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China Unicom and Alipay jointly launched mobile business office China Unicom and Alipay jointly launched mobile business office(0)

It is reported after the introduction of the business, China Unicom users can log on using mobile phones into operating room, into the “alipay for the phone”, selecting the recharging amount and phone number, and you can enter into a unified payment platform to select Alipay options to confirm payment.

China Unicom told Sina science and technology that users could directly recharge his own phone or another China Unicom phone. The business has two main highlights: first, users can use Alipay to recharge, second, Alipay balance is low, Unicom mobile can be recharged from ICBC, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, China Everbright Bank.

Alipay said the account used by phone to login mobile business office can be used in accordance with Alipay, and the system will automatically detect whether the phone is associated with Alipay, if not binding, the system will automatically do this for the user, so that users can enjoy the convenience of recharging mobile from Internet.

According to Alipay data during May holiday, the amount of prepaid through Alipay has grown twice of that before May, after May holiday, the growth remained to be 100%. Data from Taobao showed the amount of mobile phone recharging in the holiday season also soared. Taobao Homepage recharging center had up to 40% rise with a substantial increase in the total amount of recharge reaching the top-hit record since the business opened. In the areas of distribution, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong preferred recharging online particularly, making up the top amount and times nationally

PayPal Challenge Alipay PayPal Challenge Alipay(0)

The partnership will give customers of China UnionPay, a national electronic-payment network, the ability to make Internet purchases from Web sites overseas, said EBay.

PayPal, the world?s largest online-payments processor besides credit-card companies such as Visa Inc., is fighting to establish itself in China, a market with almost 400 million Internet users. Alipay, a unit of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., has 300 million users, three times as many as PayPal in China.

PayPal also said Wednesday it will double its workforce in the Asia-Pacific region to 2,000 by the end of 2010.

Internet transactions through services such as Alipay more than doubled to 576.6 billion yuan ($84.5 billion) last year and will reach 2.75 trillion yuan in 2013, according to Beijing-based research firm IResearch. Alipay controlled about 50 percent of the market in 2009, compared with about 21 percent for nearest rival Tenpay, offered by Internet company Tencent Holdings Ltd., IResearch said.

China UnionPay, based in Shanghai, was established in 2002 and operates the inter-bank clearing and settlement system in China.

Before today, PayPal offered Chinese consumers and businesses two types of accounts: one that allowed domestic transactions in yuan and a second that permitted purchases abroad through dual-currency credit cards. The new program allows customers with a UnionPay credit or debit card to make overseas purchases.

Source : Konaxis

Alibaba may hand in hand with eBay payment system Alibaba may hand in hand with eBay payment system(0)

eBay’s PayPal was negotiating with Alibaba and trying to make its China online payment services join Alibaba’s global express in China. If agreement is reached, U.S. consumers will be able to send money through PayPal into China, Paypal will also begin a new business in China.

Alibaba said to the “Daily Economic News” that “do not know about the the cooperation details between two sides.”

At the end of last year, Alibaba launched a global express pass (offer one-stop service platform of wholesale prices, secure payment and whole delivery tracking), but the “global express pass” default payment option is alipay platform. Although Alipay is China’s leading online payment platform, it is unknown in the international markets (including the U.S.)

Cao Fei, Yi Guan International analyst said in an interview with “Daily Economic News” that including alipay, Alibaba’s international layout is not satisfactory in the current situation. From this point of view, it is possible to have cooperation with overseas payment system.

In regard to the cooperation in the rumors, Cao Fei believed it was “mutual need”, and to Alibaba payment platform is not an exlusive or sole access, and the system can be used simultaneously by Alipay and Paypal, and when the penetration of Alipay is more extensive, the Alipay users can also replace the paypal users. “

Guo Guangchang Guo Guangchang(0)

This time Ma’s ambitions have been of public opinion support from ?Li Ka-shing” (in other words, the wealthiest people) tycoon Guo Guangchang. Yesterday, at the National People’s Congress, Guo Guangchang, the chairman of the Shanghai Fuxing High-Tech (Group) Co., Ltd., interviewed at the two sessions, expressed his support for Ma to set up Internet banking, in order to find a way to solve the financial difficulties of small businesses.

He said that in the last year’s financial crisis, foreign companies decreased the size, and the private enterprises are still increasing jobs, therefore, showing the responsibility of the private enterprise towards society. They have to further resolve the employment problem, particularly among SMEs. The government needs to increase support for small businesses. There are more than 70% of employment through small business solution, and small businesses will get more in terms of support if that is the key to solving the employment problem.

Guo Guangchang stated that the Government should relax the cultural industries, the financial services industry and other areas of market access and provide financial support for small businesses. He pointed out that the current financial difficulties of small enterprises have been a consensus, major banks for 50 million or less having difficulty to operate on small loans. ?How do I break through this problem?? He considered relying on private enterprise innovation mechanism. Therefore, he expressed support for Ma to set up Internet banking, using Alibaba’s platform, or what that might be called, to resolve viable small business financial methods.

