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ehousechina.com submited Form 20-F Annual Report to the United States SEC ehousechina.com submited Form 20-F Annual Report to the United States SEC(0)

The report is available from the company’s investor relations Web site http://ir.ehousechina.com. According to requirements, the company will provide free audited paper version financial reports to shareholders and holders of American Depositary Shares.

Ehousechina also announced today that after the company issued the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2008 results and annual report in March 2009, its wholly-owned subsidiary of CRIC (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd. as a high-tech enterprises, receive confirmation from the Chinese tax authorities, that is, from 2008 to 2010, to decrease the company’s income tax rate from 25% to 15%, therefore, the company net profit in fiscal year 2008 increases from 37.3 million U.S. dollars to 39.6 million U.S. dollars making each diluted American depositary earning increases from 0.48 U.S. dollars to 0.48 U.S. dollars.

Han Han opened Taobao shop to sell his signature books Han Han opened Taobao shop to sell his signature books(0)

The Shop is mainly responsible for the majority of his published books as well as pre-sale new books and magazines. Hanhan promised that his readers could buy signature version of the books through the shop.

“Because I haven’t held signed books event for many years, many readers mailed me their books and asked me to sign for collection or wrote words of encouragement to their loved relatives and friends, but because I live a normal life and play many contests, I seldom see the open of post offices, therefore I have held many people’s books, moreover, I often see forged signature on the books the readers give me when I am out for competition, and the key is that the signatures are relatively ugly. Inspired by a friend, but also on the way to celebrate His Country’s No.1 place in the open-book investigation for the National Book Sales list reaching sales of 500,000, so I specially commissioned my friends to open a shop on Taobao with a limit on the sales of my signature books. ” When being asked about the reason to open shop on Taobao, Han Han said.

Han Han said that the Shop has the majority of his published books and magazines, as well as the pre-sale books and magazines. Because “I am not signing books onsite, and will have to prepare a group of them when I have time, so sometimes shipments may not be very timely, but at least I can ensure that readers who like me can get a signature version of the genuine books.”

He stressed that he will continue not to hold any book signing activities or lectures.

The shop currently posted a notice that the store has been supported by the enthusiastic readers as soon as it was built, and Taobao Wangwang was even down. In order to enable more readers to buy books with Hanhan’s signatures, a limit of one book per user each time was set.

5.89 million net users visit the web pages containing Trojan everyday 5.89 million net users visit the web pages containing Trojan everyday(0)

Rising believes that large-scale Web site, browsers, and popular software has become the targets of hackers. In the first quarter there were 24,202 large-scale sites trojaned, it has become one of the most important security threat factors to the Internet in China. Rising reminded Internet users not to believe the Internet “secure browser” “as long as it is based on the IE core, it will be exploited by hackers.”

CN domain name web sites have become the places with most Trojans.

Rising pointed out that hackers Trojaned large sites which makes an upward trend in the number of Internet users for a single attack Trojan site, according to statistics, the top two Trojans websites in the first quarter are gg6781.cn and sb3589.cn, These two sites attacked more than 860,000 Internet users. According to the statistics of the types of Trojan domain, CN domain is the most popular place for hackers to Trojan. In the first quarter, 85.5 percent Trojan sites have used the CN domain name.

According to Rising, “clouds security” system of statistical data, Beijing, Guangdong, Zhejiang three provinces have the largest number of malicious sites, of which 34% of the Trojan sites servers are located in Beijing. Guangdong, Beijing, Hunan has the largest population of net users, so they are most seriously affected by the Trojan.

To remind users not to believe “secure browser”

Rising statistical analysis pointed out that the browser has become the main channel for Trojan to penetrate computer users, including some known as “secure browser” products, as long as it is based on the IE core, it will be exploited by hackers, but these companies’ so-called “secure Anti-Trojan browser”false propaganda, further seriously mislead Internet users to reduce the safety measures brought about a huge security risk.

