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iResearch: Online Game-A New Opportunity for Kingsoft iResearch: Online Game-A New Opportunity for Kingsoft(0)

According to data from iResearch’s ‘Online Game Quarterly Report Q2, 2007′, the market size for online game was 2.65 billion and the biggest 5 companies’ income accounts for 72.6% of the market. Now there’re about 150 companies in online game industry in China, with 5 million revenues a quarter on average. Although the situation is grim, opportunity still exists. Compare with more than 10 million netizens, there’re only 100 million online game users, so online game market has great potential.

Since there’re for Kingsoft in the field of application software and Kingsoft has successfully developed and launched JX online series, iResearch believe that developing online game business is the best choice for Kingsoft.

Kingsoft doesn’t form a core competitiveness in online game yet

According to Kingsoft operation and products, iResearch believes that Kingsoft is strong in innovation and research and development capabilities while weak in operation capability. Kingsoft once said that they would learn from Nintendo to develop popular games and attract users do not play games. With this concept, Kingsoft launched CO online which was easy to operate and became a successful game for new players. But the game lacks of core competitiveness to attract players to stay. Unengaging tasks and boring conversations make the game a common one.

Although quality is a flaw for Kingsoft’s development, but the biggest constraints is its operation capability. iResearch advised that strengthen operation team is the first problem to be solved after IPO.

IPO provides fund for expanding R&D team

Kingsoft said that fund will be used for software personnel recruitment and strategic acquisitions after IPO. Considered of experience and profit, online game will still be the core business after IPO, but the research love knot and lack of operation capability restricted Kingsoft. So iResearch believes that the fund from IPO will be used to game development and the possibility of buying games is rare.

To sum up, Kingsoft is transferring to game operation company from a software company. From business and income distribution structure, online game business is important to Kingsoft. To some extent, without online game business, Kingsoft would not IPO successfully.

Kingsoft will focus on online game business after IPO. In the fierce competing industry, Kingsoft is not in inferior position in technology. iResearch advises Kingsoft to strengthen its operation team building and marketing service to form 2-3 core products.

CNNIC Exposes Five Domain Name Service Providers CNNIC Exposes Five Domain Name Service Providers(0)

The five parties are Xiamen Zhongshitong Network Service Co., Ltd.; Xiamen Liwang Network Technology Co., Ltd.; Xiamen YIxiang Technology Co., Ltd.; Xiamen Yucheng Technology Co., Ltd.; and Beijing Shiji Jialan Trade Development Co., Ltd.

CNNIC says these companies have not improved much after receiving CNNIC’s first notice to regulate their service and are still sending intimidating emails or cheating some users. CNNIC has now handed over the complaint materials against these five companies to the local regulatory agencies to figure out how to formulate punishments.

Source : Chinatechnews

E-Commerce On Horizon For Chinese Search Engine E-Commerce On Horizon For Chinese Search Engine(0)

“We are very excited to enter the rapidly growing Chinese e-commerce market” said Robin Li, chairman and chief executive officer of Baidu. “Baidu’s extensive user base and rich experience in Chinese language search makes e-commerce a natural step for expansion.”"

Search engines already play a critical role in the Chinese e-commerce market. According to iResearch, 49% of China’s current C2C users conducted searches before visiting e-commerce sites. Baidu has already established a new department dedicated to the development of innovative e-commerce technologies. The company plans to continue talent recruitment and launch the C2C service in 2008.

“In China, e-commerce is still in the early stages of development” continued Li. “With Baidu’s high user traffic, popular community platforms, cutting edge technology and commitment to providing users with the best Internet experience, we are confident that Baidu will become a leader in the Chinese e-commerce space.”

Source : Chinatechnews

ChinaCache Goes To North America ChinaCache Goes To North America(0)

As part of ChinaCache’s international expansion plan, the North America office is designed to facilitate the CDN service needs from and to China and to promote business partnership with technology and service providers.

As an important international strategic initiative of ChinaCache in 2007, the establishment of the North America office will allow the company to expand its business beyond China. The direct communications channel between China and North America will better help ensure service quality and meet the needs of customers. It will significantly reduce the network latency as a result of having to route traffic across different geographic locations and increase network performance.

Source : Chinatechnews

Google Adds Two More Advertisement Agents In China Google Adds Two More Advertisement Agents In China(0)

The two companies are Chongqing Zhijia Company and Guangzhou Tiantuo Company. They will be responsible for Google’s AdWords service in Chongqing and Guangzhou, respectively.

With the joining of these two companies, the number of Google’s AdWords agent has been brought to a total of 24.

