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Alibaba may hand in hand with eBay payment system Alibaba may hand in hand with eBay payment system(0)

eBay’s PayPal was negotiating with Alibaba and trying to make its China online payment services join Alibaba’s global express in China. If agreement is reached, U.S. consumers will be able to send money through PayPal into China, Paypal will also begin a new business in China.

Alibaba said to the “Daily Economic News” that “do not know about the the cooperation details between two sides.”

At the end of last year, Alibaba launched a global express pass (offer one-stop service platform of wholesale prices, secure payment and whole delivery tracking), but the “global express pass” default payment option is alipay platform. Although Alipay is China’s leading online payment platform, it is unknown in the international markets (including the U.S.)

Cao Fei, Yi Guan International analyst said in an interview with “Daily Economic News” that including alipay, Alibaba’s international layout is not satisfactory in the current situation. From this point of view, it is possible to have cooperation with overseas payment system.

In regard to the cooperation in the rumors, Cao Fei believed it was “mutual need”, and to Alibaba payment platform is not an exlusive or sole access, and the system can be used simultaneously by Alipay and Paypal, and when the penetration of Alipay is more extensive, the Alipay users can also replace the paypal users. “

Guo Guangchang Guo Guangchang(0)

This time Ma’s ambitions have been of public opinion support from ?Li Ka-shing” (in other words, the wealthiest people) tycoon Guo Guangchang. Yesterday, at the National People’s Congress, Guo Guangchang, the chairman of the Shanghai Fuxing High-Tech (Group) Co., Ltd., interviewed at the two sessions, expressed his support for Ma to set up Internet banking, in order to find a way to solve the financial difficulties of small businesses.

He said that in the last year’s financial crisis, foreign companies decreased the size, and the private enterprises are still increasing jobs, therefore, showing the responsibility of the private enterprise towards society. They have to further resolve the employment problem, particularly among SMEs. The government needs to increase support for small businesses. There are more than 70% of employment through small business solution, and small businesses will get more in terms of support if that is the key to solving the employment problem.

Guo Guangchang stated that the Government should relax the cultural industries, the financial services industry and other areas of market access and provide financial support for small businesses. He pointed out that the current financial difficulties of small enterprises have been a consensus, major banks for 50 million or less having difficulty to operate on small loans. ?How do I break through this problem?? He considered relying on private enterprise innovation mechanism. Therefore, he expressed support for Ma to set up Internet banking, using Alibaba’s platform, or what that might be called, to resolve viable small business financial methods.

At the National People’s Congress, Zhi-Qing Shao, the deputy of the Shanghai’s Economic and Information Committee, also mentioned in the interview that in order to solve the financing problems of SMEs, the bank can give support to the new form of “network platform, above the banks form”. The reference is very good.
For the Internet banking specific running form, Zhi-Qing Shao thinks it would be through a number of a large network platform. For example, Taobao is a very good electronic platform. It provides a lot of job opportunities.

Alibaba wholesale net was online with 6.39 million people gathered on the first day Alibaba wholesale net was online with 6.39 million people gathered on the first day(0)

According to Alibaba disclosure, homepage wholesale traffic reached 6.39 million, representing a month flow of people of the world’s largest small commodity market- Yiwu Small Commodity City.

The former Alibaba China Station ( was integrated to upgrade to the new “1688 platform,” pointing its sword towards the world’s largest online wholesale market.

After “1688 platform” was in operation, it covers clothing, commodities, metals, machinery, etc. almost more than 6,000 existing enterprise industries, with more than 500,000 credit-pass high-quality suppliers, containing 150 million piece of commodity information, breaking down ” Shopping on Taobao, wholesale on 1688 “e-commerce front end, to achieve coordination with Taobao, Alipay and other companies in e-commerce industry chain.