Rising security experts said that, technically speaking, the so-called “secure browser” does not exist, users should install mainstream security software with “anti-Trojan” function to avoid being invaded.

According to security experts from Rising, this security statistics report for the first time count the “Trojan site longevity” which means the Trojan site survival time on the Internet. Traditionally, people think that “the longer the existence of the Trojan site, the more fierce it is” In fact, according to statistics, of the top ten Trojan sites in the first quarter, the longest life expectancy is 5 days, the shortest is 1 day only. Hacker Group has a strong ability to Trojan, they can implantate in a day Trojan website URL to a number of sites, Internet users will be penetrated when visit these sites.
“Rising security report” pointed out that the current various popular websites, client software and browsers, have many security loopholes and weak points, enabling users of the channels for increased attacks; with “hackers – the virus” industry rounded development chain, those supporting the development of a variety of Internet business models have been Trojanend, Trojan’s clicks attack decreased users’ confidence to the security of online shopping, online payment and online games. Moreover, since the majority of run-time Trojan has no obvious abnormal features, It is very difficult for users to discover their own poisoning.

MySpace staff arrested for theft of personal confidential information MySpace staff arrested for theft of personal confidential information(0)

The company’s e-mail to staff on Monday mentioned that the former employee from welfare department of the company stole confidential information “at least” including the names of employees, Social Security numbers and wages, but there are no evidences that the theft of the information also includes staff’s bank accounts, insurance beneficiaries and personal medical records. E-mail said that this person had started stealing these information since June 2008 or earlier with a purpose of “harassing” some of the employees. At present, this person has been arrested and will face the prosecution from the high-tech crimes department of Los Angeles district attorney’s office. The email asked the employees to be aware of “a possible identity theft and fraud to remain vigilant.”

MySpace sent an email to employees on Wednesday claiming that the office would be closed from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm on Thursday because of the blackout and the employees were requested to work from home.

Zhejiang Province To Enhance Online Charging System Zhejiang Province To Enhance Online Charging System(0)

‘Our OCS solution will play a critical role in the deployment of China Telecom’s next generation networks,’ said Steve Zhang, AsiaInfo’s president and chief executive officer in a prepared statement. ‘This tender win deepens our relationship with China Telecom in the OCS space that began last year in Hebei province with their extended next generation wireless network trial. We are pleased to support the company again in its expansion from a fixed-line and broadband operator to a wireless service provider, and are looking forward to collaborating on more projects in the future.’

AsiaInfo will develop an OCS solution for China Telecom in Zhejiang province that is based on the Third Generation Partnership Project standard and adheres to China
Telecom’s OCS specifications. AsiaInfo’s OCS solution is a convergent online charging system that can accommodate real-time billing for both prepaid and postpaid accounts and offers the flexibility to combine a variety of charging methods to support future 3G data and value-added services.

It also combines customer credit control and risk management analysis functionalities to lower credit risk in developing new business and expanding customer bases.

AsiaInfo says it is the first software billing vendor in China to successfully deploy both 3G BOSS and OCS solutions. The company has developed OCS solutions for China Mobile subsidiaries in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Pakistan. AsiaInfo has also developed an OCS solution for China Telecom’s extended next generation wireless network trial in Hebei province

Source : Chinatechnews

Chinese University’s Extranet Creates New Buzz Chinese University’s Extranet Creates New Buzz(0)

Juniper Networks’ Secure Access 4000 SSL VPN platform enables more than 10,000 students, teachers and staff to establish secure SSL VPN connections to access the various information resources in its campus via standard Web browsers, eliminating the need for prior software installation and costly ongoing client maintenance and desktop support.

Interoperability with UIBE’s existing Sun iPlanet LDAP directory server was a crucial requirement for the university’s remote access solution. The Juniper Networks SA 4000 seamlessly connected to UIBE’s LDAP resources and has become an integral component of its campus-wide identity authentication measures.

