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Third payment license maybe issues within two weeks in China, hundreds of companies will obtain a license Third payment license maybe issues within two weeks in China, hundreds of companies will obtain a licenseComments Off

Recently reporters get news from the industry, the third payment license, a number of 60 licenses will issue in fastest one to two weeks in China. Last time there is a number of 40 licenses, so more than one hundred companies will obtain a license. Currently, the number of company who has submitted third-party payment license application has reached 240.

Three Internet Service Providers Subordinate Payment Companies will appear the “list”

According to related reports, the third payment license, a number of 60 licenses will issue, “Most of the third license will issue to local companies, including 21 in Shanghai. Mostly the third license is pre-paid card.” An insider says. China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, the three Internet Service Providers subordinate payment companies will appear the “list”.

In May, the first payment license was issued about 27. September 1, 2011.The central bank had re-issued 13 licenses. As a result, the number of company obtains license reached 40, involving the internet payment, mobile phone payments, and telephone land lines services as so on. But more companies are still waiting for a license. According to preliminary statistics, the number of company who has submitted third-party payment license application has reached 240, but more than 200 companies are looking forward to the license.

License lead to Merger

With the license gradually are issued, the third-party payment companies will also start to operate capital. Reporters learned in Shanghai a financial network technology company obtain the second license has been mergers and acquisitions four local businesses.

“Although many companies have submitted applications, but in the end the number of company may not exceed 200. How to survive to the rest of the business? To cooperate with these companies get a license or have be qualified, or be acquired.” Insiders Analyzed. Earlier in September, Alipay has announced they acquire Ann Card .

Analysis International is expected, the capital market in the future will be further active in the field of third-party payment.

China Mobile Challenges Baidu China Mobile Challenges Baidu(0)

China Mobile?s revenue will rise 7 percent to 484 billion yuan ($72 billion) this year, according to the average of 29 analyst estimates compiled by Bloomberg. That would be the slowest increase since the company?s 1997 Hong Kong listing and the analysts estimate growth to keep decelerating through 2012.
Growth is slowing as more than 60 percent of China?s population owns a mobile phone, compared with less than 10 percent at the beginning of the decade.
China Mobile Communications Corp., parent of the listed company, last month reached agreement with China?s official Xinhua News Agency to partner in Internet search.
The company may also double sales of SIM cards over an unspecified period as the chips used in mobile phones are used in a wide range of products to give them communications capability, China Mobile Chairman Wang Jianzhou said. For example, putting a SIM card in a car would allow it to transmit details on its performance at any time, he said.

Source : Konaxis

Vodafone Sells China Mobile Vodafone Sells China Mobile(0)

The sale, announced late Tuesday, is the first in what is expected to be a series of sell-offs of Vodafone’s minority holdings as it seeks to focus on core markets in a bid to improve its share price.
Around 70 per cent of the net proceeds of the China Mobile sale, after tax and transaction costs, will be returned to shareholders through a share buyback, said Vodafone. The remainder will be used to reduce the group’s debt.
Vodafone, the world’s biggest mobile operator by revenue, initially bought a 2.18 per cent stake in China Mobile in 2000 and increased its holding to 3.2 per cent in 2002.
The group insisted that despite the sell-off it would continue cooperating with China Mobile.

Source : Konaxis

12580 responded to Lee’s joining in 12580 responded to Lee’s joining in(0)

Baidu last week officially announced the CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Mr Lee resigned for personal reasons, and after Baidu approval, start immediately from today, Lee is no longer chief technology officer. It is the second departure of Baidu executives within 10 days following the former COO Yepeng Baidu.

It was said that Lee would join the 12580 and serve as CEO, regarding which 12580 responded to the Sina Technology that the initial public announcement on the matter was scheduled on Jan 20th, and it was inconvenient to comment on the current internal changes.

Information showed Unlimited Xun Qi is an exclusive partner of China Mobile 12580, in construction of China Mobile 12580 integrated information services portal and operational support platform, building the first domestic efficient and reliable integrated information service portal based on voice, Internet, WAP, SMS, MMS, location.

China Mobile acquire Tencent China Mobile acquire Tencent(0)

In a statement over the weekend, China Mobile spokeswoman Rainie Lei said recent media reports that China Mobile is in talks with Tencent is “groundless.” Hong Kong-listed Tencent runs the popular Chinese instant messaging system QQ.

The statement came after local Internet portal cited sources as saying over the weekend that a China Mobile delegation led by the company’s president Wang Jianzhou visited Tencent headquarters and the two sides held a discussion over the potential acquisition.

China Mobile launched its own instant messaging service, Fetion, in 2006, to attract more subscribers as part of an effort to increase its revenue.

According to the Xinhua report, by the end of September, Fetion ranked the third among instant message programs after Tencent and Microsoft Corp.’s MSN.