Alibaba China market senior director- Wu Huating said: “1688 platform targets at the world’s largest online wholesale market, and this platform will help physical plant, the brand owner, and 1 level wholesaler to introduce a large number of buyers, including hundreds of thousands of Taobao shop owners, millions of offline cities shop owners, more of the existing wholesale buyers, to provide a range of trading tools and services.?

Alibaba CEO Wei Zhe, said, “The most worth mentioning is that the 1688 platform will be jointly with authoritative organizations to re-build the Internet integrity and security system, any trade disputes on the 1688 platform can be effectively resolved.”

It is understood that Alibaba has recently bought shares from investors the stock code domain name,, to launch the network wholesale business, but, these unusal domain name was still in other domain name investors. In addition, the number 1688 followed by a single letter from a to z has been registered by investors.
Some domain name investors said they wanted to take the Alibaba ride, considering introducing similar e-commerce platform or sell to other e-commerce company.


Alibaba a commencé à proposer des adhésions au niveau des entrées aux fournisseurs chinois appelés ?China Trust Pass Basic? pour 1.688 RMB (247 $) par an, soit près de 40% de moins que le prix de l?adhésion annuelle en Chine.

Jusqu?à maintenant, l?adhésion annuelle pour un package China Trust Pass ? comprenant des services de base comme la vitrine standard, un indice de confiance et un placement prioritaire dans les résultats de recherche ? coûtait 2.800 RMB.

Les changements dans le système des prix reflètent ceux faits durant les 16 derniers mois pour les membres d?honneur.

En novembre 2008, la compagnie a commencé à proposer en Chine un ?pack débutant? pour ses membres d?honneur « Gold Supplier » avec une remise importante. En 2009, cette offre a été étendue à tous les marchés.

Le dernier développement indique que la compagnie considère que sa récente expérience consistant à grignoter des parts de marché avec des prix moins chers a été un succès et qu?elle tente d?ajuster sa stratégie globale pour renouveler le succès.

Les ajustements de l?adhésion Gold Supplier semblent plus étendus que ceux de China Trust Pass étant donné les fais plus élevés de l?adhésion ? le package d?honneur coûte 50.000 RMB, tandis que le pack débutant ne coûte que 19.800 RMB.

Toutefois, les analystes ont déclaré que les derniers changements pourraient altérer le profil financier d?Alibaba à cause de la base d?utilisateurs plus large qui serait affectée.

La compagnie avait 475.422 membres CTP au troisième trimestre de 2009, tandis qu?elle comptait seulement 18.611 fournisseurs Global Gold.

Alibaba premium membership price Alibaba premium membership price(0)

Alibaba has started offering an entry-level membership for Chinese suppliers called ?China Trust Pass Basic? for Rmb1,688 ($247) a year, about 40 per cent less than its cheapest domestic annual membership package.

Until now, annual membership for a China Trust Pass package ? including basic services such as a standard storefront, a trust rating and priority placement in search results ? cost Rmb2,800.

The changes in the pricing system mirror those made over the past 16 months for premium memberships.

In November 2008, the company began offering in China a ?starter pack? for its ?Gold Supplier? Alibaba premium membership price at a steep discount. In May 2009, this offer was extended to all markets.

The latest step indicates that the company considers its recent experiment of grabbing more market share with cheaper prices has been a success and is adjusting its overall strategy to match it.

The adjustments at the Gold Supplier membership level appear larger than the China Trust Pass ones given the higher membership fees ? the premium package is Rmb50,000 while the Starter Pack costs Rmb19,800.

However, analysts said the latest changes would alter Alibaba?s financial profile because of the much larger user base that would be affected.

The company had 475,422 CTP members as of the third quarter 2009, while there are only 18,611 Global Gold Suppliers.

Source : Konaxis

Alibaba Q3 net profit declines 20% Alibaba Q3 net profit declines 20%(0) posted a net profit of 236 million yuan ($35 million) for July-September versus a restated 296.6 million yuan a year earlier.