The SA 4000 SSL VPN appliance features rich access-privilege management functionality that can be used to create secure customer/partner extranets with no infrastructure changes, no DMZ deployments and no software agents. This functionality also allows organizations to secure access to their intranets, so that different user populations can utilize exactly the resources they need, while adhering to security policies.

Source : Chinatechnews

China Mobile Builds World’s Highest Netcafe China Mobile Builds World’s Highest Netcafe(0)

Located at an altitude of 5200 meters, the netcafe in Tibet, along with a business hall which was also established by China Mobile, is the highest in the world and it is mainly aimed at meeting the communications demand of China’s Olympic torch relay team.

China Mobile’s business hall on Everest provides such services as automatic seller machine in addition to the basic services like communications fee payment and card changes. The business hall and the netcafe are reported to have about 40-50 customers every day.

To ensure that staff at many of the work units on the Everest area can access the Internet smoothly, China Mobile has also expanded the bandwidth in the region. The company says that to make sure the limited network resources can be effectively used for the torch relay, it has conducted strict management on the lines and accounts of the Everest camp and given priority to such media as Xinhua News Agency and CCTV in meeting their reporting needs.

Source : Chinatechnews

CMMB Lands In Beijing, Shanghai And Shenzhen CMMB Lands In Beijing, Shanghai And Shenzhen(0)

A USB dongle, a CMMB terminal which will come out later this week, can be used on a laptop computer for users to watch the seven free CMMB programs. According to SARFT’s plan, more CMMB terminal products such as MP4, mobile phones, SD card receivers and bluetooth receivers will come out before the Beijing Olympic Games.

The network construction of CMMB has been completed in eight Chinese cities. Beijing and Shenzhen are the two cities where people can first watch the CMMB programs and they are followed by Shanghai where the trial commercial use of CMMB is scheduled to be launched at the end of this month.

China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting is the Chinese broadcasting industry’s mobile phone television standard. At the end of 2007, SARFT initiated bidding for the construction of the CMMB network for which it received RMB150 million in special funds from China’s Ministry of Finance. This was the second round of bidding for CMMB equipment for SARFT and covered transmitters, testing devices, CMMB portable terminals and other supporting systems.

Source : Chinatechnews

Air China Opens Internet Check-in Service In Hong Kong Air China Opens Internet Check-in Service In Hong Kong(0)

From 18:00 one day before departure time until three hours before departure time, passengers purchasing e-tickets can log on to the official website of Air China at airchina.com.cn to select their favorite seats and print boarding passes on plain A4 paper.

The A4 boarding pass paper ticket in Air China’s online check-in service contains the two-dimensional bar code approved by the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection of the International Air Transport Association. With the A4 boarding pass, passengers may directly go to the waiting lobby after completing identification confirmation procedure at the boarding counter in the Hong Kong airport. This service is applicable to international flights departing from Hong Kong, as well as international and domestic flights departing from more than 37 domestic airports. No counter confirmation is needed in this service.

The Self-CKI system in Beijing Capital International Airport also supports online printing of boarding passes. Passengers may select seats on the website and print boarding passes in the airport. The 24-hour staff check-in service for Air China’s sales hotline, which is available seven days a week, is now cancelled.

Source : Chinatechnews

Xiaonei.com Gains Investment From Softbank Xiaonei.com Gains Investment From Softbank(0)

Japan’s Softbank led the investment with other companies for approximately 35% of the company.

Xiaonei.com is one of many social networking sites offering multiplayer gaming and wireless value-added services for mobile users. In the college market, Xiaonei.com has a dominating market share. OPI also owns and operates Mop.com, the largest entertainment portal, and Donews.com, one of the leading IT blogging services in China.

Existing investors of Oak Pacific Interactive include General Atlantic, Doll Capital Management, Technology Crossover Ventures, Accel Partners, and Legend Capital.

Source : Chinatechnews

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