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Millet mobile phone will open the second round of purchase Millet mobile phone will open the second round of purchaseComments Off

Recently Millet Technology CEO Lei Jun says: Millet phone will open the second round of purchase at 13:00 on January4, 2012. The number of Millet phone will reach 10 million.

Lei Jun said that everyone only buy one a Millet phone in this sale, at the same time, there are the original battery (LG batteries) and charger.

The outside concern for the production problems, Lei Jun explains, from October to now, Millet phone’s production has now completed 15,000 every day.

The following is the full article for Lei Jun:

Happy new year, wish you good luck! There are too many words to say that I know you’ve been looking forward to have a greater improvement of Millet mobile phone’s production and shipments.

Because of the New Year’s Day and Chinese New Year, our workers will leave the factory to spend their holidays, so Millet phone will sale public at 13:00 on January4, 2012, the number of Millet phone will reach 10 million. You can invite your friends and family to buy Millet mobile phone.

When the second round of purchase, Millet and Alipay will still continue to free payment activity, users will have a luck opportunity by Alipay payment. Every day there are all 10 free payment opportunity, besides users get one hundred yuan (10 pounds) red packet if you use Alipay.

In short, Millet mobile phone has walked through 2011, we recall walking step by step, fanaticism, surprise. I always cry when we received these small gifts about Millet phone, which include many of expectations, understanding and support. We sincerely appreciate.

As we know, from October to now, because of the staff for their hard work, Millet phone’s production has now completed 15,000 every day. At this point, on behalf of the Millet, I wish you Happy New Year and good luck. Let’s expect the New Year, the Millet will get better and better. And all people who have been supporting Millet phone use the Millet phone as soon as possible.

Third payment license maybe issues within two weeks in China, hundreds of companies will obtain a license Third payment license maybe issues within two weeks in China, hundreds of companies will obtain a licenseComments Off

Recently reporters get news from the industry, the third payment license, a number of 60 licenses will issue in fastest one to two weeks in China. Last time there is a number of 40 licenses, so more than one hundred companies will obtain a license. Currently, the number of company who has submitted third-party payment license application has reached 240.

Three Internet Service Providers Subordinate Payment Companies will appear the “list”

According to related reports, the third payment license, a number of 60 licenses will issue, “Most of the third license will issue to local companies, including 21 in Shanghai. Mostly the third license is pre-paid card.” An insider says. China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, the three Internet Service Providers subordinate payment companies will appear the “list”.

In May, the first payment license was issued about 27. September 1, 2011.The central bank had re-issued 13 licenses. As a result, the number of company obtains license reached 40, involving the internet payment, mobile phone payments, and telephone land lines services as so on. But more companies are still waiting for a license. According to preliminary statistics, the number of company who has submitted third-party payment license application has reached 240, but more than 200 companies are looking forward to the license.

License lead to Merger

With the license gradually are issued, the third-party payment companies will also start to operate capital. Reporters learned in Shanghai a financial network technology company obtain the second license has been mergers and acquisitions four local businesses.

“Although many companies have submitted applications, but in the end the number of company may not exceed 200. How to survive to the rest of the business? To cooperate with these companies get a license or have be qualified, or be acquired.” Insiders Analyzed. Earlier in September, Alipay has announced they acquire Ann Card .

Analysis International is expected, the capital market in the future will be further active in the field of third-party payment.

Apple to Sell IPhone 4 in China Apple to Sell IPhone 4 in China(0)

Apple will sell the top-end iPhone 4 handset with 32 gigabytes of memory for 5,999 yuan ($893), starting Sept. 25, it said in a statement distributed by Business Wire Monday. The company will add a store in Beijing, and one in Shanghai on the same day, according to the statement.
Demand from Chinese consumers for the iPhone, which faces competition from smartphones made by local vendors including Lenovo Group Ltd. and Huawei Technologies Co., has lagged behind expectations, according to Analysys International analyst Fang Li.
China Unicom customers need to pay an initial 6,999 yuan for the 32-gigabyte iPhone 4 model, before getting the price fully or partly refunded during the course of a 2-year contract, the carrier said on its website. Unicom, Apple?s only carrier partner in China, started taking orders for the devices last week.
In China, shipments of iPhones trail those of smartphones running Nokia Oyj?s Symbian operating system, and those of Google Inc.?s Android, according to Analysys? Fang.

