2006 China Online Travel Research Report

Page4 Background for 4th Survey on China Netizens¡¯ Online Consumption
Page5 II. Researching Method
Page6 IV. Concept and Definition
Page6 V. Summary of This Report
Page8 ¢õI. Report
Page8 1. General Introduction to OTR Industry
Page8 1.1 Definition of OTR
Page8 1.2 Types of OTR
Page8 1.2.1 Types Based on Service
Page8 1.2.2 Types Based on Travel Service Suppliers
Page9 1.2.3 Types Based on Travel Types
Page11 1.3 USA¡¯s Online Travel Market
Page12 1.4 General Introduction to China¡¯s Travel Industry
Page12 1.4.1 Rising Industry
Page12 1.4.2 China Travel Industry¡¯s Rapid Development Surprises the World
Page12 1.4.3 In 2006, travel market size in China reached to RMB 885.0 billion Yuan
Page14 2. Analysis on Business Modes and Industry Chain of OTR Industry
Page14 2.1 Business Modes of OTR
Page14 2.1.1 Hotel Reservation
Page14 2.1.2 Online Air Ticket Booking
Page15 2.1.3 Travel Products
Page16 2.2. Analysis on Industry Chain
Page16 2.2.1 Structure of OTR¡¯s Industry Chain
Page16 2.2.2 Status and Relationship Analysis on Industry Chain¡¯s Sections
Page18 2.2.3 SWOT Analysis on Industry Chain¡¯s Sections
Page19 2.3 Developing Tendency of OTR Market
Page19 2.3.1 In the OTR market, leisure travel¡¯s share is increasingly expanded.
Page20 2.3.2 Hotel reservation service still dominates the OTR market.
Page21 2.3.3 Share of Air Ticket Booking is Increased in OTR Market
Page22 2.3.4 Market for Vacation-Travel Reservation Industry Sees Promising Perspective
Page22 2.3.5 Increased Featured Service.
Page24 3£® Structure and Size of China¡¯s OTR Market
Page24 3.1 Structure of OTR Market
Page26 3.2 Population Size of OTR Users (China)
Page27 3.3 OTR Market Size
Page28 3.4 Online Hotel Reservation Market Size
Page30 3.5 Online Air Ticket Booking Market Size
Page32 3.6 Online Vacation Travel Market Size
Page34 4. Analysis on OTR Market Competition Environment
Page35 4.1 New Business Modes in OTR Market
Page35 4.1.1 Travel Search Engine: Prove direct access to travel resources.
Page36 4.1.2 Direct Hotel Reservation: Lineal industry chain.
Page36 4.1.3 Electronic Commerce in Travel Service: B2B and B2C Platforms
Page38 4.2. Online air-ticket direct selling provided by air carries makes OTR market structure change.
Page38 4.2.1 Air-ticket direct selling is the developing tendency.
Page38 4.2.2 Online air ticket reservation market will remain stable in a short term.
Page39 4.3 Business indicator comparison between different ranking groups for China mainland-based OTR service suppliers.
Page40 4.4 Market share of major enterprises engaged in OTR market.
Page42 4.5 Analysis on Comprehensive Competitiveness of OTR Enterprises
Page47 5. Analysis on Representative Websites
Page47 5.1 Ctrip.com
Page50 5.2 eLong.com
Page50 5.2.1 e Brief Introduction to eLong.com
Page52 5.2.2 SWOT Analysis on eLong.com
Page53 5.2.3 Better Feedback from eLong.com¡¯s Consumers in Experiencing Reservation Service than C-trip.com¡¯s
Page54 5.2.4 eLong.com has the same profit pattern with C-trip.com
Page57 5.3 mangocity.com
Page57 5.3.1 Brief Introduction to mangocity.com
Page59 5.3.2 SWOT Analysis on mangocity.com
Page60 5.4 china-sss.com
Page60 5.4.1 Brief Introduction to china-sss.com
Page61 5.4.2 SWOT Analysis on china-sss.com
Page62 5.5 etpass.com
Page62 5.5.1 Brief Introduction to etpass.travel.com
Page64 5.5.2 SWOT Analysis on etpass.com
Page65 5.6 qunar.com-a travel search engine
Page65 5.6.1 Brief Introduction to qunar.com
Page67 5.6.2 SWOT Analysis on qunar.com
Page68 5.6.3 Features of Qunar.com
Page69 5.6.4 Development of qunar.com in 2006
Page70 6. Analysis on OTR Users
Page70 6.1 Fundamental Property of OTR Users
Page72 6.2 Behavior Analysis on OTR Users
Page72 6.2.1 Receiving and sending email is what most of the OTR users prefer to do.
Page74 6.2.2 OTR users enjoy high consumption capability.
Page75 6.3 Analysis on Netizens¡¯ Vacation Travel Reservation
Page75 6.3.1 More than 80% of OTR Users Go out for Travel Purpose
Page76 6.3.2 OTR Users Go on Business Trip Frequently
Page77 6.3.3 Vacation Products Priced at 1000-<4000 RMB Yuan Are the Most Favored
Page78 6.3.4 Vacation Products on C-trip.com are Most Welcome with High Consumer Satisfaction
Page79 6.4 Analysis on Travelers Making Online Hotel Reservations
Page79 6.4.1 Online Hotel Reservations is a Means Most Often Adopted by OTR Users
Page80 6.4.2 Room Price Becomes the Essential Factor for Online Hotel Reservation
Page81 6.4.3 C-trip.com and eLong.com Occupy 80% of the Hotel Reservation Market
Page82 6.4.4 Hotel Reservation Service on C-trip.com is the Most Favored by Consumers
Page83 6.4.5 Consumers Who Make Hotel Reservation Online Hope Room Price Could Become Cheaper
Page84 6.5 Analysis on Online Air Ticket Booking Service Users
Page84 6.5.1 Online Air Tickets Booking is a Means Most Often Adopted by OTR users.
Page85 6.5.2 Price and Flight Time are Main Factors for Consumers to Make Decisions.
Page86 6.5.3C-trip.com and eLong.com Occupy 70% of the Ticket Booking Market
Page87 6.5.4 Air-ticket Booking Service on C-trip is Most Favored by Consumers
Page88 6.5.5 Consumers Who Book Tickets Online Hope Ticket Price Could Become Cheaper
Page89 6.6 Satisfaction of Consumers for the Services Provided by OTR Websites
Page89 6.6.1 Analysis on Insufficiency in OTR Services
Page90 6.6.2 User Satisfaction Degree on C-trip.com¡¯ Reservation Service
Page92 6.6.3 User Satisfaction Degree on eLong.com¡¯s Reservation Service
Page93 6.7 Online Payment is Seldomly Adopted in OTR
Page95 6.8 Web Ads are the Major Soruce for Travelers to Get to Know OTR Websites
Page96 Summary
Page97 Legal Statement


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