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Baidu invest in xPerception Baidu invest in xPerceptionComments Off

Including xPerception is the new step to strengthen the power of Chinese giant Baidu

Baidu, the administrator of China’s prevailing on the web index, has gotten US start-up xPerception, established by previous specialists from Software, web and PC benefits firm Magic Leap, as it proceeds in its journey to pull in the best ability in Silicon Valley.

xPerception, which makes Vision observation Software and equipment with applications in mechanical autonomy and virtual reality, will keep on developing their center Technology under Baidu’s exploration unit, the Chinese firm said in an announcement on Thursday.

Baidu is focusing on outside work force and Technology as a component of a more extensive drive to refocus organization assets on creating computerized reasoning abilities.

Incomes from the company’s center hunt unit got hammered a year ago when the Chinese government fixed online promotion directions, separating a lump of existing sponsors with new qualification prerequisites. The declaration comes as other Chinese Tech firms battle with administrative pushback on acquisitions in the U.S. showcase.

Baidu Research & Development

Established in Mountain View, California, in 2016 by previous Magic Leap engineers Bao Yingze and Chen Mingyu, xPerception will have its center group joining Baidu Research and proceeding to build up the organization’s center Technology – visual inertial synchronous localization and mapping.

The span of the arrangement is obscure, and Baidu declined to remark past a statement. The takeover is the most recent in a series of speculations gone for fortifying Baidu’s initiative in computerized reasoning.

Not long ago, it contracted previous Microsoft official Lu Qi, a main AI researcher, as its head-working officer. The firm additionally procured Beijing start-up Raven Tech, which represents considerable authority in voice-controlled AI, and coordinated its group into its brilliant home gadgets business.

Baidu CEO

Baidu CEO Robin Li has encouraged the Chinese government to issue more green cards so that Chinese Technology organizations can pull in more gifted Silicon Valley engineers.


The organization has been concentrating on AI to recover its footing after the Chinese government’s more tightly web based publicizing directions hosed its center web index business.

The xPerception securing is relied upon to additionally fortify the utilization of Baidu’s visual observation Technology in “key undertakings like expanded reality and self-governing driving, quickening the improvement of AI-based items”, the organization said.

“The arrangement of AI and machine learning could be problematic to plans of action in the way that the presentation of Smartphone was. Also, that implies substantial organizations must contribute to keep up market position,” said Krik Boodry, an investigator at New Street Research.


Baidu is contending in AI-controlled items, for example, self-sufficient driving with any semblance of Alphabet and Uber Technologies and top ability is viewed as the most pressing asset to pick up the high ground in the war zone.

Robin Li Yanhong, Baidu’s CEO, has even asked the Chinese government to issue more green cards so that Chinese Technology organizations can draw in more gifted Beijing Silicon Valley engineers, who might be put off by US President Donald Trump’s prohibitive movement arrangements.

The organization is setting up a moment innovative work office in the region, including 150 representatives.

In late March, it commenced its first abroad grounds enrollment battle, going to top US examine colleges, for example, Carnegie Mellon, Berkeley and Stanford to lift its AI ability pool.

The History of Baidu The History of BaiduComments Off

The History of Baidu

Baidu is now the 6th website in the world and the 1st one in China according to Alexa. This is thirteen years after its creation. In China the market share of Baidu is around 80% so we can say that there is a clear domination of Baidu in the country with the biggest number of Internet users (570 millions in the beginning of 2013).

Its creator Robin Li, is the 4th chinese billionaire. According to him, his search engine answers more answers and requests than all the other ones.

Creation of the company

In 1996, Li created the RankDex, a technology similar to the PageRank of Google. According to him, the process was invented before PageRank and Google copied it.

Then after this story, Robin Li raised 1,2 millions dollars and founded Baidu in Beijing in 2000. For him, it was strategic to be based in Beijing contrary to Hong Kong.

At the beginning, Baidu was just integrated into websites like Sohu or Sina. But in 2001, Li decided to make the big launch for everybody, was born. In 2004, he raised again $25 millions and succeeds to have the profitability threshold.

Then the investors of Baidu, thought that it could be great to sell the company to major American companies like Microsoft, Google or Yahoo. Instead of that, Robin Li insisted to make an IPO in New York into the Nasdaq. It was a huge success because the company was then valuated at more than $4 billions.

