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How to create engaging Video Content: Online Video Marketing in China How to create engaging Video Content: Online Video Marketing in ChinaComments Off

In an increasingly digitized era, as a marketer, we must not neglect the power of online video. The popularity of this advertising element is no longer to prove in our Western countries with YouTube or either in China with video platforms like Baidu Video or Youku which dominate the market.

The young Internet users, spend an important time on this type of platforms and the brands understood the online advertising stake that this can generate.

Unlike television, if the content is not immediately interactive and engaging for the Internet user this one to the possibility to pass your communication. As a consumer, we are individuals whose visual impact has an important impact on our everyday lives, particularly our consumption behavior. The visual advertising, on any type of media will influence us directly or indirectly in our process of purchase.

Here are some tips for creating quality video content in China:

Study your target market

Knowing your target heart is paramount to achieving engaging video content. Be sure to know their behaviors, expectations and needs.

Choosing the right local platforms

In China, you will encounter the censorship of many Western social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. Targeting local platforms is the most relevant solution available to you. Bet on platforms like Youku, Baidu Video, Video Sina to publish your content.

Effective content immediately

The first few seconds of your video are the most important because they will determine if it will have a positive impact on the viewer. The video should not be too long an average time of 30 seconds being the ideal. Do not hesitate to test your advertising with a panel before distribution to collect constructive feedback.

Use emotion

No need to remind you that appealing to the emotional dimension of individuals will allow you to influence the process of behavior and get a positive impact on your brand.

Professional video editing

If you do not have the skills to create quality video content, use experts to create your videos.

A video in keeping with your brand

Your video must follow a story line that is understandable to your audience and whose “big idea” is clear and apparent.

Do not skimp on sharing content

Your online videos are just like an article in your branded content, so you have to share it. And what better than social networks in China to disseminate information and become viral.

Measuring and quantifying your results

After publishing your video, do not forget to quantify your results to see the impact of your advertising on your target audience.

Onlines videos are in full swing and will allow you to touch a large part of your target online. Indeed, 78% of individuals watch videos onlines every week of which 55% of them daily. If you do not already have an online marketing strategy for your website and social networks, it’s time to get started on this new opportunity.

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