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Dell sales growth Dell sales growth(0)

Dell Inc. expects its unit sales growth in China to beat the market’s projected 12% expansion in the fourth quarter, the executive added.

On top of its more than 3,000 sales points, Dell recently launched a flagship retail store in Shanghai, China’s financial hub. The PC maker has also been beefing up its sales force in China’s secondary cities.

“We will continue to make those investments. We will open more retail stores and of course we are expanding our sales team in the (secondary cities),” said Amit Midha, head of Dell’s small and medium business unit in Asia.

“We want to make sure the tier three, tier four cities have Dell’s sales people on the ground,” he said in an interview.

Midha said that based on industry data, Dell’s unit share in China stood at about 9 percent, compared to Lenovo’s 29 percent and HP?s 14 percent.

Midha had earlier told a newspaper in China that Dell’s sales in China last year rose 28%, outpacing industry growth of 7% in the country, and that China accounts for around 5% of the company’s total global sales. Dell generated $61.1 billion in global revenue in the fiscal year ended Jan. 31, 2009.

Source : Konaxis

Chinese real estate group will IPO in the United States financing 200 million U.S. dollars Chinese real estate group will IPO in the United States financing 200 million U.S. dollars(0)

China Real Estate Information Group is a subsidiary of Yi Ju China, providing real estate information and consulting services. According to the company’s filings to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission briefing, as of June 30 this year, the company owned the real estate information database of 56 Chinese cities and information of 38200 development projects or buildings, and 24200 land to be developed.

China Real Estate Information Group plans to merge Sina.com current online real estate business, and Sina will get some of its stakes after the company’s IPO.

In first half of 2009, China’s real estate information Group’s revenue grew by 61.8% to 31.2 million U.S. dollars, with a net profit of 11 million U.S. dollars.

China Real Estate Information Group plans to issue American Depositary Shares in NASDAQ Global Market under the ticker symbol “CRIC”. The company’s primary underwriters for the IPO are Credit Suisse and UBS.

Shanghai has more than 500,000 Web sites Shanghai has more than 500,000 Web sites(0)

Sponsored by the Shanghai Network culture Association, this forum had a theme of “social media and the World Expo Opportunities”, focusing on the basic characteristics of social media, application patterns and trends, and communicated fully surrounding the issues such as using the Expo opportunity and developing the features of social media to carry out network culture constructions.

This forum discussed that to fully understand the social media and the Shanghai World Expo were two great opportunities to promote the city’s network culture development prosperity.

Xinhua video news mobile phone Xinhua video news mobile phone(0)

While both sides are still deciding on the amount to charge their viewers, the service for the first two months is free.

In addition to video programs, the mobile phone TV service will include texts, photos and charts, said the statement. Xinhua’s 31 domestic branches and 110 overseas bureaux, will provide news content covering political, economic, sport, entertainment and social news, it said.

“We plan to provide English news in the next step and look forward to exploring the overseas market,” the statement said.

By just logging online using their mobile phones, users can watch video programs, said Yang Yong, with the agency’s TV department.

However, not all of China Mobile?s 493 million users, China Unicom?s 141 million and China Telecom?s 35.44 million users have access to video news.

“Among the China Mobile users, those whose mobile phones can play video programs are eligible. Among the Chine Unicom and China Telecom users, only3-G mobile phone users are able to receive the service,” Yang said.

Xinhua’s TV department now releases about 600 minutes of video news, from daily news to in-depth reports in Chinese and English, round the clock every day.

In mid August, Li Congjun, president of Xinhua, said that the Xinhua TV news service makes it a world-class global news agency.

Source : Konaxis

Mangocity launched Beijing-Hong Kong round-trip Special for 1,300 yuan Mangocity launched Beijing-Hong Kong round-trip Special for 1,300 yuan(0)

The event is time-limited, departure everyday from now to September 17, about 10 tickets everyday, first-served basis.

Activities has three kinds of models to choose from, including a three-day round-trip, a four-day round-trip, as well as five days. In addition, the activities designated Hong Kong Express Airways UO305 and UO304 and all other flights will not participate in.

2009 China Internet Conference 2009 China Internet Conference(0)

The full text of the Internet Society Notification is as the following:

All relevant units:

Due the celebration of the 60th anniversary founding of new China and related activities held in Beijing in September are relatively intensive which will be greatly impacting the Beijing’s transportation and accomadations, in order to ensure the quality and safety of the meeting, the “2009 China Internet Conference” and related activities, which were originally scheduled on September 15-17 at the Beijing International Convention Center would be postponed to November 2-4.”Internet Society of China 3rd Council 2nd Meeting” will also be postponed to November 1 with the meeting location unchanged.

To the inconvenience please be understanding and supportive!

Internet Society of China
August 28, 2009

Vodone.com issued the first 10,000 yuan prize Vodone.com issued the first 10,000 yuan prize(0)

April 22 of this year, State Council abolished the limit of delivery and at the same time added more lottery purchasing channels, which made the first video — this new online video media had the opportunity to work with the Heilongjiang Lottery Center. Zhang Lijun, chairman of the board of the video group said that so far, the Lottery channel had nearly 10,000 registered users, channel was using a series of virtual betting and guessing games for the registered users. Zhang Lijuan, director of the Propaganda Department of Heilongjiang Lottery center said: “This first cooperation with online new media is leading our country’s lottery business to enter a new stage of development.”

CNBC China CNBC China(0)

CNBC official site aimed to provide CNBC financial television’s professional global financial news, comment and analysis for China’s investors and decision makers. Currently, CNBC China site includes leading columns such as commercial, economic, comment, blog, and topic etc., most of the contents are from the English translation of CNBC Global Featured Sites contents, as well as selected parts of CNBC television, high-end interview video or text scripts. Commentaries from well-known financial experts and scholars will be added in the future.

Wang Jianhong, Vice president of CNBC Asia Pacific, head of China area said: “CNBC launched the Chinese CNBC indicated the great attention put on the Chinese market by CNBC and determination to further enhance the brand influence in China. CNBC is dedicated in providing the Chinese audience the best international financial information. “It is said that, CNBC financial television belongs to NBC Universal-one of the three major U.S. television networks, with four major reporting networks: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Global.

China’s real estate net was launched China’s real estate net was launched(0)

It is reported that this is the largest professional real estate website covering industry news, data and most types and numbers of reports.

It is reported that China’s real estate net was a a new real estate professional website launched by Ke Er Rui China Information Technology Co., Ltd., which is made up from news, data, reports, communities core plates, providing more than 50,000 detailed data on real estate projects and over 20,000 other relevant details of the land in 56 large and medium-sized cities. At the same time, having more than 72 project pictures, involving nearly 30,000 project developers, 100,000 pieces of information, and a variety of research reports of 400,000, and real-time daily content updates.

Online writers took writer courses at Lu Yuan Online writers took writer courses at Lu Yuan(0)

According to the introduction, “online writers courses” is organized to address the realities faced by literary such as themes missing, lack of temper in languages. The level of critics, writers instructors are luxurious. Chen Jiangong, vice chairman of China Writers Association is to teach “a number of issues on the current literature,” and Jiang Zilong, vice chairman of the Chinese Writers Association is to teach “talking about writing novels,” while Bai Miao, executive vice president of instruction of Lu Xun Literature Institute is to teach “Analysis of the basic qualities of good writers,” besides critic Lei Da is teaching “reflection on the current saga novel aesthetic experiences.

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