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Draper Fisher Jurvetson invested 3.5 million U.S. dollars into Kai Xin farm developer-Five Minutes Draper Fisher Jurvetson invested 3.5 million U.S. dollars into Kai Xin farm developer-Five Minutes(0)

Xu said, this investment had arrived, the funds will be used for next year development of new Social Game. About changing “steal vegetables” to “pick vegetables” to comply with the Ministry of Culture’s upcoming social game management policy, Xu said which had little impact on the business.

Statistics showed that Five Minutes is a Social Game developer and operator, focusing on providing the players with Social Game in line with the “Five Minutes” concept. Its representative work, “Kai Xin Farm” has achieved industry-leading positions in the number of active users, user activity degree and operating income.

Rumor said that Tencent one-time purchased Kai Xin farm games, Xu responded that it was a special cooperation way, and Five Minutes had no plans to sell the company or Kai Xin farm games currently.

Xu also said the special cooperation with some companies aimed to be more focused to make better Facebook overseas markets.

China KongZhong buy Dacheng China KongZhong buy Dacheng(0)

Founded in 2004, Dacheng, which has offices in Beijing and Shanghai, offers multiplayer titles including “World of Kung Fu” and “Loong,” in addition to Dazzler3D, its 3D game engine.

For its part, KongZhong offers a number of mobile entertainment sites offering games and other content, and also operates

“With the strong performance of Dacheng’s newest 3D online game, Loong, Dacheng is becoming one of China’s leading 3D online game developers,” said KongZhong CFO Jay Chang.

“By combining our leading mobile game business with Dacheng’s self-developed 3D game engine and game development skills, the post-acquisition company is poised to become a leading multi-platform digital entertainment and gaming company with focus on two of the fastest growing segments in China’s game market.”

Source : Konaxis

10 gaming companies gained 3.1 billion in six months 10 gaming companies gained 3.1 billion in six months(0)

In the first half of this year, top 10 online games businesses at Beijing has a revenue of approximately 3.1 billion yuan.

At the seventh annual meeting of the Chinese game industry, vice minister of Municipal Propaganda Department of the Beijing municipal government – Dong Chen said government vigorously promoted cultural and creative industries. Seen from the statistics of first three quarters of this year, the city’s cultural and creative value added 96.5 billion yuan, with a price growth rate of 9.7%, accounting for 16.1% of the 3rd industry, accounting for 11.8% of the city’s GDP, a record high.

Animation game industry is an important component of the cultural and creative industries in Beijing, according to statistics, from 2006 to 2009 there were 47 priority projects directly supported by special Beijing’s cultural and creative industries development funds alone, with a fund of 196 million and social capital investment of nearly 2 billion yuan invested. Good origninal works such as “Jian Xia Qing Yuan”, “Zhu Xian”, “Perfect World” were launched in Beijing and well received, and “Perfect World” were exported to 40 countries and regions, with the actual sales of more than 20 million U.S. dollars. Beijing’s original PC games, online games and mobile games accounted for 70%, 50% and 60% of the overall share of the country.

Supervision of online games Supervision of online games(0)

Some online games used “bloody, violent and obscene” content to attract players, hurting their “physical and psychological health”, the culture ministry said.

The ministry said it would toughen the approval process for new online game companies and step up oversight of content.

For their part, online game developers should limit the number of virtual marriages and player-versus-player combat and improve technology to restrict the amount of time teenagers can spend on the Internet, the ministry said in a statement posted on its website Wednesday.

The number of Internet gamers in China reached 217 million at the end of June, or 64.2 percent of the nation’s total online population, according to the government-linked China Internet Network Information Centre.

Earlier this month, another ministry rejected an application by Chinese Internet portal NetEase seeking approval for the game World of Warcraft.

NetEase violated a rule banning new account registration and collection of subscription fees during a trial period that started July 30, when the firm was ordered to “revise harmful content” in the game, the General Administration of Press and Publication said.

