iResearch-Baidu: Entertainment Brings traffic Financial Brings Income

Visits of Baidu entertainment exceeds 10 million
According to the latest data from iUserTracker, monthly visits of Baidu entertainment reached 10 million since its launch in Jan, 2008. Users of Baidu entertainment are mainly of young people with low incomes.

The launch of Baidu entertainment channel can increase the traffic and meet young users requirements. But has little contribution in attracting ads. According to iResearch, Baidu will improve user experience to make entertainment channel an important one. And advertisers haven¡¯t realized media value of Baidu entertainment channel yet.

iUserTracker- User Structure and Behavior of Baidu Entertainment and Financial Service in Feb. 2008

iUserTracker- User Structure and Behavior of Baidu Entertainment and Financial Service in Feb. 2008

Financial service is sharp in business value

According to the latest data from iUserTracker, since the launch in Nov, 2007, monthly visits of Baidu financial channel maintains at 2 million. Its users are mainly aged over 36 with high education level and high incomes, which helps financial channel to attract many advertisers, especially advertisers in financial, insurance, automobile and real estate industries.

iResearch believes that the launch of Baidu financial channel is to attract users with high consumption power. User stickiness is the key point for Baidu financial channel. Monthly viewing duration of Baidu financial channel has exceeded 3 minutes by now.

Services for young users bring traffic

Young users are fantastic in entertainment news and can bring large number of visits. But these traffics are of low business value, and lack of proper profit model is needed.

Services for users aged between 25 and 35 are stars

For users aged between 25 and 35, who are regarded by advertisers because of high consumption power, Internet is their first media at office. These people are in an important stage of life and pay much attention in work, real estate, marriage, parenting and shopping. New medias should improve information of above industries to increase user stickiness and attract more advertisers.

Services for users over 35 are of great potential

Users over 35, who are of high incomes, don¡¯t frequently use new medias. But services they are interested in are of high business value, such as financial, trade, travel, health and luxury.

Business Value of Users by Age for New Medias

Business Value of Users by Age for New Medias

In a word, as a representative of new media, Baidu has grasped high business value users. iResearch suggests that new medias should improve their product structure to meet users requirement in different stage of life to increase user loyalty.


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