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Baidu insiders confirmed attacks from hackers, saying it will be resumed soon Baidu insiders confirmed attacks from hackers, saying it will be resumed soon(0)

According to users’ reporting, in addition to Beijing, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Anhui, Guangdong, Hubei and other areas of the country had similar situations. Reporter contacted Baidu’s technology department person, who confirmed the rumor that Baidu was attacked by hackers, and said the problem had been basically resolved, and it would be back to normal in a few hours around all areas.

Last week, Baidu homepage was “Yahoo’s error” or the page with Iranian national flag, saying “This site has been attacked by Iran’s cyber army “. It is learned that this hacker organization in December 2009 attacked the official website of famous US micro-blog twitter.

Reporter contacted Baidu’s technology department person, who said they just had a meeting, but then denied that the meeting was relevant to the attack. The source confirmed the news to reporters that Baidu domain name was hijacked by hackers, but was not sure whether it was attack from Iran hackers.

Domain hijacking means that when users input Baidu domain name, the visit is directed to other servers, rather than that of Baidu, and the server of Baidu is normal at this moment.

2011 China’s mobile search market will reach 1.5 billion 2011 China’s mobile search market will reach 1.5 billion(0)

Forerunner of China’s mobile phone site, Well Khon Search founder and CEO Yang Ning in an interview today, disclosed that in the third quarter of this year, China’s wireless search amounted to 296 million times growing by 8.8 percent. Mobile and Internet convergence trends destined the mobile search would become the future direction of development of search technology, while building a profitable model will help to stand out and win at the starting point. In his view, the search engine needed personality and technology needed segment of the market and the current service provided by search was not good enough. According to reports, previously China’s mobile Internet population had a “low-income, low education” – “two low” characteristics, which once was the problem for the scaled profits of mobile Internet industry. With 3G penetration and the natural growth of corresponding groups, the audience structure will have a change. “90th” market will be the first population division of the segmented search engine market.

Insiders pointed out that currently China’s search market was highly concentrated, and Baidu holds over 60% of the entire search market. Moore’s Law, however, shows that China’s rapidly changing environment in mobile Internet will become the new model incubator. Mobile Internet industrilization’s key is in the “90 after” market.

Sources said that Baidu intended to enter the large-scale online games operation Sources said that Baidu intended to enter the large-scale online games operation(0)

The source said that Baidu was expanding personnel of relevant aspects of games to expect next year to co-operate in the gaming operations. More media disclosed that Baidu in low-key had set up the game division to make early preparations for next year’s joint operations of online games.

Statistics showed that in April 2008 Baidu had announced in high-profile its involvement in the gaming industry to launch web page game platform, but at that time the model was Baidu providing a platform entrance and promotion resources, and professional game operators to provide specific game operations and maintenances.

However, earlier this month, Baidu adopted a web page game operation project, headed by a person named WEI Hongrui of Baidu wireless concurrently, primarily reporting to vice president of Baidu commercial operation, Shen-Hao Yu. Industry insiders said it might mean that Baidu was doing preparation work for operating large-scale online games.

Baidu side was not immediately available for comment.

The industry insider believed that currently there were increasing demands for higher co-operations of the gaming industry, and the two major Internet companies- Tencent and giant network’s joint operations developed ideas for the industry. While Baidu has an advantage of the search platform, and operations with online games will be beneficial to the company’s transation from flow into commercial values.

Microsoft China search market Microsoft China search market(0)

Since launching its English-language Bing search site in June, Microsoft has been gaining steady share in the United States, with 10.3 percent in November versus 17.5 percent for Yahoo and 65.6 percent for dominant player Google, according to comScore.

Microsoft hopes to get off to a similar fast start with its Chinese-language Bing site, which is still in its beta phase following a low-key launch in June.

“We specially set the search technology center in China to get a deeper understanding of what Chinese users need, to be able to deliver the best product to them,” said the company.

Analysys analyst Jin Naili said users will need time to try out and get used to Bing before it has any chance of becoming a serious rival to any of the established players.

But she added that since Microsoft launched Bing’s China beta version in June, the number of users who have visited the site at least three times a month has increased 30 percent as of October.

“Within one or two years, there could be large changes in China’s search market,” she said.

Source : Konaxis

The list provided by Google related with more than 80,000 types of books The list provided by Google related with more than 80,000 types of books(0)

On 25th, the association released the preliminary list of books provided by Google. According to the list, Google digital library was involved with a total of more than 80,000 types of Chinese books, which involved about 2,600 members of the Chinese Writers Association and their 8000 types of books. For technical reasons, these data need further verification.

According to the co-executive Deputy Director-General Zhang Hongbo of the association, currently Google has submitted a preliminary list to the association involving more than 80,000 types of books. However, Google’s headquarter’s technical departments retrieved those data only based on ISBN, due to technical reasons, these data also need to be further verified.

