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Dell 100 Billion in China Dell 100 Billion in China(0)

The company will open a second China operations center next year in Chengdu, adding production, sales and support in the western part of the country. It will also add an office and as many as 500 workers at its existing Xiamen site, the company said in a statement.
The $100 billion spending projection is a conservative estimate that includes purchases of components and products procured in China, Dell spokesman David Frink said. The company spent about $23 billion in China in 2009, he said.
Last year?s sales increased in the Asia-Pacific region for Dell at a faster pace than other parts of the world. Still, the company got only 12 percent in its business revenue last year from Asia-Pacific, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.
The manufacturing and customer support center in Chengdu will begin operations in 2011 and may eventually employ 3,000 people, the company said.
Dell said it?s the No. 2 supplier of PCs in China and that it posted a 52 percent revenue increase in its most recent fiscal quarter.

Source : Konaxis

Sina is expected to get the Internet map license in first batch Sina is expected to get the Internet map license in first batch(0)

According to sources, the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping will issue the Internet map service Grade A license, and Sina, Baidu, and other enterprises are expected to get the license in first batch. It is understood that by the end of 2010, those who have not obtained a license but still in business will be regulated according to law. It is reported that currently the number of applicants for the qualification has reached 26, including Sina, Baidu, MapABC, Mapbar, Alibaba, Nokia, Tencent, Sogou and other 10 companies applying for the first batch of Internet map service qualification.
With the development of Internet technology, the Internet map brought people great convenience, whether it is travel, tourism or shopping, rent, they cannot do without the help of the Internet map. According to incomplete statistics, at present there are about 42,000 websites engaged in the Internet map services in China; a number of Internet giants such as Sina, Alibaba, Baidu, etc. have been involved in the field and created a growing market value. According to data, 2008, market value of online map in China reached 1.05 billion. Experts predict that by 2012, the market size will reach 2.84 billion yuan.

In order to regulate the market, recently the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping published latest revision of the “Internet map service professional standards” to divide the Internet map services into map search, location service, geographic information mark services, download and copy services, send and reference services, covering the mainstream of the market of the map service. Taking into account the different levels and scales of China’s Internet map service units, qualifications are divided into A, B classes, and for the first time to include mobile phones, handheld computers Internet maps services into the scope of management.

Hacker website said they could modify the college entrance examination scores with payment from 3,00 Hacker website said they could modify the college entrance examination scores with payment from 3,00(0)

They usually charge 3,000 yuan to 15,000 yuan. Contact of the site named “Li Qi” is an early member of a well-known hacker organization – Green Army.

Yesterday, the technical director of a well-known Internet companies in Northern Region named Li Qi said the site fraudulently used his name to provide illegal hacker services and he has reported to police.

Yesterday, pretending to be a client, reporter contacted “Li Qi.” A man speaking in southern accent said that he was the hacker. Clients provide personal information and examinations types, and then internet staff access exam system and computer system of all universities to modify the results, “even you did not participate the examination, technical staff can add your record into the system.”
To prove the credibility, “Li Qi” sent reporter a few screenshots of computer back-end, which said to be Tsinghua University, Jilin University and others.
“It was misappropriation of my name to do illegal acts.” Yesterday, the original Qi Lin network security team leader, now the Technical Director of well-known Internet companies in Northern Region – Li Qi, said angrily.

He said in 1999 he used net.com to register a non-profit website, named “Qi Lin network security team” and later cancelled it, but recently Li Qi found this site appeared again with same url and even using his own personal information for promotion. Li Qi reported to police.
Yesterday, the China Internet Network Information Center country domain name registration services complaints center officials said, the site claimed to provide score modification services are suspected to be illegal and they will contact the authorities to investigate the matter.

Xin Hua Du independent directors recommended a dismissal of Jun Tang Xin Hua Du independent directors recommended a dismissal of Jun Tang(0)

Today, Jun Tang Fang once again found the contradictions of Tang?s exit records. According to his survey, Tang Jun’s documents used to apply China’s green card in 2004 in shanghai recorded that Jun Tang obtained a green card in 1993, and became a U.S. citizen in 1998; on the other hand, in his autobiography Tang Jun said he got visa to USA in 1990, so how come he got green card in such short time period?

Besides, Fang Zhouzi wrote in his micro-blog, Tang Jun said though he was not the California Institute of Technology Ph.D., he once did research at California Institute of Technology, but now the school replied no such student record.

“Then his identity can only be a visiting scholar or postdoctoral, and he still had Professor in charge for research, and I do not know who his professors is? Taking a few photos at there can be equal to doing research there? ” Fang suspected. 
Independent director of Xin Hua Du shopping Corporation said yesterday to media, as an independent director, he would communicate with the company’s leader, “to investigate of this incident as soon as possible” If it is really like the Internet rumors that Jun Tang received Ph.D. from nameless university, then, from his personal point of view, he would recommend the company to handle the matter in big picture.

About the outcomes, Yuan Xinwen said it should be demoted or dismissed.

Official websites of 76 universities including Tsinghua University were hacked and attached trojan Official websites of 76 universities including Tsinghua University were hacked and attached trojan(0)

“In addition to blanket work, hackers will be ordered by the buyer to accept some ‘private activities’ such as invasion of the school site back end to obtain the name, graduate school, telephone number, home address information. Some engineer said:” Now these information has become a popular selling. Type “candidates information” in Baidu, and you will see the first search results “Examinees information sale’, while the sale of candidate information pages are up to hundreds.”