That beat an average analyst expectation of 222 million yuan profit, according to Thomson Reuters. said the lower net profit was the result of an increase in investment in technology and human resources.

Web commerce in China has surged in recent years, as buyers look to the Internet for better deals from more reliable suppliers in China’s highly fragmented retail sector.

Buying of goods by businesses from other businesses (B2B) reached a transaction volume of about 2.3 trillion yuan in 2008, according to Analysys International.’s revenue grew 32.1 percent as net additions to its premium fee-paying service, China Gold Supplier, rose 175.2 percent.

Source : Konaxis

Alibaba buy China Civilink Alibaba buy China Civilink(0)

According to, the acquisition is expected to be complete by the end of the year, after which, HiChina will become Alibaba?s subsidiary while keeping its own brand name and operations. said that HiChina’s line of services will become part of’s information technology business unit, which is focused on providing small businesses with assistance on hardware, software and Internet services issues.

HiChina founders, which retain 14.76% in the company, have the option to sell their remaining stake to over the next three years for an additional $15.31 million in cash, dependent upon HiChina reaching certain performance targets.

Founded in 1996, HiChina has more than 550 employees and provides web, server and email hosting, website development and domain name services. A majority of HiChina’s more than 200,000 customers do not overlap with the existing customer base, said the announcement.

Actually, will be buying the controlling interest in HiChina of SYNNEX Corporation, a leading international business process services company. SYNNEX is selling its controlling interest in HiChina Web Solutions in accordance with its overall strategy of focusing on synergistic expansion of its core competencies and services offerings to benefit its customers and OEM partners within existing and adjacent target markets.

Founded in 1999, Limited is a global leader in business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce and the flagship company of Alibaba Group that makes it convenient for millions of buyers and suppliers around the world to do business online.

Source : Konaxis

Yahoo! sells shares Yahoo! sells shares(0)

UBS AG, the sole underwriter, placed 57.5 million shares, at an indicated price range of HK$19.80 to HK$20.30 each, according to terms of the sale obtained by Dow Jones Newswire which valued the transaction at around $150m (£91m).

That sale gave Yahoo! a 47 percent profit on the stock’s IPO price of two years ago. The original lockup period on the IPO would have required Yahoo to hold onto the shares until November but that was waived in June. said in June that Yahoo, Cisco Systems Inc.,American International Group Inc. and other cornerstone investors would be allowed to sell their stakes immediately, five months before the expiry of a previously agreed lock-up agreement. The move was designed to boost liquidity of its shares, the Chinese company said at the time.

The California-based company still holds a 40% stake in the company?s unlisted parent, Alibaba Group, which owns about 70pc of, giving Yahoo! a 28pc indirect interest in

John Spelich, Hong Kong-based vice president for international corporate affairs at Alibaba Group, said they welcomed the share sale. The sale will help the company achieve broader ownership of its stock, he said.

Source : Konaxis

Alibaba is planning to recruit 1800 college students to surpass Google Technology Alibaba is planning to recruit 1800 college students to surpass Google Technology(0)

This is also the largest campus recruitment of Alibaba, more than half of the jobs are technical positions. On the job fair site, Wang Jian-Alibaba Group’s chief architect-said Alibaba would continue to build data centers, and its technology would go beyond the existing Google ceiling, to accomplish the real green energy that our predecessors could not do.

Alibaba side said that the Group had been committed to establishing a world-class technical team. “Alibaba database of talents has expanded from 7 to 8 people in 2004 to hundreds of personal at present. In China there are just 3 individuals who have been selected as Oracle ACE Directors, of whom two are in Hangzhou, both in Alibaba. Concerned all talents specialized in database, among top 10 domestic experts, Alibaba has accepted more than half of the top talents and many super talents in database gathered in this place. “

Person in charge of Alibaba Group Human Resource said Alibaba in future must be innovative in e-commerce technology. It is reported that, the large-scale campus recruitment of Alibaba Group will also be in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Xi’an and other places held one after another.

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