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China Mobile Implements Energy Saving Strategy For Outsourcing China Mobile Implements Energy Saving Strategy For Outsourcing(0)

China Mobile’s president Wang Jianzhou previously presided over a meeting in which he asked that resource utility be improved in the field of mobile communications to ensure the work on energy-saving and emissions control to be fully implemented.

The requirements that China Mobile has raised for network system equipment and complementary equipment manufacturers include reducing the quantity of materials used for equipment, reducing the weight of each piece of equipment, increasing equipment’s integration capacity and lowering equipment’s power costs.

So far, 15 manufacturers have signed a strategic partnership with China Mobile on what is called the Green Initiative. They are Alcatel, Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia-Siemens, AIR-SYS Refrigeration Engineering Technology Company, Emerson Network Power, Harbin Coslight Group, Jiangsu Shuangdeng Group, Comba, Mobi Antenna Technologies (Shenzhen) Company, China GrenTech, Wuhan Hongxin Telecommunication Technologies Company, Zhongli Technology, Zhongtian Technology Company and Delta-CIMIC Electronics Company.

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China Mobile To Begin TD Mobile Phone Bidding China Mobile To Begin TD Mobile Phone Bidding(0)

Chinese media reports that China Mobile plans to begin the first round of bidding for TD mobile phones in late December or early January of next year when it will purchase about 300,000-400,000 TD mobile phones which will be mainly used for testing and optimizing TD networks and testing the mobile phone performance of each TD manufacturer in preparation for next year’s large scale outsourcing.

According to China Mobile’s plan, the company will spend a total of about RMB3 billion to RMB4 billion on two million to three million TD mobile phones. The majority of the mobile phone orders will be delivered to China Mobile after April 2008.

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Beijing Mobile Offers Call Billing Inquiry Service Beijing Mobile Offers Call Billing Inquiry Service(0)

The four types of services are paper bills, electronic bills, short message based bills and multimedia messaging service based bills. All of them are free for consumers, and give consumers more choices in how they want to be notified of payment issues.

Beijing Mobile’s GoTone users can log onto the company’s website to apply for mailing of the call bill. Alternatively they can apply for the service by sending ‘KTYJZD’ to 10086.

Beijing Mobile’s short message based call bill consists of monthly rent, calling fee, value-added service fees, data service fee and other additional fees. Users of Gotone and M-Zone can apply for the service by sending ‘ZDDZ’ to 10086 or by going to Beijing Mobile’s online business halls to apply.

In addition, GoTone and M-Zone users can send ‘CXZD’ to 10086 if they want to apply for MMS-based call billing.

Source : Chinatechnews

China Mobile Joins Google’s Open Platform For Mobile Devices China Mobile Joins Google’s Open Platform For Mobile Devices(0)

“China Mobile believes that an open and advanced mobile handset platform is the key to deliver the best mobile application and Internet experience and it will encourage faster adoption of smartphones in China. China Mobile is excited to participate in the Open Handset Alliance and to work with Google and other Alliance partners on a next-generation mobile handset platform,” says Bill Huang, general manager of China Mobile Research Institute.

Google Inc., T-Mobile, HTC, Qualcomm, Motorola and others have collaborated on the development of Android through the Open Handset Alliance, a multinational alliance of technology and mobile industry leaders.

This alliance shares a common goal of fostering innovation on mobile devices and giving consumers a far better user experience than much of what is available on today’s mobile platforms. By providing developers a new level of openness that enables them to work more collaboratively, Android will accelerate the pace at which new and compelling mobile services are made available to consumers. Through Android, developers, wireless operators and handset manufacturers will be better positioned to bring to market innovative new products faster and at a much lower cost. The end result will be an unprecedented mobile platform that will enable wireless operators and manufacturers to give their customers better, more personal and more flexible mobile experiences.

Thirty-four companies have formed the Open Handset Alliance, which aims to develop technologies that will significantly lower the cost of developing and distributing mobile devices and services. The Android platform is the first step in this direction a fully integrated mobile “software stack” that consists of an operating system, middleware, user-friendly interface and applications. Consumers should expect the first phones based on Android to be available in the second half of 2008.

Source : Chinatechnews

Guangdong Mobile Launches Free Mobile Email Service Guangdong Mobile Launches Free Mobile Email Service(0)

The new service is available to all users of Guangdong Mobile. From now on, users can get an email box with the same name as their mobile phone number, free of charge. The free and unlimited capacity mobile email service combines the advantages of both email and mobile phones. By logging onto Guangdong Mobile’s website or, users can easily enter their mobile email box to receive, send or manage their emails.

Guangdong Mobile has also added PushMail functions for the new service and given away a one gigabyte mobile phone network disk to each user. Liu Yaogen, deputy general manager of Guangdong Mobile, says that they don’t expect to make a profit from the new service for the time being, but over time as users grow they can add new paid services.

China Mobile (CHL), the parent company of Guangdong Mobile, had previously launched mobile phone email services, but it charged RMB6+ per month for the service.

Source : Chinatechnews

China Mobile Will Initiate Bidding For TD Mobile Phone China Mobile Will Initiate Bidding For TD Mobile Phone(0) says that China Mobile will spend a total of about RMB3 billion to RMB4 billion purchasing about 2 million to 3 million TD mobile phones, which will cover all the three class categories (high-end, middle-end and low-end) and the majority of the orders are expected to be fulfilled by the end of next year.

China Mobile is said to have put forward five requirements for the TD mobile phone manufacturers who are asked to have their products made similar to GSM terminals in both power consumption and stability, develop terminals for the enhanced 3G technology HSDPA, have their mobile phones have visible telephone feature and be able to carry out mobile phone television services, and possess the dual mode pattern of TD/GSM.

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Mobile Phone Television Testing In Beijing And Shanghai Mobile Phone Television Testing In Beijing And Shanghai(0)

According to Dr. Li Yong, a project manager from China Mobile, China Mobile’s mobile phone television service can be used to receive five television stations including BTV1, BTV Financial Channel, CCTV 5 and CCTV News Channel and the company plans to introduce more television stations in the coming months.

Li says that the company’s mobile phone television service is based on the MBBMS technology and users can watch television programs so long as they use a mobile phone with an embedded MBBMS module. At present, the service is run on a trial basis. It is estimated that the fee for the service will be RMB5-10 per month. China Mobile plans to formally launch the service before next year’s Beijing Olympic Games.

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China Mobile Growth Exposes Underlying Machinations China Mobile Growth Exposes Underlying Machinations(0)

However, according to the local media, the high speed increase in Fetion does not come from users’ voluntary optional use of the service, but instead to China Mobile’s background operations in which the company has opened the service in large batches to increase user numbers. About 70% of the increase was attributed to these means, which is an oft-used measure for telecom operators to develop new users.

Opening a service in large batches means that a telecom operator can choose users of a particular number section and create them automatically as newly increased users and offer a service to this group of users free of charge for a temporary period. Users will be asked to pay a fee if they don’t cancel the service after the fourth month.

Apart from Fetion, China Mobile’s Mobile Phone Newspaper service user increase was also reportedly realized through this means. The company increased about 2 million new users for its mobile phone newspaper service from March to May this year by opening the service in batches.

Source : Chinatechnews

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