Sina announced its entrance into the online students enrollment market

Sina wished to create the most complete, most content-rich platform for the students, and to create the first student enrollment brand in China.

Relevant data show that the student enrollment market can be seen specially good, and the market can be expected to reach 400 billion yuan, some enrollment sites reached 400 to 600 million yuan, which also led to large enrollment platform like mushroomed after rainning. It can be seen, the online student enrollment has become a tremendous hot cake in the enrollment industry this year.

The industry insiders said as a best known national portal site, Sina launching platform for education students had a strong popular appeal and strength of security. It is reported that Sina enrollment channels and its resources covered pre-school education, primary and secondary education to higher education, vocational education, continuing education, corporate training, certification examinations and training and other contents. Sina investment channels made “Network for Education and Admissions “From a simple model for the individual, to a new world of Web-based Education for All.


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Student-Entrepreneur : The New Way of Employment in China.

Student-Entrepreneur : The New Way of Employment in China.Comments Off

ina is one of the most populated country in the world with almost 2 billion inhabitants. Each year, more than 7 million of students are gratuated and only 1/3 find a job. There is a dizzy problem of employment. The employment market is more and more stuggled. That’s why, a lot of student prefered to

Sina Networking Academy is recuiting from eight universities

Sina Networking Academy is recuiting from eight universities(0)

Sina Networking Academy is recruiting students majoring in computer from 8 colleges and universities, and through public service teaching, training a number of application-oriented IT technology development and operations and maintenance personnel.

The number of web content editor in China has reached three million

The number of web content editor in China has reached three million(0)

Qian Cheng Wu You data showed the National IT jobs in July rose by 5% compared to that in June and the web content editor had become one of the most popular IT careers. introduced CV Annex Chinese assistant introduced CV Annex Chinese assistant(0)

From now on, users do not have to worry about the complex formats of the resume to filled out on the recruitment sites.

Zhaopin lost 170 million yuan

Zhaopin lost 170 million yuan(0)

Zhaopin were forced to move because of huge loss? Recently, in the recruitment forum, net users disclosed the information.

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