Note: June 24, some of the hacked college entrance exams related web pages:

  1, East China Normal University

  2, Tsinghua University, college of Aerospace

  3, School of Xidian University

  4, Huazhong University of Science, School of Economics

  5, haoyuding.com
hxxp://haoyuding.com/html/xinwenzixun/qitazonghe/2010/0414 /3995.html

  6, The Teacher Resource Station

Hangzhou’s first illegal personal information collection case was sentenced in trial Hangzhou’s first illegal personal information collection case was sentenced in trial(0)

Prosecution agency accused, from September 2008 to October 2009, the defendant Cui Zhengdong purchased, exchanged or used other illegal means to get a lot of personal information though Internet, such as information of car owners, investors, property owners, phone owners, and sold to others through the Internet. Early September 2009, Huang Meihua and Huang Yaojin bought car owners’ information and sent blackmailing messages to victims (these two people have already been sentenced). The illegal collection of personal information was serious crime which has violated the article 253 of the provisions of the Penal Code. The criminal facts were clear with ample evidence, so it should be held criminally.

The trial court sentenced the defendant to imprisonment for one year with 50,000 yuan fines. Cuizheng Dong admitted guilty.

Lan Gang recent Statement denied large-scale digging people from Jin Shan Co Lan Gang recent Statement denied large-scale digging people from Jin Shan Co(0)

But Lan Gang also confirmed absorbtion of some of the Xishan Ju former employees. There has recently been reporting that the Lan Gang created by former senior vice president of Jin Shan, Wang Feng, when in founding Zhuhai subsidiary in 2008, he digged 30 core employees in Jin Shan “Jian Xia” R& D department, which was closely located next his company, including the main artist of Jian Xia series- Yang Yingfeng.

In response to the news that Zhuhai subsidiary digging R&D team from Jin Shan Ju, Lan Gang online market department made a statement that: “Zhuhai Lan Gang never committed massive digging torwards Jin Shan. Peviously news that Lan Gand digged 30 people is not true.”

Meanwhile, the Lan Gang online person in charge told Sina that, Lan Gang has employees quitted from Jin Shan, but they were not digged by Lan Gang.

Tencent denied independent development of mobile operating systems Tencent denied independent development of mobile operating systems(0)

Analysis pointed out, Tencent and Intel are cooperating on MeeGo mobile operating system, not excluding the outside world misunderstanding.

Today, there were media reports that Tencent was developing a mobile operating system, mainly for mobile phones and similar to iPad’s ultra-portable Tablet PC, seamlessly integrated a variety of services from Tencent based on QQ.

In response to these reports, Tencent relevant official told Sina science and technology those content was not true, Tencent had no independent development of mobile operating systems of related programs. The Tencent employees Sina contacted through other sources also knew nothing regarding the development of mobile operating system.

Source in connection with Tencent said, Tencent and Intel were cooperating on MeeGo mobile operating system, not excluding the outside world misunderstanding.

On April 13 this year, Tencent and Intel signed a letter of partnership to jointly work on the innovation of MeeGo platform, in the next 30 months, Intel and Tencent will have close cooperation focusing on specific R & D objectives and innovation, focusing on function integrated with communications, interactive entertainment.

Tencent CTO Xiong Minghua once publicly said, Tencent would introduce a unified software framework on MeeGo platform for smart phones, handheld computers and the Internet computer.

There always has been guess on the development of the operating system. In Tencent Sousou system, there was a question about ?When Tencent will have its own operating system” , the best answer is fabricated by a net User: Tencent in 2010 will launch its own operating system, named Tindows.

China On Web Businesses China On Web Businesses(0)

A draft law submitted to China’s top legislature for review obliges telecoms operators and internet service providers to help police and state security departments in investigations about leaks of state secrets, the state-run China Daily newspaper said.

Under the new legislation, all internet providers and telecoms companies would be required to detect, report and delete information deemed to be disclosing state secrets, the newspaper report said. It did not say what penalties for violations would be.

The draft law leaves a wide scope for what could be considered state secrets, defining them as: “Information that concerns state security and interests and, if leaked, would damage state security and interests in the areas of politics, economy and national defence, among others,” Xinhua News Agency said.

The government recently also issued new regulations to tighten procedures for domain name registration and to remove websites that are not officially registered.

Source : Konaxis

Microsoft Factory Conditions In China Microsoft Factory Conditions In China(0)

The accusations have arisen following the release of a worrying report by the National Labor Committee (NLC), in which it slams the working practices of KYE Systems Corp. which is based in the city of Dongguan in China?s Guangdong province.

According to the report, the production facility is guilty of hiring hundreds of students aged 16 and 17 who are tasked with working through 15-hour shifts for six and seven days per week in return for scant little payment.

While such conditions may seem harsh, the report also claims factory employees often spent up to 97 hours per week on-site (working for around 80 of those hours) in 2007 and 2008 ahead of the recent economic downturn. During 2009, employees were spending 83 hours per week at the factory and working for 68 hours.

Adding insult to injury, the NLC adds that workers at KYE Systems receive a take-home wage of just 52 cents per hour and are not permitted to talk, listen to music or even take bathroom breaks while on shift. Those who break the rules are reportedly forced to clean the factory toilets.

Source : Konaxis

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