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Huawei sales growth over 60 pct Huawei sales growth over 60 pct(0)

The company’s U.S. revenues grew 60 percent to $250 million last year, and revenue growth in 2009 would exceed that, Charlie Chen, Huawei’s senior vice president in charge of US business, told Reuters.

Chen also reiterated the company’s group target of $30 billion in sales for 2009.

Huawei and domestic rival ZTE Corp both nearly doubled their global market share in the second quarter, as China’s telecoms carriers are in the middle of a $58.5 billion spending spree to build new 3G networks.

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China Mobile users breach 500 million China Mobile users breach 500 million(0)

Third-quarter net income rose 2.6 percent to 28.6 billion yuan ($4.2 billion) from 27.9 billion yuan a year earlier, according to figures derived from nine-month earnings reported by the Beijing-based company Tuesday.

China Mobile cut call fees and raised handset subsidies to attract 15.24 million users in the quarter as Chairman Wang Jianzhou expands in lower-income rural areas to fend off mounting competition from China Telecom Corp. and China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd.

China Mobile?s third-quarter sales rose 9 percent to 114.1 billion yuan, according to derived figures. Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization, a measure of cash flow, increased 5 percent to 57.8 billion yuan.

China Mobile?s spending this year will be focused on upgrading networks to enable them to offer integrated second- and third-generation services, the company said in March. The carrier will offer third-generation services in 238 cities by the end of the year, it said.

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Motorola OPhones Motorola OPhones(0)

China Mobile unveiled plans last month to sell 3G smartphones using a lower-cost cell phone platform called OPhone, developed by California-based Marvell Technology, in what it hopes will be a major advance for its 3G service.

Companies that have signed on to make OPhone-based phones so far include mostly smaller names like Dell, the PC heavyweight which chose the platform for its first foray into the handset business.

Marvell has said that mobile carriers in Asia, the United States and Europe are all looking at OPhone-based phones, including U.S.-based AT&T, whose mobile division has certified the platform for use on its network.

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IPhones in China thursday IPhones in China thursday(0)

Unicom is pinning its hopes on the iPhone as it tries to win market share and more high-end users in China’s highly competitive telecoms market.

The mobile operator said it would start selling 3G iPhones for about CNY5,000 ($732) each on October 1, without specifying which model. Subscribers could choose from eight service plans, ranging from CNY126 to CNY886 per month. Users who signed two-year contracts of above CNY186 per month would receive handset subsidies of up to CNY4,253.

China Mobile, Unicom’s bigger rival, is set to launch the 3G OPhone based on Google’s Android operating system. It also plans to launch smartphones made by Dell, the US computer manufacturer, China’s Lenovo and Taiwan’s HTC.

China Telecom, the smallest operator, is in talks with Research In Motion, maker of the BlackBerry, and Palm to offer devices. Unicom plans to sell its own Google phones made by Samsung in December for about CNY4,500 each.

Sandy Shen, an analyst at Gartner, said that investors were “worried that 3G uptake would be slow because prices have been set quite high”, adding that “subscribers would probably stick to their 2G services for a while”.

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Home trading in Beijing Home trading in Beijing(0)

During the first six days of the National Day holidays period, the sales of future delivery residential apartments in Beijing reached 472 units, compared with 1,411 units the last year when the property market was sluggish.

Industry experts attributed the low transaction volume to the fast rising prices of property in the past few months.

Chinese home prices began to pick up from one-year lows starting in February and home buying volumes reached a record high in recent months. Prices of a number of residential projects in Beijing have soared 50 percent since April.

Sales of homes during the National Day holidays often signal buyers’ expectations in the fourth quarter, said an industry expert. A lean sales in this period may indicate pessimism sales over the next few months this year, he added.

China Unicom IPhone 3G China Unicom IPhone 3G(0)

Unicom, China’s mobile operator with the second-largest subscribers base, will offer the Chinese version of the trendy smartphone which does not include Wi-Fi networking support, to its customers in eight service packages costing between 126 yuan (18.5 dollars) and 886 yuan a month, according to a statement on its website. These packages will include 450MB to 4GB of mobile data access, 120 to 880 SMS messages, 15 to 95 MMS messages, and between 320 to 3,000 minutes of talk time.

Unicom and US high-tech giant Apple announced last month a multi-year deal to offer the handset in the country, in a hope to attract high-end users to turn around weak performance in competition with rivals China Mobile and China Telecom.

In addition to the iPhone, Unicom will also introduce to China?s mobile market more than 80 different types of handsets next month, as part of the official start of the carrier’s third-generation wireless network on October 1, it added.

Third generation or 3G telecom services are based on technology that permits transmission of images and video at high speed.

For an unspecified duration, Unicom said it would subsidise the cost of the new mobile phones, including the iPhone, by up to 4,253 yuan, although it was not clear how much each handset would cost. Customers will have to buy at least 186 yuan in pre-paid calls and agree to a lock up period of two years.

China is one of the last major markets where the widely popular iPhone is officially not sold, though analysts say the country is the world’s biggest market for smuggled, “unlocked” and counterfeited iPhones.

China has an unmatched 710.5 million mobile users as of the end of August, according to government data.

China Unicom?s subscribers base was at 141.9 million by the end of August, while its bigger rival China Mobile had 503 million subscribers.

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Kai-fu Lee preferred Iphone: Gphone was not his favorite Kai-fu Lee preferred Iphone: Gphone was not his favorite(0)

G2 cell phones adopted Android phone platform which was developed by Google.

Kai-fu Lee was also evaluating the two mobile phones in his article, “relatively speaking, GPhone’s biggest benefit is the synchronization function for the address book and Gmail.”

Earlier this year, Kai-fu Lee also once switched mobile phones, from iphone to Gphone, because some people questioned him why he was using his competitor’s product instead of his own company- Google. Kai-fu Lee accepted good advice, and immediately changed his phone to Gphone.

China Communications 3G networks China Communications 3G networks(0)

Net income rose to 758.3 million yuan, or 0.13 yuan a share, from a restated 568.8 million yuan, or 0.10 yuan, a year earlier, the Beijing-based company said Tuesday. Sales climbed 32 percent to 18.26 billion yuan.

China Communications won more orders from China?s major three telecom carrier after the trio were awarded licenses to start 3G services this year. The phone companies may spend about 200 billion yuan on the high-speed networks, according to government estimates.

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China Unicom mobile mail service China Unicom mobile mail service(0)

China Unicom subscribers are able to sign up for a mobile mail account via text message or by visiting the service’s Web site, The company is currently offering mobile mail for free until Sept. 30, according to the announcement.

Once it launches the service, China Unicom will offer three subscription packages at about 5 to 15 yuan per month.

Both of China Unicom’s competitors, China Mobile and China Telecom, have already launched mobile mail services with subscription fees that are slightly higher than what China Unicom plans to charge.

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HTC China Mobile TD-SCDMA phones HTC China Mobile TD-SCDMA phones(0)

“HTC will actively develop intelligent advanced wireless broadband products based on the TD-SCDMA standard, and will work closely with China Mobile to design and make products tailored to the needs of the China market,” HTC Chief Executive Peter Chou said in a statement.

The two companies formalized a memorandum of understanding Monday, HTC said.

China Mobile Chairman Wang Jianzhou arrived in Taiwan Friday on his first official visit to the island.

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