Google Look to Cooperation with Chinese SOEs

Entering Google’s own recruitment information page, we can see on Google’s list of vacant positions are including departments of research and development, products, user interface, sales, management, human resources and marketing. The job locations are mainly Beijing and Shanghai.
The advertisements look interesting – they are not on recruitment sites but on news portals. So we can see Google’s purpose is not really to recruit, or at least its main purpose is not really to recruit, but to speak to the public “Google is coming back to China, and we are recruiting again.”
At the mean time, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Google’s CEO said to the press that they made “a mistake in China”.

Sine April 2010, Baidu and other Chinese internet companies started to recruit Google’s senior executives, leaving great vacancy in Google’s headquarter in China.
According to a senior official from Sohu, Google’s recruitment advertisements are sending a signal to the Chinese government and netizens that they have faith in running their business in China after their ICP licence was renewed.
The other thing that is shifting with Google’s recruitment strategy is its attitude toward Chinese government.

Google’s CEO Schmidt said , in an interview, he was an advocate of entering the China market, figuring it was better to engage even if Google had to operate with restrictions.
According to an insider from Baidu, China’s leading search engine service provider, which takes up 70% of China’s market share, “Google is looking forward to cooperation with China’s state-owned enterprises (SOEs). In the third quarter we will see a series of moves conducted by Google. And of course, searching services will still be their main service. Baidu has obtained an 25% increase in the last year, especially since Google’s trouble in China Mainland. I think Google’s return is driven by the great developments of other internet businesses, especially American and other foreign internet companies in China.”


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