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China Unicom Launches Online Business Hall China Unicom Launches Online Business Hall(0)

China Unicom’s online business hall offers consumers such services as phone bills and inquiries on accumulated scores, credit, and payment records. The information from China Unicom’s offline business halls in various cities are also available on the online business hall, which also gives introductions to the company’s various package products, sales promotions, international roaming service and value-added service. China Unicom plans to make it possible for consumers to pay their communications fee and buy various package products from the online business hall in the future.

In addition, China Unicom’s online business hall features an enterprise channel which is designed to mainly serve enterprise users by displaying products, solutions and successful business cases.

China Unicom says it will build an SMS business hall and mobile phone business hall step by step in the future to provide a more diversified service channel for the Chinese consumers.

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Zhongshan Cable Adds Digital Television, HDTV Services Zhongshan Cable Adds Digital Television, HDTV Services(0)

Zhongshan Cable serves approximately 300,000 subscribers in the city and is using the BMR to improve the video quality and bandwidth efficiency of its television services.

‘Zhongshan and other Chinese cable operators continue to move forward with advanced digital video services that will soon rival those offered anywhere in the world,’ said Johnny Cheung, BigBand’s senior regional director of the Asia-Pacific region. ‘We look forward to continuing to introduce solutions that can expand the content and enhance the quality and user experience of video services in China.’

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Foreign University To Provide Online Education In China Foreign University To Provide Online Education In China(0)

‘We are very proud to have been chosen by our partners in China to enter into this agreement,’ said University of Massachusetts President Jack M. Wilson. ‘We have developed one of the best online education programs in the world, and that is increasingly being recognized around the globe.’

Under the agreement, signed in Beijing, officials from UMass and from China’s Continuing Education Association and the CerEdu Corporation will work together to make UMassOnline, the University’s distance education program, available to students throughout China. Plans call for UMassOnline to offer credit and non-credit courses, certificate programs, and degree programs from all five UMass campuses through online and face to face programs throughout China. Forty UMassOnline courses, four certificate programs, and one master’s degree program could be made available in China within a year.

The agreement flows out of the academic and research partnership that was formed in 2006 with the signing of a groundbreaking Memorandum of Understanding between UMass and Tsinghua University. Both CCEA and CerEdu Corporation are affiliated with Tsinghua University, which has a close relationship with the Chinese Ministry of Education.

The Ministry of Education has final approval power over distance learning programs in China and currently does not recognize the college credits or degree credentials earned in China via distance learning offerings from any foreign-based academic institution. In fact, only 68 universities within China have been authorized by the Ministry to deliver online programs.

Source : Chinatechnews

iUserTracker: Visits decreased during Spring Festival iUserTracker: Visits decreased during Spring Festival(0)

Snowstorm and Spring Festival pulled down visits to C2C

Visits to C2C decreased 55.7% to 904 million. Spring Festival is the low season of C2C service. And the snow storm before Spring Festival leads to the logistics paralysis. The dual impact of snowstorm and holidays leads to the decline of monthly visits of C2C.

Financial news service is gradually weaken

Monthly visits to financial news decreased 24.6% to 1.81 billion. According to data from iResearch, visits to financial news keeps increasing in 2007, as the result of prosperity financial market. Monthly visits reached 2.64 billion in September, while the number is only 1.02 billion in January. But the stock market entered a period of adjustment. The public concern to financial market also declined. So visits to financial news decreased to 1.81 billion in February.

High season of online recruitment is coming

Monthly visits of online recruitment increased 15% to 243 million in February. According to data from iUserTracker, high season of online recruitment is in March and October to December. The coming of high season leads to the growth of visits to online recruitment during Spring Festival. iResearch believes that visits to online recruitment will have a greater growth in March.

SARFT To Issue New Licenses For Internet Video Service Providers SARFT To Issue New Licenses For Internet Video Service Providers(0)

According to No. 1 Finance Daily, about ten companies are going to obtain this license, of which three are privately-run online video service providers and the rest have state-ownership backgrounds.