It is learned that, as of 15:00 pm on December 25, after initial search done by representatives from the association and Google, this list involved about 2,600 members of the Chinese Writers Association and their 8000 types of books. However, because of the phenomenon that the writers sharing duplicate names, therefore, it can not be excluded that part of them are not works by Writers Association members.

Google copyrights Google copyrights(0)

Nearly 18,000 books from 570 Chinese writers have been scanned by Google and included in its digital library, Google Books, available only to Internet users in the United States.

“So far, no writers we reached said he or she had authorized Google to do the scanning,” said Zhang Hongbo, deputy director of China Written Works Copyright Society.

Daniel Alegre, Google’s vice-president of Asia Pacific Sales and Operations, said due to the huge amount of books scanned, it was difficult to contact every author.

Google and copyright organizations, such as the Authors’ Guild and the Association of American Publishers, submitted a revised settlement agreement on Saturday to a US court.

The settlement, for a 2005 lawsuit over Google’s ambitious plan to digitize books from major US libraries, outlined a plan to create a comprehensive database of in-print and out-of-print works. But the original agreement drew much criticism.

The revisions to the settlement primarily address the handling of so-called orphan works, the millions of books whose rights holders are unknown or cannot be found.

Source : Konaxis

Baidu Q4 sales outlook Baidu Q4 sales outlook(0)

Baidu said it earned $2.07 a share in the third quarter, based on the exchange rate of Sept. 30. That’s up 41% from the year-earlier number and is 24 cents above the consensus analyst view.

Baidu’s sales rose 39% to $187.3 million, just below the $187.8 million expected by analysts polled by Thomson Reuters.

But the solid results were tempered by the firm’s fourth-quarter outlook. Baidu says it expects sales of $174 million and $180 million, where analysts had been expecting $203.7 million.

Baidu gets nearly all of its revenue from selling text-based ads that show up near search results.

Search-based ads are cheaper than other forms of advertising, which makes them popular with small businesses in China that are just catching on to the Internet, says analysts.

Baidu ended the quarter with 216,000 online active advertisers vs. 194,000 a year ago and 203,000 in the second quarter.

The company’s revenue per advertiser rose to $864 from $692 a year ago and $791 in the second quarter.

Source : Konaxis

Wireless search pact Wireless search pact(0)

Baidu will preinstall its services, including text, image, MP3 and news search, in China Unicom’s 3G mobile phones, according to the agreement. It will also provide search services for mobile Internet websites run by the carrier, which plans to launch the iPhone in China this month.

But a China Unicom spokesman said the deal with Baidu was not exclusive. He said Google’s services preinstalled in the iPhone would not be impacted by the partnership.

In 2007, Google announced a partnership with China Mobile to provide mobile search for the country’s largest cell phone carrier. It also said last week that it plans to launch Chinese-language voice search service to Chinese smart-phone users in the next several weeks.

According to figures from research firm Analysys International, in China’s mobile search market, Google’s share reached 26.6 percent in the second quarter of this year, higher than the 26 percent that Baidu clinched.

Source : Konaxis

Bing in China Bing in China(0)

The Microsoft portal, an effort to spur use of its services in a market crowded by local competitors, offers downloads of mobile clients for Bing and Windows Live Messenger, along with instructions on how to use Microsoft services, including Hotmail, from a mobile phone.

Bing has not caught on in China and Microsoft has done little to promote it in the country. However, Bing, launched in June, has grown quickly in the U.S. and attracted about 9 percent of online searches there last month, according to Internet monitoring companies.

The Bing mobile client lets users search for local information such as maps, restaurant locations and weather forecasts. Microsoft “will continue to strengthen and expand the service scope of its mobile Internet products,” the company said in a statement. While Baidu and Google have well-established search services for free music downloads that keep Chinese users coming back, Microsoft so far has done little to localize Bing, Cavender said.

Source : Konaxis

Baidu tested internally the Wireless Handheld Baidu Baidu tested internally the Wireless Handheld Baidu(0)

According to sources, in addition to integrated search, palm Baidu also put Baidu tie ba and Baidu zhidao into integration.

The insider said that the palm Baidu was a completely free product, “The phone I tested was Windows Mobile, other smart phones including the S60 operating systems also fully support it.” In accordance with established Baidu new products release customs, handheld Baidu testing will soon be expanded till the official release.

Industry professionals analyzed, handheld Baidu was the most important product among Baidu wireless strategy, it was likely to gradually migrate Baidu’s existing web-based products, and transform it to more adapt to the mobile applications environment.

In this year’s Baidu Technical Innovation Conference, Baidu disclosed its transcoder technology and terminal identification and adaptive technologies which can turn web pages based on the traditional Internet into web pages adapted to a phone.

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