Source : Konaxis

Sistema India Networks Sistema India Networks(0)

Financials details were not disclosed. Russian oil-to-telecoms group Sistema, which has a joint joint venture with Shyam Group of India, has been allocated spectrum to provide telecom services in all the 22 circles across the country.

Source : Konaxis

China Unicom App Store Released the Development Process Instruction China Unicom App Store Released the Development Process Instruction(0)

The official app store of China Unicom, the second largest mobile phone service carrier of China, is supported by China Unicom of Shanghai. The name of China Unicom App Store is Wo Store, not UniStore as previously predicted.

The app store covers almost all popular mobile devices, including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, BlackBerry, SamSung, HTC, Panasonic, BenQ, OKWAP and Motorola. According to Wang Changeng, Manager of China Unicom App Store, the store will support all major smart phone devices but iPhone is not included.

The development process is:

  1. Apply to be a developer
  2. Download developer resources
  3. Develop the app
  4. Submit the app
  5. Wait till China Unicom Support Team test and verify the app
  6. Manage and sell the app

China Unicom currently work with the developers based on a 3-7 commission model, namely, the developers can get 70% of the income of every sale. The official store will be officially kicked off on August, 19. Payments inside the store will be relied on a “middle account” that is associated with third party payment methods like Alipay or Tenpay. The balance of the cell phone deposit could also be used when people purchase apps in the store.

Among all the 3 operators in China Mainland, China Mobile launched the Mobile Market in August, 2009, as the first online app store, China Telecom followed China Mobile later and kicked off their official online app store Tian Yi Space. China Unicom is the last one that sets up their online store. “China Unicom App Store will strengthen the promotion channel, in the fields of device customization and sales,” said Wang, “we expect to reach 10 million downloads by the end of this year.”

HTC officially Enters China Mainland HTC officially Enters China Mainland(0)

Chairman of the Board of HTC Wang Xuehong, CEO Zhou Yongming and Marketing Director Wang Jinghong attended the conference, which was the first press conference of HTC in China Mainland.

4 new sets were released in the conference – Tian Xi and Tian Yi, which fully supports TD-SCDMA of China Mobile, and Wildfire and Desire compatible with WCDMA of China Unicom. Tian Xi is using the OS of Windows Phone from Microsoft and other sets are based on the Android platform. All the 4 new sets are loaded with HTC Sense interface.

HTC Tian Xi is the first HTC device that supports TD-SCDMA network of China Mobile. It has a 4.3 inches WVGA screen and a TI OMAP3630 800MHz processor, with CMMB mobile tv broadcast fully supported. HTC Tian Yi is focused on middle and low end markets, with Android 2.2 Operating Platform and a QVGA screen.

The HTC WCDMA devices are HTC Wildfire and HTC Desire, which are already very popular in the grey import market before the official release. HTC Wildfire is integrated with several social networking sites, including, Sina Weibo and It also has a software package that contains hottest HTC apps.

Many HTC lovers are now very concerned about the future of the brand of Dopod. Before the official announcement that HTC will enter China Mainland with the brand of HTC, HTC devices were under the brand of Dopod in China Mainland. “Dopod will not be used on HTC devices in China Mainland,” Wang Jinghong, Marketing Director of HTC said, “but it doesn’t mean we will abandon the brand Dopod. “

According to a source, HTC may be associated with the leading domestic appliance retailer Gome, promoting the new HTC devices.

