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E-Commerce On Horizon For Chinese Search Engine E-Commerce On Horizon For Chinese Search Engine(0)

“We are very excited to enter the rapidly growing Chinese e-commerce market” said Robin Li, chairman and chief executive officer of Baidu. “Baidu’s extensive user base and rich experience in Chinese language search makes e-commerce a natural step for expansion.”"

Search engines already play a critical role in the Chinese e-commerce market. According to iResearch, 49% of China’s current C2C users conducted searches before visiting e-commerce sites. Baidu has already established a new department dedicated to the development of innovative e-commerce technologies. The company plans to continue talent recruitment and launch the C2C service in 2008.

“In China, e-commerce is still in the early stages of development” continued Li. “With Baidu’s high user traffic, popular community platforms, cutting edge technology and commitment to providing users with the best Internet experience, we are confident that Baidu will become a leader in the Chinese e-commerce space.”

Source : Chinatechnews

24/7 Real Media To Integrate Baidu API 24/7 Real Media To Integrate Baidu API(0)

“We’re thrilled that we are able to leverage our search expertise and technology leadership to incorporate Baidu’s API”, said Ian Leuchars, senior Vice President of Search Marketing Services for 24/7 Real Media. “This will be very beneficial for advertisers with global search campaigns, especially those with a desire to reach China’s rapidly growing online population.”

Integration with Baidu gives the company access to a growing market. According to research firm Analysys International, the size of the China search engine market reached US$153 million in the first half of 2007, increasing 69 percent quarter-on-quarter and 29 percent year-on-year. The China online advertising market is projected to reach US$1.5 billion by the end of 2010.

Source : Chinatechnews

Baidu Makes Preparations For Shanghai R&D Center Baidu Makes Preparations For Shanghai R&D Center(0)

William I. Chang, chief scientist of, has told local media that Baidu is preparing for the Shanghai R&D Center and the Center will be led by the company’s existing backbone technicians with newly graduated college students as a complement.

As part of the preparation, Baidu is organizing a large scale recruitment at 25 universities in 15 cities across China. However, the company has not disclosed how many people it will recruit.

Apart from the Shanghai R&D Center, Baidu is reportedly preparing to also construct an R&D center in Tokyo.

Source : Chinatechnews

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