At the National People’s Congress, Zhi-Qing Shao, the deputy of the Shanghai’s Economic and Information Committee, also mentioned in the interview that in order to solve the financing problems of SMEs, the bank can give support to the new form of “network platform, above the banks form”. The reference is very good.
For the Internet banking specific running form, Zhi-Qing Shao thinks it would be through a number of a large network platform. For example, Taobao is a very good electronic platform. It provides a lot of job opportunities.

Alipay confirmed discussing co-operations with Apple Alipay confirmed discussing co-operations with Apple(0)

Alipay and industry institution mobile Internet Great Wall today set up China’s first “wireless creditable business” coalition. Qiu Changheng when communicating with the media did not respond positively to news of cooperation with iPhone (mobile Internet), but he said Alipay indeed was in contact with the Apple.

The background of Apple and Alipay discussing cooperation was that Apple has been working with China Unicom, iPhone is officially sold in China. According to introduction, App Store abroad accepted mostly credit card payments, but in China credit card payment is not popular, Apple also noticed this problem, so it hoped cooperation with Alipay would resolve their payment problems.

QIU Chang-heng said that at present, Alipay have emerged at App Store, which was “the first payment method for Apple mobile phones”. On the other hand, App Store Web site has also released Alipay mobile client end and available for free download, which means Alipay application has got Apple approval.

According to Qiu Changheng the current mobile Alipay payment application was completely developed by independent team, and the only connection with computer terminal Alipay team is the “accounts system are totally connected”. Qiu Changheng believed that if mobile payment wanted a great development, the most critical two factors were open and credibility.

Alipay credit card payments Alipay credit card payments(0)

Before this announcement, payments allowed were up to 300 or 500 yuan only for each transaction. The payment for higher amounts would require multiple transactions by the cardholders. Now, payments for big purchases can be completed in just one transaction. Six participating banks are currently supporting this payment service, such as: Bank of Communications, China merchants Bank, Guangdong Development Bank, China Everbright Bank, and Bank of China.

Alipay said that about 3,000 vendors of Taobao, its sister company, have been approved to transact big-amount credit card payments. The approved vendors were selected based on Alipay?s strict standards . The vendors? trading payment records were also evaluated by Alipay?s risk control department. The service also avoided the high-risk items such as jewelry and virtual goods.

Like the usual credit card programs, online payments also have equivalent points that card holder can use to redeem some items specified by the credit card company.

Alipay added that they expect more banks, such as the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and China Construction Bank to participate in the service.

Alipay customers can securely fund their payments through credit cards, or wire transfer and online transfer from their existing banks.

Source : Konaxis

Doing homeworks for others and get paid through alipay Doing homeworks for others and get paid through alipay(0)

“Summer packages of making others doing homeworks for you, more benefits” “full set of Literature, Math, English, assure correct answers, reliable qualities……”. A lot of popular ads are using the current e-commerce transactions method to open account in Taobao, Dangdang receiving payments through alipay.

In Taobao, Dangdang and other popular sites, a number of “gunmen” opened special accounts to carry out operations on behalf of the clients to write their summer homeworks. Owner named “Cat” opened a trading platform on TaoBao, in summer business operations of writing on behalf of primary and secondary school students. The “Shop” supports three different types of payments of alipay, online banks, onsite banking. The owner said that many “clients” first delivered the homeworks required writing to them and would get a mail when homeworks were ready, written works qualities would be confirmed by clients and later customer would make the payment.” This transaction is more convenient for both sides and the credibility of the transaction is better.” Said the owner.

Alipay To Cooperate With Alipay To Cooperate With

Under their cooperation, will support online payment via Alipay’s platform. The parties are said to be signing a contract right now whose details will soon be released.

Not long ago, announced plans to enter the B2C market. Hence it has become a competitor of and, while at the same time its sister service Alipay began to cooperate with many vertical B2C websites, including and

So far, Alipay has not made any comment on the cooperation with, though Joyo’s PR has confirmed that they are indeed negotiating with Alipay on the cooperation which will be publicized soon.

Source : Chinatechnews

Alipay Goes To Taiwan Market With eDynamics Alipay Goes To Taiwan Market With eDynamics(0)

This cooperation means that buyers on the Chinese mainland will be able to use Alipay to purchase goods on eDynamics’ oBuy. According to a representative from Alibaba, they have completed the development of a new product which is currently being tested and is expected to be put online soon. eDynamics has a number of partners in Taiwan, including U-City and Weibao 3G and its subsidiary oBuy has about 750 online stores across Taiwan.

At present, Alipay reportedly has more than 52 million users in Chinese mainland and accounts for over 50% of the online payment market in China. In late August, Alipay announced plans to cooperate with China Construction Bank and Bank of China to explore the overseas market and it then took a lead in establishing a partnership with Asiapay, one of the largest online payment companies in Hong Kong.

Source : Chinatechnews

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