Google Abandons Wave

Google said in a post last night that “Wave has not seen the adoption we would have liked” and that elements of Wave’s technology, including drag-and-drop and character-by-character live typing, are now as open source so users can “liberate their content from Wave”.

Urs Holzle, in his blog, said that Wave has not met Google’s expectation so the company has decided to terminate the development process of Google Wave as an independent product. Holzle also said, although Google Wave has a firm fan base, its popularity does not meet their previous expectations.

Google introduced their new cross-platform communication tool – Google Wave in the past year, looking forward it would become another revolutionary product following twitter.

However, the online community at the time was not very optimistic about Google Wave, who considered Google Wave was simply “a combination of email, Twitter and Google Talk”. They don’t know what actually they can do with Google Wave.

The initial goal of Google Wave was to reduce the reliance of Google’s revenue on adwords.

Regarding the news that Google Waves Googbye to Wave, former CEO of, Li Kaifu expressed that in his Sina Weibo “Google has decided to abandon Google Wave and Microsoft did the same thing to their product Kin. Chinese companies should learn the wisdom of giving up. I talked to a superior official of an Internet company. He told me that many Chinese Internet companies don’t want to abandon their products of failure because they don’t want to lose face. But taking the company’s resources as the price for avoiding to lose face is not worth it.”

Chinese netizens have commonly expressed their disappointed on Google’s move. It seems most of Google’s SNS related services have failed. Orkut is not drawing much public attention, neither is Google Wave.


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