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Vice president of product leave Baidu Vice president of product leave Baidu(0)

In connection with Sina science and technology, Yu Jun said he would rest for some time after separation, currently having no business plan.

April 1 this year, Baidu confirmed Yu Jun would be leaving by the end of June 2009 for personal reasons. Sources said Yu Jun would not continue to work after leaving, and was very likely to start his own businesses.

Yu Jun in today’s internal email for employees, disclosed today was the last day for him to stay at Baidu and Beijing, but did not disclose the next step career planning. Someone close to Yu Jun said he would return to Shanghai. Yu Jun said to Sina science and technology that he would rest for a period of time after leaving, and have no work plans or business start-up plans.

Since Yu Jun’s joining in Baidu in May 2001, having acted as product marketing manager, senior manager, product marketing director, chief product architect, vice president of products and other important positions, he was designer and promoter of a wide range of user-oriented products of Baidu, making significant contributions to the development of Baidu.

Tencent for the 1st time confirmed to try a variety of business models including bid ranking Tencent for the 1st time confirmed to try a variety of business models including bid ranking(0)

There has already been rumor circulating that Tencent is going to do ranking business, the news said the new system had entered the final testing stage, and would be launched during this year. More news that Tencent has commissioned a number of advertising agency to recruit investments for Sou Sou beta.

In response to this argument, Liu Shihui, director of public relations of Tencent today told Ji Shi Net, “Tencent has continued to optimize its own search businesses, Sou Sou at this stage is still focused on the development of search experience and technical strength upgrading,” he said at the same time that at present, Tencent “in the search business model is still at the exploratory stage, we will continue to pay attention to a wide range of business models in search engine area, and try as we go.” As for other issues, he did not respond.

Insiders believed that the introduction of competitive Tencent ranking model was a sign of confrontation with Baidu, with a great online user base, Tencent had become one of the few Internet company that can launch a powerful challenge to the Baidu, Google and other search giants.

It is known that the bid ranking in the search engine was once considered one of the most successful business models, but in recent years because of the injust ranking or mixed information result of Baidu, Baidu was repeatedly criticized by the industry. China Central Television has a number of columns coverage criticizing it.

Google China has been strongly condemned Google China has been strongly condemned(0)

Online illegal and unhealthy information report center said that in recent days, in accordance with the public report and the verification, “Google China” disseminated a large number of the pornographic websites and vulgar information, which was a serious violation of relevant state laws and regulations, contrary to social morality, harmful to the public interest.

In January and April of this year, “Google China” was exposed to the public twice because of the existence of a large number of pornographic and vulgar links by the online illegal and unhealthy information report centers. Recently, the online illegal and unhealthy information report centers again received the public report, and after verification it was found that the “Google of China” website still had a large number of pornographic and vulgar, including a large number of extremely low-level, ugly pornographic images, video and texts. “Google China” website was not in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations in our country to do a good job of filtering pornographic content of the work, and a large number of foreign pornographic sites disseminated information to Chinese territory through it, which seriously violated the “National People’s Congress Standing Committee on Safeguarding Internet security decision, “and the State Council’s,” Management of Internet Information Services “and other laws and regulations, as well as industry self-regulation norms, seriously harmed physical and mental health of young people, and the public interests.

Reporting Center strongly condemned “Google China” , and at the same time, it also recommended the law enforcement departments to provide relevant punishments and net users to continue to monitor it.

Baidu expanded recrution of 500 sales staff Baidu expanded recrution of 500 sales staff(0)

Graduates in major colleges and universities will become the main beneficiaries of the recruitment program.

“Although due to the impact of the financial turmoil the global economic environment is not ideal, yet the performance of Baidu is still maintaining strong growth momentum, and the company’s demand for talents is also very strong.” Baidu Chief Operating Officer-Ye Peng talked about the Baidu recruitment for 500 national sales staff, saying on the one hand, Baidu hopes to continue to improve the marketing systems to meet rapidly growing demand for business to better provide customers with high-quality search extension services; on the other hand, it wants to adopt the initiatives to some extent from the state and society to help alleviate the current severe employment pressure on university students, and actively carry out corporate social responsibility. At the same time, he also pointed out that “Next, Baidu will partner with the nationawide agents to stand up and fight for this year’s college graduates in China to provide more job opportunities.”

Industry experts pointed out that a large-scale contrarian recruitment of Baidu is a strong proof of its sustainable and steady performance, and also reflects the profound sense of social responsibility of Baidu as an Internet industry leaders.

In the first quarter of 2009, Baidu’s market share of search requests volume on website is as much as 74.1 percent and continue to firmly occupy the king status of the Chinese search engine market.

UCWEB got investments from three institutional investors including Alibaba UCWEB got investments from three institutional investors including Alibaba(0)

Yu Yongfu, UCWEB CEO revealed they would have deep cooperations with Alibaba Group companies in the future, and add high-reliability electronic commerce services in the browser. Relevant person in charge of UCWEB said that under an agreement signed by both parties, UCWEB management team is still to maintain absolute control, Alibaba will not take part in the operation and management of UCWEB.

Morningside investment, CEYUAN in 2007 invested in UCWEB, investors from both sides said, additional investment was made because the future development of UCWEB looked promising. Alibaba CEO Jack Ma stressed that the Alibaba Group was convinced that the mobile Internet had a incalculable prospect.

UCWEB browser is a domestic phone market leader, the former Kingsoft CEO Lei Jun is the company’s investors and board chairman. According to its public information, UCWEB owns more than 70 million users. Repeatedly said by Lei Jun, UCWEB was expected to be the Google of China.