Source : Chinatechnews

24/7 Real Media To Integrate Baidu API 24/7 Real Media To Integrate Baidu API(0)

“We’re thrilled that we are able to leverage our search expertise and technology leadership to incorporate Baidu’s API”, said Ian Leuchars, senior Vice President of Search Marketing Services for 24/7 Real Media. “This will be very beneficial for advertisers with global search campaigns, especially those with a desire to reach China’s rapidly growing online population.”

Integration with Baidu gives the company access to a growing market. According to research firm Analysys International, the size of the China search engine market reached US$153 million in the first half of 2007, increasing 69 percent quarter-on-quarter and 29 percent year-on-year. The China online advertising market is projected to reach US$1.5 billion by the end of 2010.

Source : Chinatechnews

Hong Kong Wi-Fi Service Continues To Grow Hong Kong Wi-Fi Service Continues To Grow(0)

“We are pleased to see such a rapid and massive rollout of public Wi-Fi service. Unlike other cities, where the public Wi-Fi service involves either public funding or coordination by governments, such service in Hong Kong is entirely funded by the commercial sector. This testifies once again the success of our market-driven policy. We look forward to this as one of the many initiatives to be taken forward by the commercial operators to further drive the development of Hong Kong as a wireless city” a spokesperson from OFTA said.

In order that the public may have updated information about the development and coverage of the public Wi-Fi service in Hong Kong, OFTA will regularly publish the statistics on the number of Wi-Fi hotspots and also their locations on its official website.

“Due to the expansion of public Wi-Fi service throughout the territory provided by the service operators and the Government’s commitments to provide Wi-Fi service in some 350 government premises in the coming two years, there is growing concern about the radiofrequency (RF) radiation safety to the general public. Even though Wi-Fi devices emit very low level of RF radiation, OFTA has taken the initiative to conduct the first territory-wide measurement of the RF radiation emitted by Wi-Fi hotspots during the period from July to September this year”, continued the spokesperson.

OFTA adopts the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection Guidelines published in 1998 on the safety limits of exposure to RF radiation for the protection of workers and the public against non-ionizing radiation hazards, which were set out in a Code of Practice for compliance by the industry. According to OFTA’s measurement results, the RF radiation levels of Wi-Fi hotspots installed at various public locations, including convenience shops, cafes, shopping malls, the airport, MTRC and KCRC stations, are far below the recommended RF exposure limits laid down in the ICNIRP Guidelines. According to the World Health Organization, until now, there is not yet any convincing scientific evidence to prove that the weak RF signals emitted by wireless networks will cause adverse health effects.

Source : Chinatechnews

Perfect World Obtains Certification, Launches Game Expansion Pack Perfect World Obtains Certification, Launches Game Expansion Pack(0)

Other recently introduced policies that are intended to protect the interests of players include the “Perfect World Password Protection Card”, “Perfect World Retrieval Business”, and the “Perfect World Telephone Password Protection Card”. The company says the ISO 9001 certification is a further validation of the company’s efforts to provide better and more caring customer service for every player of the company’s proprietary games.

The company also announced that the “Sanjie Tianshu” Zhu Xian expansion pack has been launched for online game players in China. The expansion pack introduces an expanded online world, dozens of new characters, nearly 1,000 new monsters, 100 new pieces of armor, scores of new magic weapons, and thousands of newly added tasks.

Additionally, the upper limit of game levels has been raised and many new scenes have been added. All of these features bring an entirely new experience to game players and offer more opportunities for users to maximize their performance potential.

Source : Chinatechnews

CDC Games Expands Online Gaming Partnership With Sonokong CDC Games Expands Online Gaming Partnership With Sonokong(0)

The expanded partnership includes the licensing, in China, of a new game called Dragonsky, as well as Sonokong’s commitment to continued support of content updates for Shaiya Online, which was ranked as one of the top 10 most anticipated games in China in 2006. The agreement also partners CDC Games and Sonokong to distribute Shaiya in Taiwan through MacroWell, a local publisher.

Through the agreement, CDC Games has secured exclusive distribution rights in China for Dragonsky. The game, under development now by Sonov, a studio in Korea which draws on the support of Sonokong, is anticipated for commercial launch by CDC Games in the second quarter of 2008.

Source : Chinatechnews

Shanghai Telecom Tries Telephone POS Service Shanghai Telecom Tries Telephone POS Service(0)

According to People’s Daily, Shanghai Telecom’s POS service allows users to make inquiries about the bank account balance of their China UnionPay debit cards and supports account transferring among more than 10 banks’ cards. It allows users of China Merchants Bank, Pudong Development Bank, Shenzhen Development Bank, and Ping’an Bank to also repay bank loans.

In addition, with this telephone POS, users can use China UnionPay cards to pay their water, gas, and telephone fees. Shanghai Telecom plans to launch air ticket and hotel reservation services soon.

Source : Chinatechnews

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