The situation of Baidu nowadays and the future

It’s been 8 years that Baidu was created. In China, we can say that it’s a real success because as we said earlier, the market share of Baidu is around 80%. The value of the company is also huge : $40 millions mainly thanks to the Baidu SEO and SEM strategy. The competitors are down. There was an initiative of the government to develop a search engine with Xinhua a press agency and China Mobile but for now we don’t hear a lot about that.

For the future, Baidu wants to go international. But it will be really hard because of the competition of Google worldwide and because Baidu has still a service of pirate music.

Baidu open up the iPhone input method- SDK For iOS APP developer Baidu open up the iPhone input method- SDK For iOS APP developerComments Off

Baidu has announced that they will be free to provide Baidu iPhone input method-SDK for iOS APP developer (Software Development Kit), the developer can be ’embedded’ input in types of APP, so that users under normal circumstance use Baidu input in some relevant application.

As the iPhone is not open permission of input method, user need to ’Jail Break’ if they use third-party input method. Once the user who are not going to ’Jail Break’ or familiar with operation, then the choice of input method is limited, only Apple-approved. Input Method ‘embedded’, when text goes into the input state, it will start the associated applications.

Sogou (a kind of search engine in China, had also been announced to open implantable input method SDK for iOS APP developer.

According to related reports, Baidu Search App iPhone version has been released recently. The relevant responsible person of Baidu mobile phone input method said:”This is just beginning”, “In fact, before we announced, there are many developers to contact and seek cooperation. At present, we are starting to co-operation with many well-known application providers, and we expect that there will be more ‘embedded’ input method applications on-line in the future. ”

China Mobile Challenges Baidu China Mobile Challenges Baidu(0)

China Mobile?s revenue will rise 7 percent to 484 billion yuan ($72 billion) this year, according to the average of 29 analyst estimates compiled by Bloomberg. That would be the slowest increase since the company?s 1997 Hong Kong listing and the analysts estimate growth to keep decelerating through 2012.
Growth is slowing as more than 60 percent of China?s population owns a mobile phone, compared with less than 10 percent at the beginning of the decade.
China Mobile Communications Corp., parent of the listed company, last month reached agreement with China?s official Xinhua News Agency to partner in Internet search.
The company may also double sales of SIM cards over an unspecified period as the chips used in mobile phones are used in a wide range of products to give them communications capability, China Mobile Chairman Wang Jianzhou said. For example, putting a SIM card in a car would allow it to transmit details on its performance at any time, he said.

Source : Konaxis

Baidu Purchases Boost Search Baidu Purchases Boost Search(0)

As the company grows, it aims to add ?meaningful revenue? outside China in the next five to 15 years, Li said, without providing a target for international sales.

Li didn?t indicate how much the company would invest in acquisitions, or provide a timeframe for making any purchases.

Baidu?s cost of continuing to comply with domestic self-censorship laws is giving Google a competitive advantage in the market, Baidu?s Li said in an interview in Beijing earlier Thursday.

Source : Konaxis

China Baidu 2Q Profit China Baidu 2Q Profit(0)

Baidu earned 837.4 million yuan ($123.5 million), or 2.40 yuan (35 cents) per share, up from 383.3 million yuan, or 1.10 yuan per share, a year earlier. Excluding stock options expenses, Baidu earned 36 cents per share.

Revenue rose 74 percent to 1.91 billion yuan ($282.3 million), the Beijing-based company said.

The company had about 254,000 active online marketing customers during the quarter, up 25 percent from a year earlier.

Baidu had about 64 percent of China’s search market in the first quarter of this year, up from 58.4 percent the previous quarter, according to research Analysys International.

Industry analysts expect Baidu to benefit from Google Inc.’s decision to close its China search engine in a dispute over Beijing’s Internet censorship, requiring users to go to its Hong Kong site. Analysys said Google’s share of advertising slid from 35.6 percent to 31 percent in the first quarter but it said there was no significant decline in search traffic and revenue appeared stable.

For the current quarter, Baidu forecast revenue in the range of 2.2 billion yuan ($324.4 million) to 2.26 billion yuan ($333.3 million), an increase of 72 percent to 77 percent from a year earlier.

Source : Konaxis

Google search engine is suspected of malicious promotion; monitoring needs to be strengthened Google search engine is suspected of malicious promotion; monitoring needs to be strengthened(0)

July 13, shoes e-commerce site – Le Tao CEO told reporters that as Google search was suspected of infringing Le Tao’s rights, it had sued the latter to court, and Beijing’s Haidian District Court had accepted the case which was expected to be on trial on July 15.

