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By combining’s rich travel information with the advanced search engine technology of, the parties’ cooperation will enable customers to find the location and information of up to 5000 member hotels of and make a reservation directly online. In addition, it will allow them to make inquiries on more than 3000 scenic spots and other useful travel information via Baidu’s Map Channel.

At present, has information on more than 28000 cooperating hotels in 134 countries and regions across the world. Fan Min, CEO of, says that Ctrip has been committed to supplying convenient and high-quality hotel service for customers, and this cooperation is a win-win for both sides, for it will not only make Baidu’s travel information search more complete, but also bring a booking revenue increase for

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Digital Music Deal Heads For Taiwan Digital Music Deal Heads For Taiwan(0)

Launched in January 2005, KKBOX says it differentiates itself from other music download service providers by offering an array of services for millions of users to legitimately listen to music, including unlimited music streaming, creating their own music blogs, sharing their playlists and making new friends based on their interests. Being one of the world’s largest collection of Chinese songs, its database offers content from over 140 music labels with 1.5 million songs. KKBOX also says ut has become Taiwan’s top music download services provider with close to 300,000 paying subscribers and over 3.5 million registered users as of July 2007.

CHT currently dominates over 85% of Taiwan’s consumer broadband Internet access market, and is a leader in the nation’s mobile 2.5G and 3G phone service subscribers.

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New Online Games For Shanda New Online Games For Shanda(0)

“Gui Chui Deng Online”, “Creation of the Gods” and “World Hegemony” are expected to commence beta testing in the first half of 2008.

“We are excited to see that Shanda has further diversified its content resources by establishing partnerships with Maishi and Lingyu following the successful acquisition of Aurora Technology in July of this year” said Tianqiao Chen, Shanda’s chairman and CEO. “In addition, the newly introduced web game once again demonstrates the strength and quality of our in-house R&D team. Looking forward, we will work hard to enrich our content through multiple channels, in an effort to constantly provide our gamers with a fun and entertaining game experience.”

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NTT DoCoMo To Expand In China’s 3G Market NTT DoCoMo To Expand In China’s 3G Market(0)

Yang Jian, assistant to president of UFIDA, says that the establishment of the joint venture is currently pending for a review and approval of the concerned departments which is expected to be done by the end of this year.

In February this year, UFIDA and NTT DoCoMo announced plans to set up a joint venture company to engage in the development of enterprise mobile service platform and application. It is learned that the joint venture, which is called Yong You Da Kang for the time being, will involve a total investment of US$13.42 million with NTT DoCoMo taking one third of the company’s stake. It will be an equally important backbone service for UFIDA along with the company’s management software service and be a strategic platform for NTT DoCoMo to expand enterprise mobile application service in China.

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Baidu Shows Quarterly Revenue Surge Baidu Shows Quarterly Revenue Surge(0)

“During the third quarter, we saw solid revenue and earnings growth driven by an increase in user traffic and active online customers”, said Robin Li, Baidu’s chairman and chief executive officer. “Our results reflect the scalability of our pay for performance business model and demonstrate our growing reputation as the Chinese language search provider of choice.”

Online marketing revenues for the third quarter were RMB496.1 million, representing a 108.8% increase from the third quarter of 2006. The growth was driven by the increases in both the number of active online marketing customers and revenue per customer. Baidu had nearly 143,000 active online marketing customers in the third quarter of 2007, representing a sequential increase of 11.6% and an increase of 38.5% from the corresponding period in 2006. Revenue per online marketing customer for the third quarter of 2007 increased to approximately RMB3,500, representing a sequential increase of 11.0% and an increase of 50.7% from the corresponding period in 2006.

Operating profit was RMB168.1 million, representing a 120.5% increase from the corresponding period in 2006. Net income was RMB181.7 million, representing a 113.2% increase from the corresponding period in 2006.

