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12309.gov.cn web site has been clicked down 12309.gov.cn web site has been clicked down(0)

For the convenience of the public to use and remember, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate new website domain name www.12309.gov.cn will be official used from June 22. Reporting Center said the Supreme People’s Procuratorate website would echo for every pieces of report.

Since the openning of Supreme People’s Procuratorate web site (http://www.12309.gov.cn), the users of the clicks were too many, resulting in paralysis site, the site had been in a “The page can not be displayed” status. As of press time this morning the site has not yet returned to normal.

12309 hotline staff explained to reporters, this was the first day of operation for the Web site and hotline , as a result of high click-through rates, the website was currently not able to run and repair staff was in full swing, it was estimated to resume soon.

Four hackers were arrested for six provinces net off incident Four hackers were arrested for six provinces net off incident(0)

Reporter was informed that the Storm company involved in the incident had requested prosecution of criminal suspects, the company claimed the incident caused a direct economic loss of 2.38 million yuan.

Fen Xin, Storm CEO said the company’s “relevant and indirect economic losses were huge, but are still in the judicial statistical process.

Chen buying tianya.com is a rumor Chen buying tianya.com is a rumor(0)

“This rumor is groundless, purely a joke, and this is not true. We are negotiating the purchase of this domain name, in the walking process, and the price is not a big problem.” Xing Ming told Sina science and technology.

Xing Ming also said he believed that Chen would not consider a similar focus on the development direction of the tianya community. ” Mop has not been his focus any more, not will our ID culture community.” Xing said.

Ctrip partner with hotels to break the “12 o’clock check-out” rules Ctrip partner with hotels to break the “12 o’clock check-out” rules(0)

Reporter was informed yesterday, China’s leading travel services company-Ctrip, united with more than 300 well-known hotels, formally launched “late check-out” activities, breaking the long-standing “12 o’clock check-out” rules.

Senior director of hotel operations of Ctrip-Tang Xiao-feng said that Ctrip introduced a “late check-out” activities at the same in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Chongqing, Harbin, Dalian, Qingdao, Xian, Nanjing and so on, totally more than 300 leading hotels in more than 30 cities. Most of these hotels’ Check-out time were postponed to 14:00, and some hotels’ were delayed to 15:00, or even 16:00. The guests will not pay any fees. According to the old rules, if the guests had not yet checked out in 12 o’clock, hotels often will charge a half-day room rate.

The industry insiders said that the “late check-out” would greatly improve the feelings of the guests, reflecting a more humane, differentiated services, but also meet the practical needs of our guests. Ctrip launched the “late check-out” activities which indicated in the hotel industry “12-point check-out” rules were quietly changing.

Hong Kong is No.1 in the proliferation of junk emails Hong Kong is No.1 in the proliferation of junk emails(0)

MessageLabs released the Intelligence Report in May saying that Hong Kong’s spams increased by 2.4 percent reaching 92.3 percent and HK becomes the world’s most rampant spam areas, compared to the world’s spam emails which account for 90.4% of the whole email system(there is one spam every 1.11 emails).

In Asia-Pacific region, China was in the second place with 91.1 percent, Malaysia ranked third with 89 percent.

The report also showed that geographical location has also decided the time when people receiving spams. According to a 7 days’ study, people living in the Asia-Pacific regions are easy to receive spams for a whole day. Spams U.S. residents receive reach the peak between local 9 o’clock to 10 o’clock and the volume of spams is greatly reduced at night. European users will receive spams for a whole day, and the volumes in various time periods are relatively stable.

Worldwidely, the junk emails are less active on weekends. Generally speaking, Sunday has the lowest level of spams. For Asia-Pacific region, the number on the weekends will drop by about 18% than on the weekdays.

Spams will be gradually active on Mondays. Because of the time differences Mondays do not have much spams.

More content of this report : http://www.messagelabs.com/mlireport/MLIReport_2009_05_May_FINAL.pdf

Enlight media Enlight media(0)

“Through the Shou Chuang endorsement company to provide endorsement, we obtained 50 million yuan loans from the Cuiwei branch of Beijing Bank.” Wang Changtian, president of Enlight Media Ltd. said.

It is said by officials in Beijing that since the financial crisis, there had been an overall slowdown in economic growth in Beijing, but the field of cultural and creative industries was growing the same in the period of last year. As of the end of April, Beijing Bank, Bank of Communications Beijing Branch have approved 87 loans projects for cultural and creative industries with 1.4 billion loans.

Little Network TV PPLive headhunt Giant Microsoft executive as CEO Little Network TV PPLive headhunt Giant Microsoft executive as CEO(0)

PPLive pulled the Tao Chuang who was Microsoft Internet global senior business executive. Yesterday, PPLive company spokesman Chen Zhong confirmed to CBN reporter that Dr. Tao Chuang has officially assumed the CEO, and Yao Xin, co-founder of the company will serve as chairman on board.