Early in May this year, as Le Tao staff accidentally entered in the Google “Le Tao”, the sponsored links under search box was “to buy sports shoes, Le Tao is not as good as xxx”. Le Tao believed that Google China sold “Le Tao” as keywords to competitors, resulting in the public saw the above bad words used by competitors when searching in Google.

Lawyer of Beijing Tian law firm said: Google’s sale of Le Tao to their competitors in search engine which has a great influence on public was against the Le Tao’s reputation and economic interests.

Bi Sheng further said that from early May to the last exchange of evidences, Google showed distinct five faces, which intended to impute and appease, “After Le Tao staff discovered bad words, they called Google, but was told legal affairs was on leave -it was the first face; after filing in court, this was still not addressed, the staff answered the phone in bad attitude – this was the second face; a few days later, followed quickly by additional legal letters from Le Tao, the result was still not addressed – this was the third faces; after receiving a court summons, Google attitudes was reversed – this was the fourth face; in exchange of evidences, the attitude changed once again, Google denied its acts – this was the fifth face. “

Similarly, another search company Baidu also encountered trouble because of online promotion. On July 8, at the Ministry of Public Security press conference, Deputy Secretary Ministry of Public Security Network Security Protection Agency, Gu Jian, said Baidu Guangzhou Branch Staff provided marketing services for the gambling website “777 live entertainment field” and gained 600,000 yuan of illegal profits.

Lekutian Baidu Rakuten joint venture will hold massive merchants recruitment Lekutian Baidu Rakuten joint venture will hold massive merchants recruitment(0)

According to lekutian webpage, recruitment started from July 29, and last until August 24. Lekutian web will be officially launched on June 9 this year, and accept the general registration from general merchants. Lekutian official said, the online business registration and telephone recruitment are proceeding smoothly.

Japnese Rakuten was established in 1997 which is the pioneer and leader of global e-commerce B2B2C model. With Baidu Rakuten launched lekutian targeting to be super big Chinese online shopping mall. According to the investment handbook, businesses in cigarettes amd liquor are not allowed to register currently.

Data show that China’s online shopping market is in rapid growth in recent years, and transactions in 2009 amounted to 250 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 93.7%. Experts predict the field is expected to exceed 1 trillion yuan in 2013, and number of users who shop online will reach 66% same as the rate in developed countries.

Earlier on May 10, Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma, Masayoshi, chairman of SOFTBANK Group announced cooperation with Yahoo Japan, fully opened the platform of China and Japan online shopping.

Google May End China Search Google May End China Search(0)

China has the world’s largest Internet population. Google holds about 35 percent of the country’s search market, compared with about 60 percent for Baidu, so Google’s exit would be a big boost to the company.

Reports surfaced over the weekend that Mountain View, Calif.-based Google was close to shutting down its China search engine after negotiations over censorship stalled. Google wouldn’t comment.

Google had said January it would stop complying with China’s censorship rules after it discovered hackers had tricked human-rights activists into exposing their e-mail accounts.

On Friday, China’s top Internet regulator said Google must obey the country’s laws or “pay the consequences.”

Source : Konaxis

Qi Yi finalized Office Location: up to 108 recruits Qi Yi finalized Office Location: up to 108 recruits(0)

This morning, Qi Yi organized a small in- house opening ceremony, Gong Yu, CEO cut the ribbon for the new office , Gong Yu said Qi Yi Network staff number reached 108.

At the ceremony, Gong Yu said that the Qi Yi Site preparations were proceeding well, 108 people were recruited, opening entered a countdown state, and all departments had begun office in Ou Mei Hui Building.

Gong Yu also disclosed plans in the near future there would be web site on-line internal test, and if currently logged home, the progress bar will show the progress of the construction of Qi Yi Web site is 71%, and the site is expected by the end of March before officially launched.

Gong Yu, said during an interview earlier with Sina, Qi Yi provided video platform for primarily long movies and television-based videos content, adhering to genuine, high-definition model of development, and in future will be listed in stock separately.

Not long ago, Baidu’s announced an agreement with the U.S. private equity firms Providence Equity Partners, that Providence Equity Partners would invest 5 million dollars into Baidu’s video site Qi Yi. After the injection was completed, Baidu would continue to hold a controlling share of video company.

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