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China Mobile’s 3G coverage China Mobile’s 3G coverage(0)

China Mobile uses the nation’s home-grown 3G mobile standard, TD-SCDMA, in its network and is the only company in the world rolling it out in a big way.

The TD-SCDMA network is progressing smoothly. By the end of this year, China Mobile will roll out 88,000 TD-SCDMA base stations in 238 cities, said Wang Jianzhou, chairman and CEO of China Mobile. The number of base stations will nearly double to 160,000 by 2011.

He expects 3 million subscribers for TD-SCDMA by the end of this year.

The subscriber projection means China Mobile will have to work hard to meet a government target for it to reach between 50 million and 80 million 3G subscribers by the end of 2010.

Wang blamed high prices for TD-SCDMA handsets for the lack of uptake in the national 3G standard.

The quality of TD-SCDMA technology has improved and there are a range of handsets, high-end, mid-end and soon there will be some low-end handsets priced at around 1000 Chinese yuan (US$147), he said.

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China Mobile users breach 500 million China Mobile users breach 500 million(0)

Third-quarter net income rose 2.6 percent to 28.6 billion yuan ($4.2 billion) from 27.9 billion yuan a year earlier, according to figures derived from nine-month earnings reported by the Beijing-based company Tuesday.

China Mobile cut call fees and raised handset subsidies to attract 15.24 million users in the quarter as Chairman Wang Jianzhou expands in lower-income rural areas to fend off mounting competition from China Telecom Corp. and China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd.

China Mobile?s third-quarter sales rose 9 percent to 114.1 billion yuan, according to derived figures. Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization, a measure of cash flow, increased 5 percent to 57.8 billion yuan.

China Mobile?s spending this year will be focused on upgrading networks to enable them to offer integrated second- and third-generation services, the company said in March. The carrier will offer third-generation services in 238 cities by the end of the year, it said.

Source : Konaxis

China Mobile to run E-Book service like Amazon China Mobile to run E-Book service like Amazon(0)

Datang, a telecom equipment vendor, will start selling an e-reader that supports China Mobile’s 3G standard late this month, said the company. The device has a 6-inch screen and can play music and receive news feeds in addition to displaying e-books. It will cost around 3,000 yuan (US$440), well above the $300 price tag on the Kindle.

But e-books in China face strong competition from free, often pirated content that can be downloaded from many Web sites and cheaply-priced pirated paper books widely sold on Chinese streets.

Local companies Hanwang Technology and Founder Technology also plan to sell e-readers for China Mobile’s 3G standard.

Datang plans to release a color e-reader in 2011 and may make other models targeted at groups such as students, a strategy used by rival Hanwang.

Source : Konaxis

HTC China Mobile TD-SCDMA phones HTC China Mobile TD-SCDMA phones(0)

“HTC will actively develop intelligent advanced wireless broadband products based on the TD-SCDMA standard, and will work closely with China Mobile to design and make products tailored to the needs of the China market,” HTC Chief Executive Peter Chou said in a statement.

The two companies formalized a memorandum of understanding Monday, HTC said.

China Mobile Chairman Wang Jianzhou arrived in Taiwan Friday on his first official visit to the island.

Source : Konaxis

Android Smartphone in China Android Smartphone in China(0)

The handset, HTC’s Magic smartphone, will use a Chinese-language version of the Android operating system with some modifications to meet the needs of China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile carrier . with more than 500 million subscribers.

The touchscreen phone, to be sold under the Dopod brand in China, will come equipped with China Mobile applications including the firm’s instant messaging client, a mail service and a download platform for songs and pictures, according to the Web site of HTC.

Huawei Technologies, a Chinese telecommunications equipment provider, also previously announced an Android-based phone for China, but its handset is scheduled for sale in the third quarter.

HTC?s previous handsets were based on the Windows Mobile OS but last year offered an Android-based smartphone, the G1 in the U.S.

Phones based on the Open Mobile System OS, a version of Android modified by China Mobile, are also expected in China this year. HTC, Lenovo, Samsung and LG are all developing the handsets, called “OPhones,” according to telecom research firm BDA.

But Lenovo’s handset, originally earmarked for sale as China’s first OPhone this month, may not go to market until the third quarter, said Lei Shi, an analyst at BDA.

China Mobile developed its OS partly to promote the use of its own applications and value-added services, said Shi.

There’s no final word on price yet, but industry experts estimate that HTC’s new China phone will retail for about 5,000 yuan, or about $730.

The OPhones could be HTC?s way to double sales in China this year from 800,000 units last year, according to news reports. Market giant China Mobile may not be the only operator offering the handset. HTC Chief Executive Peter Chou said HTC may also offer Android-based models through China Telecom and China Unicom.

The OPhones will be competing against Apple’s iPhone, which is expected to be offered by China Unicom by the end of the year.

Source : Konaxis

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