter a few screenshots of computer back-end, which said to be Tsinghua University, Jilin University and others.
“It was misappropriation of my name to do illegal acts.” Yesterday, the original Qi Lin network security team leader, now the Technical Director of well-known Internet companies in Northern Region – Li Qi, said angrily.

He said in 1999 he used to register a non-profit website, named “Qi Lin network security team” and later cancelled it, but recently Li Qi found this site appeared again with same url and even using his own personal information for promotion. Li Qi reported to police.
Yesterday, the China Internet Network Information Center country domain name registration services complaints center officials said, the site claimed to provide score modification services are suspected to be illegal and they will contact the authorities to investigate the matter.

Ministry of National Defense hacking to the Chinese military Google Ministry of National Defense hacking to the Chinese military Google(0)

A reporter asked, there had been reports on the hack attacks to Google with Chinese government and military background. How do you comment on that?
Huang Xueping said that regarding Google incident Foreign Ministry spokesman had repeatedly stated China’s position.

He said that, in fact, China’s information network, especially the military network had been attacked by hackers overseas. Chinese law prohibits any form of Internet hacking attacks. China put a lot emphasis on fighting against cyber crimes, and was dedicated to working with other countries and international organizations to strengthen relevant cooperations.

China’s Baidu sues US firm China’s Baidu sues US firm(0)

“Today Baidu filed a lawsuit against its domain name registration service provider, Inc. in a US court in New York, seeking damages over the incident of Baidu’s service interruption last week,” the Chinese firm said.

Nasdaq-listed Baidu said its site went down for hours after the January 12 attack by a group identifying itself as the “Iranian Cyber Army”, the name used by hackers who briefly shut down the Twitter microblogging site last month.

Baidu spokesman Victor Tseng said at the time that service had been interrupted “due to external manipulation of its DNS (Domain Name Server) in the United States”.

In its statement Wednesday, Baidu said the software behind its domain name “was unlawfully and maliciously altered” as a result of the “gross negligence” of

This led to “users from many places around the world being unable to access the Baidu website for a number of hours and causing serious damages to Baidu”. is a leading domain registration service that manages more than 2.5 million domain names, according to the company’s website. Officials there were not available for immediate comment.

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