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Third payment license maybe issues within two weeks in China, hundreds of companies will obtain a license Third payment license maybe issues within two weeks in China, hundreds of companies will obtain a licenseComments Off

Recently reporters get news from the industry, the third payment license, a number of 60 licenses will issue in fastest one to two weeks in China. Last time there is a number of 40 licenses, so more than one hundred companies will obtain a license. Currently, the number of company who has submitted third-party payment license application has reached 240.

Three Internet Service Providers Subordinate Payment Companies will appear the “list”

According to related reports, the third payment license, a number of 60 licenses will issue, “Most of the third license will issue to local companies, including 21 in Shanghai. Mostly the third license is pre-paid card.” An insider says. China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, the three Internet Service Providers subordinate payment companies will appear the “list”.

In May, the first payment license was issued about 27. September 1, 2011.The central bank had re-issued 13 licenses. As a result, the number of company obtains license reached 40, involving the internet payment, mobile phone payments, and telephone land lines services as so on. But more companies are still waiting for a license. According to preliminary statistics, the number of company who has submitted third-party payment license application has reached 240, but more than 200 companies are looking forward to the license.

License lead to Merger

With the license gradually are issued, the third-party payment companies will also start to operate capital. Reporters learned in Shanghai a financial network technology company obtain the second license has been mergers and acquisitions four local businesses.

“Although many companies have submitted applications, but in the end the number of company may not exceed 200. How to survive to the rest of the business? To cooperate with these companies get a license or have be qualified, or be acquired.” Insiders Analyzed. Earlier in September, Alipay has announced they acquire Ann Card .

Analysis International is expected, the capital market in the future will be further active in the field of third-party payment.

China Telecom BlackBerry China Telecom BlackBerry(0)

A spokeswoman for RIM confirmed the partnership.

China Mobile, the world’s largest carrier by accounts, previously offered the BlackBerry in China for large business users, but it only this month said it would start offering the device to consumers and small businesses as well.

RIM this month also said it plans to make a version of the BlackBerry that uses the TD-SCDMA 3G standard promoted by China Mobile and the Chinese government.

China Telecom did not say it would offer BlackBerry handsets itself, but Digital China, a local IT services vendor and product distributor, this month said it would start distributing BlackBerry handsets. Users can also buy the devices at electronics bazaars around China, where they are sold after being brought back informally from overseas.

More smartphones popular abroad have launched in China this year as the country’s three mobile carriers have rolled out their 3G services. China Unicom in recent weeks launched the country’s first official iPhone sales, and China Telecom is also in talks with Palm to offer handsets including its Pre smartphone.

Source : Konaxis

China Telecom sell BlackBerry China Telecom sell BlackBerry(0)

China Telecom is fighting to compete in the country’s increasingly cutthroat mobile market, the world’s largest by subscribers with some 700 million users.

Its roll-out of Research in Motion’s popular BlackBerry, optimised for receiving and sending e-mails, could be a boost for China Telecom, which does not yet have any high profile smartphone tie-ups with overseas handset makers.

Rival China Unicom launched Apple’s iPhone in China last month. China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile carrier and China’s dominant player, has shown interest in selling the iPhone and has said it is still in talks with Apple.

China Mobile will also be releasing Dell’s first smartphone, the Mini 3, in China sometime in late November.

Source : Konaxis

Baidu mobile search market Baidu mobile search market(0)

Its full wireless services have been implanted into partners’ platforms and mobile phones.

Previously, the usually low-profile CTO Lee Yinan talked about Baidu’s wireless strategy in the mobile Internet meeting. Baidu currently is working with China Telecom, China Unicom and other telecommunications operators to discuss the in-depth cooperation agreements, and through cooperation, on one hand, Baidu wireless search will be implanted into operators’ customed mobile phones , on the other hand, Baidu wireless search moves into operaters’ customized services, to explore the applications of wireless search services in 3G era.

Baidu recently played a series of dazzling combination of boxing in the wireless area, which, industry experts believe that this indicates , the world’s largest Chinese Baidu search engine, has sounded the horn of the wireless search market in the post-3G era.

Zhejiang Province To Enhance Online Charging System Zhejiang Province To Enhance Online Charging System(0)

‘Our OCS solution will play a critical role in the deployment of China Telecom’s next generation networks,’ said Steve Zhang, AsiaInfo’s president and chief executive officer in a prepared statement. ‘This tender win deepens our relationship with China Telecom in the OCS space that began last year in Hebei province with their extended next generation wireless network trial. We are pleased to support the company again in its expansion from a fixed-line and broadband operator to a wireless service provider, and are looking forward to collaborating on more projects in the future.’