Baidu’s profits better than Wall Street expectations Baidu’s profits better than Wall Street expectations(0)

Baidu?s Q1 revenue of $118.6 million beats the expected $115.9 million.

While Baidu’s current sales growth is not as high as those attained from its historical pace, Pali Research analyst Tian Hou said the company nonetheless outperformed the target it had set for itself.

Earlier this year, Baidu said its growth would moderate in the first quarter because of the weak Chinese economy and a decision to remove paid listings of unlicensed medical companies from its site.

“If you look at China’s market there’s a rebound. If you look at Baidu, there’s better performance than expectations. And also if you look at the pools of investable stock from the China Internet space, you really don’t have a lot,” said Hou.

Shares of Baidu rose $10.14 to $235 in after-market on Monday (Apr 27). The stock is up more than 70 percent since February.

Baidu trails Google and Yahoo in Internet search worldwide, but is the No. 1 player in China according to research firm comScore.

Google stepped up its efforts in China last month, with the introduction of free downloads of licensed music.

Still on Baidu, it plans to offer $1.5 million of advertising on its platform to small and medium-sized enterprises in May.

Baidu has announced the launch of a “Confidence Plan”, and has established a fund that will be used to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) obtain additional business opportunities. Shen Haoyu, vice president of Baidu’s commercial operations, stated that initial investments will amount to RMB 10 mln, with funds to be released in May.

Baidu has additional plans to begin large-scale enterprise training in 2009, with the goal of aiding companies to develop and implement search engine marketing plans.

Source : Konaxis

Baidu abolished the client software sector and core staff left Baidu abolished the client software sector and core staff left(0)

Director of enterprise software division, one of the seven founders of Baidu, because of lack of work capabilities, he has made no achievements or got little internal recognitions inside Baidu, while having tensions, frequent contradictions and conflicts with other departments, leading to difficulty in co-operation between other sectors and the sector he is responsible for. As we all know, enterprise software division was the abolished by Baidu in 2007, and the vast majority of employees were laid off, which was an important public relations crisis of Baidu in 2008, and the unemployed staff had sued Beidu to the Court.

It is said that Baidu client software sector is mainly responsible for product management and market operation of Baidu Sou Ba, Baidu hard disk search, Baidu Qian Qian Jing Ting and Baidu HI.

It is reported that after the abolition of the client software sector, the Baidu Sou Ba was integrated into the Union Development department, Baidu hard disk search products received permanent cessation of maintenance and update, Qian Qian Jing Ting was integrated into the digital music department, Baidu HI products were incorporated into the You A Division, market department was incorporated into the search engine product marketing department. In the past few months, the top product manager, marketing manager of these several product lines, as well as several backbone staff of the departments have left, and Director Xiao Wang will also resign recently for the poor performance of the department.

Baidu will soon announce the decision.

Baidu launched touring page before May 1st Baidu launched touring page before May 1st(0)

The main page features a collection to provide touring information, which is not optimized for search by Baidu.

Baidu touring page has the nature similar to special topics with a polymerization of hot spots, scenic attractions, the hottest travel agencies, travel news and other information at home and abroad, at the same time it integrates part of the contents from Baidu search, Baidu zhidao and other fields to facilitate the users’ travellings.

This is also a little try by Baidu in small products, Google China-Baidu’s major competitor-has good performances in these small and quick products developments. Prior to this, Google launched the spring maps, Valentine’s Day maps, relief maps and other products, which won praises from online users.

Kingsoft Not Lost In Translation With Google’s Chinese Software Kingsoft Not Lost In Translation With Google’s Chinese Software(0)

The new Google Kingsoft Powerword features some improvement on Kingsoft’s original Powerword. Google has added a webpage translation for the software and added Google network paraphrase dictionary and Google picture dictionary in addition to integrating the online community Aiciba’s encyclopedia to it. The software is 20 megabytes in size, providing 14 million word listings, 800,000 example sentences and 300,000 voice recordings.

Google and Kingsoft are now mainly cooperating on technology and products, but neither of them has disclosed the funds involved in their cooperation.

Kingsoft previously launched the Baidu Safety Center with Google’s Chinese rival and also spent RMB10 million setting up a games joint venture business with Alchemy in China.

Source : Chinatechnews

Ma Says: Microsoft Preparing Search Engine Development In China Ma Says: Microsoft Preparing Search Engine Development In China(0)

Ma told local media that though Microsoft’s Internet and search strategy still lags behind of that Google and other search engine providers, the company sees lots of open opportunities for developing search engines in China, as well as in the international market. Ma says there is still a lot of space for the innovation and development of search services, so Microsoft Research Asia will continue to enlarge its investment in the sector.

At present, there are more than 100 employees at Microsoft working on search related businesses in China. Under Ma’s leadership, the team is pushing the boundaries of current search technologies by leveraging machine learning and knowledge discovery techniques to deliver the next generation of Web search. This includes projects in information analysis, organization, retrieval, and visualization. Over the past few years, the team has generated an impressive record of conference publications, including key papers at SIGIR, WWW, and ACM Multimedia. The research has included direct transfers to products, including key technologies delivered to Windows Live image search, product search, mobile search, and academic search.

In its ten-year history, Microsoft Research Asia has grown into an organization that employs over 350 researchers and engineers, has welcomed more than 2,500 interns, has awarded over 250 Microsoft fellowships, has published over 1,500 papers for top international journals and conferences, and has achieved many technological breakthroughs.

Source : Chinatechnews

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