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Third payment license maybe issues within two weeks in China, hundreds of companies will obtain a license Third payment license maybe issues within two weeks in China, hundreds of companies will obtain a licenseComments Off

Recently reporters get news from the industry, the third payment license, a number of 60 licenses will issue in fastest one to two weeks in China. Last time there is a number of 40 licenses, so more than one hundred companies will obtain a license. Currently, the number of company who has submitted third-party payment license application has reached 240.

Three Internet Service Providers Subordinate Payment Companies will appear the “list”

According to related reports, the third payment license, a number of 60 licenses will issue, “Most of the third license will issue to local companies, including 21 in Shanghai. Mostly the third license is pre-paid card.” An insider says. China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, the three Internet Service Providers subordinate payment companies will appear the “list”.

In May, the first payment license was issued about 27. September 1, 2011.The central bank had re-issued 13 licenses. As a result, the number of company obtains license reached 40, involving the internet payment, mobile phone payments, and telephone land lines services as so on. But more companies are still waiting for a license. According to preliminary statistics, the number of company who has submitted third-party payment license application has reached 240, but more than 200 companies are looking forward to the license.

License lead to Merger

With the license gradually are issued, the third-party payment companies will also start to operate capital. Reporters learned in Shanghai a financial network technology company obtain the second license has been mergers and acquisitions four local businesses.

“Although many companies have submitted applications, but in the end the number of company may not exceed 200. How to survive to the rest of the business? To cooperate with these companies get a license or have be qualified, or be acquired.” Insiders Analyzed. Earlier in September, Alipay has announced they acquire Ann Card .

Analysis International is expected, the capital market in the future will be further active in the field of third-party payment.

China Unicom App Store Released the Development Process Instruction China Unicom App Store Released the Development Process Instruction(0)

The official app store of China Unicom, the second largest mobile phone service carrier of China, is supported by China Unicom of Shanghai. The name of China Unicom App Store is Wo Store, not UniStore as previously predicted.

The app store covers almost all popular mobile devices, including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, BlackBerry, SamSung, HTC, Panasonic, BenQ, OKWAP and Motorola. According to Wang Changeng, Manager of China Unicom App Store, the store will support all major smart phone devices but iPhone is not included.

The development process is:

  1. Apply to be a developer
  2. Download developer resources
  3. Develop the app
  4. Submit the app
  5. Wait till China Unicom Support Team test and verify the app
  6. Manage and sell the app

China Unicom currently work with the developers based on a 3-7 commission model, namely, the developers can get 70% of the income of every sale. The official store will be officially kicked off on August, 19. Payments inside the store will be relied on a “middle account” that is associated with third party payment methods like Alipay or Tenpay. The balance of the cell phone deposit could also be used when people purchase apps in the store.

Among all the 3 operators in China Mainland, China Mobile launched the Mobile Market in August, 2009, as the first online app store, China Telecom followed China Mobile later and kicked off their official online app store Tian Yi Space. China Unicom is the last one that sets up their online store. “China Unicom App Store will strengthen the promotion channel, in the fields of device customization and sales,” said Wang, “we expect to reach 10 million downloads by the end of this year.”

China Unicom and Alipay jointly launched mobile business office China Unicom and Alipay jointly launched mobile business office(0)

It is reported after the introduction of the business, China Unicom users can log on using mobile phones into operating room, into the “alipay for the phone”, selecting the recharging amount and phone number, and you can enter into a unified payment platform to select Alipay options to confirm payment.

China Unicom told Sina science and technology that users could directly recharge his own phone or another China Unicom phone. The business has two main highlights: first, users can use Alipay to recharge, second, Alipay balance is low, Unicom mobile can be recharged from ICBC, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, China Everbright Bank.

Alipay said the account used by phone to login mobile business office can be used in accordance with Alipay, and the system will automatically detect whether the phone is associated with Alipay, if not binding, the system will automatically do this for the user, so that users can enjoy the convenience of recharging mobile from Internet.

According to Alipay data during May holiday, the amount of prepaid through Alipay has grown twice of that before May, after May holiday, the growth remained to be 100%. Data from Taobao showed the amount of mobile phone recharging in the holiday season also soared. Taobao Homepage recharging center had up to 40% rise with a substantial increase in the total amount of recharge reaching the top-hit record since the business opened. In the areas of distribution, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong preferred recharging online particularly, making up the top amount and times nationally

Wireless search pact Wireless search pact(0)

Baidu will preinstall its services, including text, image, MP3 and news search, in China Unicom’s 3G mobile phones, according to the agreement. It will also provide search services for mobile Internet websites run by the carrier, which plans to launch the iPhone in China this month.

But a China Unicom spokesman said the deal with Baidu was not exclusive. He said Google’s services preinstalled in the iPhone would not be impacted by the partnership.

In 2007, Google announced a partnership with China Mobile to provide mobile search for the country’s largest cell phone carrier. It also said last week that it plans to launch Chinese-language voice search service to Chinese smart-phone users in the next several weeks.

According to figures from research firm Analysys International, in China’s mobile search market, Google’s share reached 26.6 percent in the second quarter of this year, higher than the 26 percent that Baidu clinched.

Source : Konaxis

China Unicom IPhone 3G China Unicom IPhone 3G(0)

Unicom, China’s mobile operator with the second-largest subscribers base, will offer the Chinese version of the trendy smartphone which does not include Wi-Fi networking support, to its customers in eight service packages costing between 126 yuan (18.5 dollars) and 886 yuan a month, according to a statement on its website. These packages will include 450MB to 4GB of mobile data access, 120 to 880 SMS messages, 15 to 95 MMS messages, and between 320 to 3,000 minutes of talk time.