The new license winners, including joy.cn and 51tv.net, are all be engaged in video program ordering services. As such websites as Tudou.com that deal with online video uploading and sharing don’t fall into the category, they will apparently not be issued such a license.

China’s online video license is formally known as the License for the Transmission of Audio and Video Program Through the Information Network.

Source : Chinatechnews

IBM Tries China’s Virtual 3D With UOneNet IBM Tries China’s Virtual 3D With UOneNet(0)

3D development on the Internet will have great impact on people’s lives and to meet this change, IBM has begun the development on supporting systems, software frameworks, service patterns and mutual connection and has initiated 3D Internet and virtual world projects. This is the first time that IBM has chosen to cooperate with a Chinese virtual world company.

According to their agreement, the parties will first study how to link UOneNet’s ‘You Wo Shi Jie’ to IBM’s virtual world platform, then IBM will work with UOneNet and other leading 3D service providers to design business patterns suitable for platform operators, virtual world operators, corporate clients, individual clients, and finally IBM will reside in ‘You Wo Shi Jie’ and open an IBM China area within the virtual world.

Dr. Li Shigong, president of IBM China Research Institute, said in a press statement that IBM chose to cooperate with UOneNet to verify the new standard and business pattern for the virtual world. Li said that IBM was optimistic of the virtual world development in China and in the meantime he said that he hoped China would take a leading position in global 3D development and achieve better cultural and economic development.

Source : Chinatechnews

Beijing Police: Chinese Internet Services Frequently Used By Thieves Beijing Police: Chinese Internet Services Frequently Used By Thieves(0)

A representative from Beijing Municipal Public Security Department says that they received more than 2000 reports about online fraud last year and the most common method used by Internet thieves was to tell a user that they had won a lucky draw or become a lucky player to play a game for free. The police said that these cheaters usually cheated users on websites and services like Skype, wegame.com, popkart.tiancity.com, tl.sohu.com, ztgame.com.cn, taobao.com, sina.com and qq.com.

The police said that it was better for netizens to check a company’s detailed information before they go for any online transaction with the company.

In addition, many overseas Internet users have complained in recent weeks of non-delivery of goods after they paid for electronics to be delivered via websites based in China. When the buyers then tried to contact the websites, often the website owners did not respond to queries. Some of those websites include ele-brand.com. hoo181.com, and trademallcn.com.

Source : Chinatechnews

Ahn Opens Virus Processing Center In China Ahn Opens Virus Processing Center In China(0)

Located in Shanghai, Ahn China Virus Processing Center will be responsible for collecting and processing viruses, trojan horses, phishing reports and vicious code in China and will be providing services to Chinese users.

With the development and popularization of the Internet, China has become one of the main source regions for viruses and vicious codes, which has become a big threat to security for Chinese as well as global users. Companies and organizations like Sophos, Spamhaus, and Symantec typically rank China very high as a source of online security problems.

Source : Chinatechnews

Number of Real Estate Websites in China Number of Real Estate Websites in China(0)

The recovery of the China Internet economy has resulted in the rise of vertical real estate website amount. From 2004 to 2005, the real estate achieved rapid growth in China. Accordingly, the number of real estate websites increased rapidly. The number of real estate websites in China reached up to 240 in 2005.

Learn more about online banking industry in China please read iResearch China Real Estate Website Research Report 2006.

China Netcom To Spend RMB15 Billion Upgrading Cables China Netcom To Spend RMB15 Billion Upgrading Cables(0)

According to an announcement of China Netcom’s Hong Kong listed company, China Netcom aims to be a leading broadband communications and multi-media service provider in China by 2010. In addition, the company plans to renovate its copper cable in some parts of China and increase use of fiber cable to upgrade its network quality.

China Telecom has already begun testing FTTH on a trial basis in four Chinese cities of Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Shanghai. Though China Netcom has never disclosed its progress in FTTH, it is rumored that the company has already started the service in Tianjin where more than 100 cable information sites were formed by the end of last year.

Source : Chinatechnews

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