Tao Chuang is a well-known expert in the geospatial information field. As early as 2001, by virtue of technological inventions in the field he was awarded the the title of national chief research professor of Canada.

Later on, in the United States he founded the online three-dimensional earth visualization technology company-GeoTango, and developed the first commercial three-dimensional visualization of Earth imaging system, earned a large sum of money at one time in 14 months which made Microsoft, Google very much coveted, who secretly fight for this for a long time.

However, the time he joined the PPLive is not lucky. The external environment is not optimistic, PPLive is faced with heavy financial pressures. Since last year, the “capital-strand breaks” and even the news of the withdrawal from Shanghai is ongoing.

Naturally to raise the money is a big problem. Tao Chuang said the company was planning IPO, the United States, China have both been considered. However, it also needs to communicate with investors.

China will become the new Silicon Valley China will become the new Silicon Valley(0)

CHINICT is Asia’s biggest network-building, communication and brand positioning summit for the world’s fastest-growing and leading information technology enterprises. Franck Nazikian once worked in the United States for a decade in Silicon Valley, working in risk investment, software development, and also worked in Oracle. Franck founded CHINICT 5 years ago.

Franck Nazikian said that China has the world’s entrepreneurial spirit, particularly in the latest two years. He believeed that the next Google, Microsoft would show up in China. His opinion on foreign Internet companies’ failure to enter the Chinese market was that people should meet the needs of Chinese, while understand the relevant policies.
Franck Nazikian believes that next hot spot in China is e-commerce, because the current Chinese payment channels and types are still limited and there is big space for development. On the other hand, he pointed out that the social categories of web pages online games would have development potential.

Deceived users reported online nude chatting site to police Deceived users reported online nude chatting site to police(0)

They paid for a pornographic website for naked chatting, but the other party did not take off all of their own clothes. Informed this pornographic website belonging to Chongqing, the Futian police yesterday cooperated with Chongqing Network Supervisor Corps to launch an investigation.

According to the police handling the case, the day before yesterday, a user reported to the Futian police that he was cheated on a web site named Wayne International (http://www.vn52.com). He said, when he and the person in charge agreed to pay 500 yuan to have naked chatting with hot girls, he wired money to their account, but the chatting was very disappointing: They agreed on naked chatting, but the girl in video was still wearing a bikini. The user felt that he had been deceived, then he reported to the local police. It was reported that since May there had been five users reported to Futian police for being frauded on the site.


To breakdown, urban retail sales rose 13.9 percent to 632.96 billion yuan, while rural sales increased by 16.7 percent to 301.36 billion yuan. Retail sales, at 934.3 billion yuan ($136.8 billion) in April, have remained relatively firm, growing 15 percent in the first four months of the year, the National Bureau of Statistics reported.

From January to April, retail sales totaled 3.87 trillion yuan, up 15 percent over the same period last year, the NBS said.

While retail sales grew 14.8 percent in April, the single digit, 7.3 percent rise in industrial output from a year ago, and slower than the 8.3 percent in March sapped hopes for a fast recovery.

The mixed signals were typical of the data for April, when exports plunged while investment soared – casting doubt on claims the economy is poised for a return to faster growth in the second half of the year, as many economists forecast.

It said growth in demand was strongest for food, clothing, autos and home decoration materials.

The expansion in urban retail sales, which rose 13.9 percent from a year earlier, was outpaced by a 16.7 percent jump in sales in the vast countryside.

The industrial output climbed only 7.3 percent year-on-year in April, lower than expected and well below the 8.3 percent growth seen in March.

A 22.6 percent fall in exports in April from the year before prompted the government to warn Tuesday that a recovery remains dependent on improved global conditions.

Much of the manufacturing sector remained weak in April, with electricity generation – a key indicator of industrial activity – falling 3.5 percent to 271.3 billion kilowatt hours, compared with a 1.3 percent decline in March.

Some key sectors are still growing at double-digit rates: auto production rose nearly 18 percent from a year earlier to 1.18 million vehicles, with passenger car output up 17.3 percent to 589,000 units, the Statistics Bureau reported.

Vehicle sales rose 18.5 percent year on year in April, the highest rate of growth among all consumer products thanks largely to tax cuts and other incentives.

Sales of construction and interior decoration materials rose 10.8 percent, and grain and edible oil sales were up 4.8 percent.

Telecommunications equipment sales, however, fell 8.4 percent, the NBS said.

Industrial output for exports was 566.21 billion yuan ($83.27 billion) last month, down 14.3 percent from a year earlier, the NBS said. Exports sank 22.6 percent in April, the sixth monthly decline in a row.

The State Information center (SIC) predicted that industrial output would grow 7.1 percent in the second quarter based on .historical analysis that industrial output was likely to stabilize 10 months after funds from economic stimuli are used.

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