Unicom and US high-tech giant Apple announced last month a multi-year deal to offer the handset in the country, in a hope to attract high-end users to turn around weak performance in competition with rivals China Mobile and China Telecom.

In addition to the iPhone, Unicom will also introduce to China?s mobile market more than 80 different types of handsets next month, as part of the official start of the carrier’s third-generation wireless network on October 1, it added.

Third generation or 3G telecom services are based on technology that permits transmission of images and video at high speed.

For an unspecified duration, Unicom said it would subsidise the cost of the new mobile phones, including the iPhone, by up to 4,253 yuan, although it was not clear how much each handset would cost. Customers will have to buy at least 186 yuan in pre-paid calls and agree to a lock up period of two years.

China is one of the last major markets where the widely popular iPhone is officially not sold, though analysts say the country is the world’s biggest market for smuggled, “unlocked” and counterfeited iPhones.

China has an unmatched 710.5 million mobile users as of the end of August, according to government data.

China Unicom?s subscribers base was at 141.9 million by the end of August, while its bigger rival China Mobile had 503 million subscribers.

Source : Konaxis

China Unicom mobile mail service China Unicom mobile mail service(0)

China Unicom subscribers are able to sign up for a mobile mail account via text message or by visiting the service’s Web site, The company is currently offering mobile mail for free until Sept. 30, according to the announcement.

Once it launches the service, China Unicom will offer three subscription packages at about 5 to 15 yuan per month.

Both of China Unicom’s competitors, China Mobile and China Telecom, have already launched mobile mail services with subscription fees that are slightly higher than what China Unicom plans to charge.

Source : Konaxis

A few days ago, in Shanghai “3G commercial trial business conference” the Shanghai Unicom announced and demonstrated a wide range of 3G applications, and formed a “value alliance” with and many more companies for the cooperation of customer sharing, joint marketing, innovative products research and development, Internet business and so on.

It is reported that, in preparation for 3G strategy, started building co-operation platform with mobile video license partners, operators, terminal manufacturers and media, including Chinese radio and television station. In addition to co-operation with Shanghai Unicom, networked with carriers in a number of provinces to reach a cooperation.

According to Wang Hongguang, the senior vice president of wireless, disclosed, the is active in 3G license application to the relevant departments. Even though it is still awaiting for approval, has already been in good preparations to enter the 3G mobile video business.

Baidu mobile search market Baidu mobile search market(0)

Its full wireless services have been implanted into partners’ platforms and mobile phones.

Previously, the usually low-profile CTO Lee Yinan talked about Baidu’s wireless strategy in the mobile Internet meeting. Baidu currently is working with China Telecom, China Unicom and other telecommunications operators to discuss the in-depth cooperation agreements, and through cooperation, on one hand, Baidu wireless search will be implanted into operators’ customed mobile phones , on the other hand, Baidu wireless search moves into operaters’ customized services, to explore the applications of wireless search services in 3G era.

Baidu recently played a series of dazzling combination of boxing in the wireless area, which, industry experts believe that this indicates , the world’s largest Chinese Baidu search engine, has sounded the horn of the wireless search market in the post-3G era.

China Unicom Launches Online Business Hall China Unicom Launches Online Business Hall(0)

China Unicom’s online business hall offers consumers such services as phone bills and inquiries on accumulated scores, credit, and payment records. The information from China Unicom’s offline business halls in various cities are also available on the online business hall, which also gives introductions to the company’s various package products, sales promotions, international roaming service and value-added service. China Unicom plans to make it possible for consumers to pay their communications fee and buy various package products from the online business hall in the future.

In addition, China Unicom’s online business hall features an enterprise channel which is designed to mainly serve enterprise users by displaying products, solutions and successful business cases.

China Unicom says it will build an SMS business hall and mobile phone business hall step by step in the future to provide a more diversified service channel for the Chinese consumers.

Source : Chinatechnews

MII Releases Names Of Errant Wireless Service Providers MII Releases Names Of Errant Wireless Service Providers(0)

Communications management departments criticized and punished 50 service providers and ordered 15 companies that had engaged in serious infringement to straighten out their respective businesses. The concerned telecom enterprises terminated cooperation with 96 service providers by stopping the settlement service with them or closing down their service access.

Of the total illegal service providers, 69 were China Mobile’s, 64 were China Unicom’s, eight were China Telecom’s and five were China Netcom’s. Among them, Shenzhen Huadong Feitian Network Technology Development Company, Beijing Hualu Yidong Technology Development Company, Hanghzou Caitong Network Technology Company, Beijing Longbo Gaotong Technology Company, Beijing Xinqi Shijie Communicaitions Technology Company, Beijing Guozhengtong Network Technology Company, Guagnzhou Qitai Communications Engineering Company, Guangzhou Mingzhi Computer Technology Company, Guagnzhou Zhenyin Network Technology Company, Guangzhou Kaihan Information Technology Company, Beijing Aiweixun Communications Technology Company, Beijing Tianying Jiuzhou Network Technology Company, Hunan Zhongyu Technology Company, Beijing Lianxin Yongyi Technology Company, Jiangsu Sanling Technology Company were asked to stop their business for rectification.

Source : Chinatechnews

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