Lei Jun: mobile phones will replace the PC to be the next center in the next 10 years Lei Jun: mobile phones will replace the PC to be the next center in the next 10 years(0)

In the next 10 years, mobile phone will replace the PC to be the next focus. Lei Jun said, according to a report by Morgan Stanley in early 2020, mobile Internet terminals will be more than 10 billion units by 2020, including smart phones, e-books, tablet PCs and entertainment clients. “In the past few years I have been talking that mobile Internet was irresistible, and its size would be ten times more than the Internet.”
Morgan Stanley’s report also mentioned the BlackBerry, Window Mobile 5.0, iPhone, Android, Kindle, iPad, etc. “These devices are included in the scope of the mobile Internet and are the world’s most sensational products over the past decade. These equipments and technology effectively promoted development pace of all mobile Internet. “Lei Jun said.

Lei Jun said bluntly, “ipad is a great product. IPhone was sold 1 million units using 76 days, while the iPad was in less than a month’s time. Maybe we can try, iPad can replace 99% of your work, which is the beginning of new era. “
Even while you are using the iPad, Lei Jun found any device can not do without PC. iPad can connect to Internet, so can iPhone, but eventually each device adapts through the PC.
But this situation is changing. The current mobile phone CPU has been up to 1G, Lei Jun believed in the near future, mobile CPU computing power will be close to or even faster than PC. At the same time, mobile phone storage capacity and mobile devices storage capabilities are greatly enhanced. With the popularity of 3G, WiFi, communication capabilities will also be enhanced.

“Every year, China has 300 million mobile phones sold, a volume of about 700 million in carry. Seeing these features, I was thinking, maybe in the future Internet, mobile phones will become a real center to replace the PC. For most people, having a cell phone is enough to solve all problems. “Lei Jun said at last that” I firmly believe that the future of mobile Internet is based on handsets, because in the next decade, mobile phones, in most of workplaces, will replace the PC. “

Huawei Considers India Plant Huawei Considers India Plant(0)

A Huawei spokesman in India said a facility could be set up soon if the company decided to go ahead with the plan, but did not provide further details. The possibility of a new factory comes as Huawei’s hometown rival, ZTE Corp, another major exporter to India, said it was also considering building a factory. Industry sources have said the Indian government is not approving equipment orders from Chinese vendors because of security concerns.

Source : Konaxis

China Google Android China Google Android(0)

Google last week said it had postponed the launch in China of two mobile phones using Android, in an example of how its row with the government there could affect its businesses beyond just its China-based search engine.

China will not limit the use of any operating system as long as it conforms with Chinese regulations, Zhu Hongren, a spokesman for China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, told reporters at a news briefing in response to a question on Android.

The remarks from the country’s IT regulator are China’s first on Android since Google this month said it planned to stop censoring its Chinese search engine,, even if that means closing down its China offices. Google cited tough censorship rules and cyberattacks from China for its decision.

The official did not address whether Google services like its search engine or Google Maps could be blocked in China. But many Android phones come preloaded with such Google services and their launch in China could still be affected if those services were banned.

Android phones have already started appearing in China. China Mobile, the world’s biggest mobile carrier by subscribers, offers handsets from companies including Lenovo Mobile and Dell under its Ophone brand, which uses a mobile operating system modified from Android.

Source : Konaxis

12580 responded to Lee’s joining in 12580 responded to Lee’s joining in(0)

Baidu last week officially announced the CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Mr Lee resigned for personal reasons, and after Baidu approval, start immediately from today, Lee is no longer chief technology officer. It is the second departure of Baidu executives within 10 days following the former COO Yepeng Baidu.

It was said that Lee would join the 12580 and serve as CEO, regarding which 12580 responded to the Sina Technology that the initial public announcement on the matter was scheduled on Jan 20th, and it was inconvenient to comment on the current internal changes.

Information showed Unlimited Xun Qi is an exclusive partner of China Mobile 12580, in construction of China Mobile 12580 integrated information services portal and operational support platform, building the first domestic efficient and reliable integrated information service portal based on voice, Internet, WAP, SMS, MMS, location.

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