As of September 30, 2007, Baidu’s cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments amounted to RMB1.4 billion. Net operating cash inflow and capital expenditures for the third quarter of 2007 were RMB254.9 million and RMB150.0 million, respectively. The increase in capital expenditure was primarily due to capacity expansion and construction on Baidu’s new campus facility.

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Construction For First Sino-US Trans-Pacific Express Starts Construction For First Sino-US Trans-Pacific Express Starts(0)

With a designed bandwidth capacity of 5.12T, the whole project is expected to be completed before next year’s Olympic Games.

TPE is a large capacity undersea cable connecting China and the U.S. that was initiated in December last year by six operators of China Telecom, China Netcom, China Unicom, Chunghwa Telecom, Korea Telecom and Verizon with a total investment of US$500 million. Totaling 18000 kilometers in length, it is the second undersea cable between the Chinese mainland and the U.S., connecting Oregon in the U.S. with Qingdao and Shanghai Chongming Island in China, with branch cables extending to South Korean and Taiwan.

The project is estimated to be completed and put into operation in July 2008 to meet the broadband needs of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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HP’s First Netcafe Opens In Beijing HP’s First Netcafe Opens In Beijing(0)

As the first flagship netcafe of HP, Hang Tian Wang Yuan is positioning itself as a high-end professional game competition netcafe. It features 350 HP professional netcafe DC5750 computers, which, according to Hu Kai, general manager of Hang Tian Wang Yuan, provides optimized gaming solutions.

Lu Siyu, a manager from China HP’s Commercial Use Desktop Computer Business Department, says that HP began to pay attention to the netcafe market from the second half of 2006 and it has launched an overall netcafe solution and set up a netcafe sales channel this year. Lu says that HP will continue to recruit netcafe talents across the country in 2008 to further implement its netcafe strategy.

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Microsoft Signs With Digital China And D.Phone On Concept Stores Microsoft Signs With Digital China And D.Phone On Concept Stores(0)

Chen Jingxin, director of Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Department in Greater China region, has told local media that Microsoft wants to expand its reach among Chinese consumers. Microsoft previously opened five similar stores in Shanghai to display and sell Windows Mobile operating system based smart phones.

According to Chen, Microsoft believes that smart mobile phones are the computers for the future. People are surrounded by technology and they need to realize more functions via mobile phones. This is the mission of Windows Mobile.

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Gehua’s Joint Venture To Expand Broadband Value-Added Services Gehua’s Joint Venture To Expand Broadband Value-Added Services(0)

According to a framework agreement signed among the parties, the initial investment for the new company will be no less than RMB200 million, with Gehua taking 51% of the stake and Liberty Global and PRC Venture Partners the remaining 49%.

The new company will provide high-speed broadband data service to common residents as well as business clients via Gehau’s cable network. Gehua says it will provide network support, IDC services and client services for the new company and gain part of its income in return. Gehua and the joint venture company will jointly develop video frequency and data service which is expected to help the company reduce operational costs.

According to media reports, Gehua hopes that cooperation will accelerate the company’s high-speed data broadband service and cable television network value-added services and bring new profit-making points for the company.

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China Mobile Growth Exposes Underlying Machinations China Mobile Growth Exposes Underlying Machinations(0)

However, according to the local media, the high speed increase in Fetion does not come from users’ voluntary optional use of the service, but instead to China Mobile’s background operations in which the company has opened the service in large batches to increase user numbers. About 70% of the increase was attributed to these means, which is an oft-used measure for telecom operators to develop new users.

Opening a service in large batches means that a telecom operator can choose users of a particular number section and create them automatically as newly increased users and offer a service to this group of users free of charge for a temporary period. Users will be asked to pay a fee if they don’t cancel the service after the fourth month.

Apart from Fetion, China Mobile’s Mobile Phone Newspaper service user increase was also reportedly realized through this means. The company increased about 2 million new users for its mobile phone newspaper service from March to May this year by opening the service in batches.

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