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MII Releases Names Of Errant Wireless Service Providers MII Releases Names Of Errant Wireless Service Providers(0)

Communications management departments criticized and punished 50 service providers and ordered 15 companies that had engaged in serious infringement to straighten out their respective businesses. The concerned telecom enterprises terminated cooperation with 96 service providers by stopping the settlement service with them or closing down their service access.

Of the total illegal service providers, 69 were China Mobile’s, 64 were China Unicom’s, eight were China Telecom’s and five were China Netcom’s. Among them, Shenzhen Huadong Feitian Network Technology Development Company, Beijing Hualu Yidong Technology Development Company, Hanghzou Caitong Network Technology Company, Beijing Longbo Gaotong Technology Company, Beijing Xinqi Shijie Communicaitions Technology Company, Beijing Guozhengtong Network Technology Company, Guagnzhou Qitai Communications Engineering Company, Guangzhou Mingzhi Computer Technology Company, Guagnzhou Zhenyin Network Technology Company, Guangzhou Kaihan Information Technology Company, Beijing Aiweixun Communications Technology Company, Beijing Tianying Jiuzhou Network Technology Company, Hunan Zhongyu Technology Company, Beijing Lianxin Yongyi Technology Company, Jiangsu Sanling Technology Company were asked to stop their business for rectification.

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Promotion Plan WAP Ad Accepted by Users Promotion Plan WAP Ad Accepted by Users(0)

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Linktone Shareholders Approve Investment Deal Linktone Shareholders Approve Investment Deal(0)

The extraordinary general meeting held yesterday in Shanghai.

Linktone’s Chief Executive Officer Michael Li commented, ‘We believe that our companies will have a major opportunity to pursue advertising and WVAS cross-selling initiatives both in China and other Asian countries. We anticipate a very strong and mutually beneficial relationship that provides a great value proposition for shareholders going forward.’

As previously announced by Linktone, MNC will launch a partial tender offer in the United States within five business days after the conditions to the tender offer are satisfied or waived. The tender offer will be for up to 6 million of Linktone’s outstanding American Depositary Shares for US$3.80 per ADS.

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ROK Entertainment Signs Agreement With Beijing Fone Net ROK Entertainment Signs Agreement With Beijing Fone Net(0)

Laurence Alexander, CEO of ROK, commented in a press statement, ‘This initiative represents an important step in enhancing ROK’s presence in a region showing strong demand for our products and services. We are delighted to be strengthening our relationship with one of the world’s premium mobile network operators, which furthers our goal to provide new mobile entertainment services and to consumers globally.’

ROK will provide video content to Beijing Fone Net, who are responsible for operating and implementing China Radio International’s mobile TV service. CRI is one of the nationwide mobile TV license holders in China and provides a streaming media mobile TV service to China Mobile customers. Users can watch live video programs via their mobile phone and also on demand and downloaded programs.

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SARFT Issues New Mobile Media Broadcasting Standard SARFT Issues New Mobile Media Broadcasting Standard(0)

The notice said that SARFT had approved the standard to be an industry standard for China’s radio, film and television industry and it would be formally implemented from February 1, 2008.

As data broadcasting mainly targets value-added services of the mobile multimedia sector such as weather forecasts and traffic updates, the arrival out of the standard means that multimedia broadcasting standard has been extended to value-added service standards and a further consummation of the China Multimedia Mobile Broadcasting specification.

Since October 2006, SARFT has issued in succession a number of industry standards, including Multiplexing, electronic service guides, and emergency broadcasting stipulations.

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Real Name System To Be Adopted For China Mobile’s Shenzhouxing Users Real Name System To Be Adopted For China Mobile’s Shenzhouxing Users(0)

China Mobile has adopted real name system for its Gotone users, but Shenzhouxing users, which account for 70% of the company’s total users, can still easily buy a SIM card from street dealers. He said that the real name system would be adopted among Shenzhouxing consumers later this year and users will need to ishow their ID card before they apply for a Shenzhouxing SIM card.

Apart from adopting the mobile phone real name system, Beijing Mobile is also experimenting with the management system of mobile phone numbers. According to He, under this new system, each ID card can only be used to apply for a certain number of SIM cards.

Beijing Mobile said it would launch more package services this year to meet users’ demands. He introduced that Beijing Mobile is brewing a new service, which would remind users about their telephone bill during a certain period of time so that they can decide whether they will continue to use a certain package service after a period of use.

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Market Size of China Wireless Advertising by Various Forms in 2006 Market Size of China Wireless Advertising by Various Forms in 2006(0)

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Shanghai Initiates Wi-Fi Construction Shanghai Initiates Wi-Fi Construction(0)

Shanghai Jiading Wireless City Cooperation Agreement is the first wireless city program signed by the government. It also marks the formal launch of Shanghai’s push to become a wireless city. China Comm will be responsible for the construction, which involves about 200-300 Wi-Fi base stations around the district.

Sun Jiwei, director of Jiading District, said at a press conference that Jiading New Town is one of the three major new areas that Shanghai will focus on constructing during the 11th Five-year Period. The district aims to have high level information facilities through the construction of the wireless city.

Besides Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Hangzhou and Shenzhen have also set up their own plans for city-wide Wi-Fi construction.

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Haier Mobile Creating Chinese EDGE Solutions Haier Mobile Creating Chinese EDGE Solutions(0)

The strategic collaboration between the mobile terminal manufacturer and the upstream chip supplier will fully consolidate the technological and market advantages from both companies, further driving widespread deployment of EDGE technology in the domestic Chinese market. As a result, Haier’s mobile users will be able to enjoy faster and more convenient mobile data services including streaming media and high-speed networking, as well as richer mobile entertainment experiences such as video and gaming

NXP’s Nexperia cellular system solution 6120 / 5210 have already been adopted by Haier in several EDGE mobile phones, with the latest models to be available to the market in January 2008.

As a major handset manufacturer in China, Haier has won industry and market recognition for its reliable and cost-effective products. As Haier is one of the first domestic providers of EDGE devices, it is leading the development of local-branded EDGE mobile phones in China. Based on the strategic collaboration with NXP, Haier will leverage NXP’s solutions to develop and successfully launch more powerful EDGE mobile phones in 2008.

Source : Chinatechnews

Number of 2-D Code Mobile Phone Users in Japan Number of 2-D Code Mobile Phone Users in Japan(0)

Besides, according to the survey done by Anchor Research in June 2005, 58.5% of users expected to get their new mobile phones with 2-D code identifying function. The figure was ranked No. 3, only next to million-pixel cameras and music players. 2-D code identification has become the basic function of mobile phone perceived by mobile phone users in Japan.

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