2006 China Online Album Research Report

Page4 I. Background
Page5 II. Definitions
Page6 III. Research Methods
Page7 IV. Abstract
Page9 V. Text
Page9 1. Definition and Classification
Page9 1.1. Background
Page9 1.2. Definition and Scope
Page11 1.3. Market Classification
Page12 2. Development Situation of Global OPA
Page12 2.1. General Situation of Global OPA
Page13 2.2. User Size of OPA in U.S. 2004-2010
Page14 2.3. Market Share of Visiting OPA in U.S. 2006
Page15 3. Development Situation of OPA Market in China
Page15 3.1. Analysis of Promotional Factors of OPA Development in China
Page16 3.2. Analysis of Development Stage of OPA Market in China
Page18 3.3. Market Share of OPA Users in China 2006
Page19 3.4 Gross and Prediction of Active OPA Account in China 2005-2010
Page20 3.5. Active Account Number of Some OPA Operators in China 2006
Page21 4. Industrial Chain and Business Model of OPA in China
Page21 4.1. Industrial Chain of OPA Market in China
Page22 4.2. Business Model of OPA Market in China
Page25 5. Tendency Analysis of OPA Market in China
Page25 5.1. Issues on OPA Market in China
Page27 5.2. Development Tendency of OPA Market in China
Page29 6. Analysis of OPA Service Provider in China
Page29 6.1 Comparison of Basic Functions Between Major OPAs in China
Page31 6.2 Users Coverage of OPA Service in July ¨C October 2006
Page33 6.3. Netease OPA
Page33 6.3.1 Brief Induction to Netease OPA
Page33 6.3.2 Product Strategy of Netease OPA
Page34 6.3.3 Users Structure of Netease OPA
Page35 6.4. Tencent OPA
Page35 6.4.1 Brief Induction to Tencent OPA
Page35 6.4.2 Product Strategy of Tencent OPA
Page36 6.4.3 Users Structure of Tencent OPA
Page37 6.5. Yahoo OPA
Page37 6.5.1 Brief Induction to Yahoo OPA
Page37 6.5.2 Product Strategy of Yahoo OPA
Page38 6.5.3 Users Structure of Yahoo OPA
Page39 6.6. Yupoo OPA
Page39 6.6.1 Brief Induction to Yupoo OPA
Page40 6.6.2 Product Strategy of Yupoo OPA
Page41 6.7. Hexun OPA
Page41 6.7.1 Brief Induction to Hexun OPA
Page41 6.7.2 Product Strategy of Hexun OPA
Page42 6.8. Sohu OPA
Page42 6.8.1 Brief Induction to Sohu OPA
Page42 6.8.2 Product Strategy of Sohu OPA
Page43 7. Analysis of OPA Users
Page43 7.1 Using Situation of Netizens on OPA
Page43 7.1.1. Demand Situation of Netizens on Online Storage and Exhibition
Page44 7.1.2.Proporation of Netizens with Uploading Experience Who Have the Need of Online Storage and Exhibiting Content
Page45 7.1.3 Type of Contents Stored and Exhibited by Netizens with Uploading Experience
Page46 7.1.4. Using Situation on OPA of Netizens with Experience in Uploading Photos
Page47 7.1.5. Purpose of Netizens to Use OPA for Storing and Exhibiting Photos
Page48 7.1.6 Distribution of OPA Numbers Owned by Users
Page49 7.1.7 Number of Pictures Stored in OPA of Users
Page50 7.1.8 Time of Users for using OPA
Page51 7.1.9 Frequency of Users for using OPA
Page52 7.1.10 Ways of Online Communication Between OPA Users
Page53 7.1.11 Digital Camera Possession of OPA Users
Page54 7.2. Using Behavior of OPA Users
Page54 7.2.1 Using Preference of OPA Users
Page55 7.2.2 Publicizing Ways of OPA Users
Page56 7.2.3 Distributing Proportion of OPA Exhibiting Targets
Page57 7.2.4 OPA Users Browsing Other Albums
Page58 7.2.5 Selection Ways of OPA Users Browsing Other Albums
Page59 7.2.6 Approaches of OPA Users for Uploading Photos
Page60 7.2.7 Way of OPA Users to Upload Photos
Page61 7.2.8 Type of OPA Picture Stored and Exhibited by Users
Page62 7.2.9 Improvements Expected by OPA Users on Album Service
Page63 7.3 Expectation and Selection of OPA Users for Album
Page63 7.3.1 Expectation Value of OPA Users of Album Capacity
Page64 7.3.2 Channels Distribution of OPA Users to understand OPA
Page65 7.3.3 Main Factors Under Consideration of OPA Users in Selection of Album
Page66 7.3.4 Attitude toward Charging for OPA Use
Page67 7.4 Preference of OPA Users for Some Functions
Page67 7.4.1 Tendency of OPA Users for Sharing Activities
Page68 7.4.2 Form of Communication on Preference of OPA Users
Page69 7.4.3 Preference of OPA Users for Photo Frame Function
Page70 7.4.4 Attitude of OPA Users toward Logo of Enterprise Product
Page71 7.4.5 Page Information Activity Favorable for OPA Users
Page72 7.4.6 Demanding Degree of OPA Users on Fractionized Exhibiting Class of Photos
Page73 7.4.7 Worries of OPA Users about Opening Their Photos for Public
Page74 7.4.8 Demanding Degree of OPA Users on Thumb Picture
Page75 7.4.9 The Most Intolerable Aspect for OPA Users
Page76 7.5. Using Preference and Satisfaction Status of OPA Users
Page76 7.5.1 OPA Used and the Most Frequently Used by OPA Users
Page77 7.5.2 OPA Favorable and the Most Favorable for OPA Users
Page78 7.5.3 Satisfaction Degree of Users for Using OPA
Page79 7.5.4 Spider Map of OPA Satisfaction Contrast
Page80 7.6. Analysis of OPA Users Features
Page80 7.6.1 Integral Features of Users and Basic Features of Typical Operational Users
Page82 7.6.2 Fractionized Features of Users and Fractionized Features of Typical Operational Users
Page83 Appendix: Method and Flow for Survey of iResearch
Page88 Legal Declaration


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