AsiaInfo will develop an OCS solution for China Telecom in Zhejiang province that is based on the Third Generation Partnership Project standard and adheres to China
Telecom’s OCS specifications. AsiaInfo’s OCS solution is a convergent online charging system that can accommodate real-time billing for both prepaid and postpaid accounts and offers the flexibility to combine a variety of charging methods to support future 3G data and value-added services.

It also combines customer credit control and risk management analysis functionalities to lower credit risk in developing new business and expanding customer bases.

AsiaInfo says it is the first software billing vendor in China to successfully deploy both 3G BOSS and OCS solutions. The company has developed OCS solutions for China Mobile subsidiaries in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Pakistan. AsiaInfo has also developed an OCS solution for China Telecom’s extended next generation wireless network trial in Hebei province

Source : Chinatechnews

Chinese Telecom Operators Set Up 14772 TD Base Stations Chinese Telecom Operators Set Up 14772 TD Base Stations(0)

According to Xu Jingtao, marketing director of Datang Mobile, China Mobile has built about 14000 TD base stations in eight cities across China; China Telecom has built 240 in Baoding; and China Netcom has set up 413 in Qingdao. This has made the total TD base station number in China reach 14772, covering ten Chinese cities of Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Qinhuangdao, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Qingdao and Baoding.

Xue also said that China’s TD technology had proceeded from R5 to R7 and MBMS mobile phone television service is being experimented with by China’s Ministry of Information Industry ¡ª China Mobile is expected to soon put it into commercial operation. MBMS refers to Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service, which can be used via GSM and UMTS cellular networks and utilizes multicast distribution in the core network instead of point-to-point links for the receiving devices.

Source : Chinatechnews

China Telecom Rolls Out New Internet Value-added Service Policy China Telecom Rolls Out New Internet Value-added Service Policy(0)

According to the new policy, China Telecom will integrate its internal resources and allocate personnel to set up a new institution called ‘Internet and Value-added Service Operation Center’, which shall be merged with Chinatelecom Information Development Co., Ltd, an affiliate of China Telecom that is responsible for the company’s value-added services and to run national Internet services.

China Telecom says that the adjustment is made to promote the development of its Internet, value-added services and mobile services. And it emphasized that the new affiliate will be budgeted and operated independently.

Source : Chinatechnews

China Telecom Will Initiate Wi-Fi Bidding In 21 Chinese Provinces China Telecom Will Initiate Wi-Fi Bidding In 21 Chinese Provinces(0)

A top manager from Guangdong Telecom, a subsidiary of China Telecom, has confirmed the news and said that they will take big moves on wireless network construction this year. According to the person, Guangzhou Telecom will build a wireless broadband network in many different venues within the city, including hotels, office buildings, schools and cafes.

In the second half of last year, China Telecom conducted relevant prophase equipment tests and preparation and finally decided to design a 802.11g Wi-Fi network. It had already constructed Wi-Fi networks in seven provinces, including Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Fujian and Sichuan, on a trial basis last year.

According to the planning of Wang Xiaochu, general manager of China Telecom, China Telecom will speed up the layout of Wi-Fi base stations this year in public hotspot areas so that consumers can use the network. Earlier this month, Shanghai published its timetable for Wi-Fi construction which says that their city will add about 2000 network access sites in all public places and build the city into a wireless zone in two years.

Source : Chinatechnews

China Telecom Launches New Instant Messaging Service China Telecom Launches New Instant Messaging Service(0)

Similar to other operators IM products, China Telecom’s “Wang Xin” can realize instant text communications between a computer and such terminals as mobile phones and Little Smart.

At present, there are several IM providers in China, including Tencent and MSN which have been regarded as the pioneers of the industry. Statistics show that China’s IM market has reached RMB4.57 billion and it will amount to RMB8.76 billion in 2009.

Other Chinese telecom service providers China Mobile, China Unicom and China Netcom each previously launched Fetion, UMS, CNC MAXIM, respectively, as instant messaging applications for users.

Source : Chinatechnews

China Telecom Will Launch IM Service China Telecom Will Launch IM Service(0)

Chinese media reports that China Telecom is working on the development and research of the IM software and having China Telecom Information Development Co., Ltd, a holding company of its affiliate Beijing Telecom, to be responsible for the development and operation planning of the new service.

China Telecom might further improve and promote Kuan Le Tong Xin, an IM product which is being tested in Guangdong, but Xu Wenyan, general manager of Guangdong Telecom’s Internet and Value-added Service Department, has denied that the fixed telecom company will promote the IM in such a widespread way as mobile operators like China Mobile and China Unicom have done.

In November 2003, China Telecom commissioned Guangdong Telecom to develop VIM communications system to connect users to fixed phones, Little Smart and even allow mobile phones users to transmit documents and hold telephone meetings.

China Mobile’s IM service is called Fetion, China Unicom’s is named UMS and China Netcom uses MAXIM.

Source : Chinatechnews

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