Source : Konaxis

Chang You openned a subsidiary in Silicon Valley Chang You openned a subsidiary in Silicon Valley(0)

Chang You announced to beta test online game “Tian Long Ba Bu Online” on November 5 in the U.S. market, which has been operating in the Asian region for more than three years, with more than 75 million registered users, while the number of online users reached 910,000 people. U.S. users can visit to download “Tian Long Ba Bu Online” client.

Chang You net IPO (initial public offering) on the Nasdaq market in April, raising 120 million U.S. dollars. On IPO first day its share price soared 25 percent, and the current stock price is higher than the IPO price by 110%. Its net revenues of the third quarter of fiscal year 2009 reached a record high of 68.7 million U.S. dollars, representing a growth of 26% compared to a year earlier, representing an increase of 3% to last quarter.

Chang You network currently operates three online games, and plans to introduce at least another three, all of which games are going to be sold in the North American market.

In October, Chang You network was to become the first Chinese company allowed to use the world’s best solution for game developers- CryENGINE3, and will update its product plans, providing users with a better gaming experience.

Rumors said that Netease did not give out bonuses for several months because of Warcraft gaming Rumors said that Netease did not give out bonuses for several months because of Warcraft gaming(0)

According to the sources, during “World of Warcraft” free service openning, Netease has a cost of million yuan everyday. In accordance with the provisions of Netease, these whole costs are undertaken by the entire gaming department, and this also caused the Netease not able to pay bonuses on time.
According to the same sources, the suspended bonuses raised some staff discontent, after all, most self-developed products of Netease have good performance.

At present, the NetEase has not confirmed the message, relevant person said that NetEase’s game division was very large, not just a few products, the withholding of bonuses was unlikely.

Tencent and others injected 8 million U.S. dollars into online games publisher Riot Games Tencent and others injected 8 million U.S. dollars into online games publisher Riot Games(0)

In addition to this round of investors-venture capital firm Benchmark Capital and FirstMark Capital, there is a leading provider of Internet value-added service-Tencent.

The completion of this round of investments will help solidify Riot Games’ leadership as online games charge company which has a new mode of props of the next generation.

While the props charging model in western markets has just begun, but the mode of free games, props of charge business model has become mainstream in Asia. Currently Most North American and European publishers are still considering charging on time mode priorly, but Riot Games has fully accepted the props charging mode, and believes that this will be the global opportunities of future games. was informed that in November 2008 Tencent formally signed 3D real-time strategy online game-”Legend of the League” (League of Legends) developed by Roit Games and the game was scheduled to launch in mainland China in 2010.

World of Warcraft China free testing while awaiting approval World of Warcraft China free testing while awaiting approval(0)

‘We had been notified by Shanghai Netease and discussed with them before the announcement. It’s a thoughtful decision,’ said Yu, a public relations officer with Blizzard Entertainment Inc, the developer of the game.

In April, the game’s operating right in China was transferred from The9, another onlione game operator, to Shanghai Netease . The two companies concluded their agreement in early June and the game resumed its services July 30 with an open testing programme.

However, The9?s operations approval for the game was not transferable to the new operator. The government requires the new online game operators to reapply for approval. After Shanghai Netease gets the final nod to re-launch its commercial operation, players will be charged about 0.5 yuan per hour through prepaid cards.

Many players in China have complained that the strict censorship on the game is the reaon why it takes too long for the game to reopen.

The game was reported to have about four million subscribers or active players in China, accounting for 30 percent of the total in the world.

China?s online gaming industry was estimated to be worth $2.70 billion, with about 49.36 million online gamers last year.

Source : Konaxis

Investment in R&D online games Investment in R&D online games(0)

Giant Interactive Group Inc will add more to its initial RMB 100 million investment budget, said Giant’s President Liu Wei yesterday at the 7th China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference. Liu added that with the acquisition of a fifth independent game research team, the company will soon launch a game product called ZT Online.

Meanwhile, the “18 Funds” project of China’s leading online gaming operator, Shanda Interactive Entertainment Ltd, has paid RMB 500 million to fund nearly 40 game research teams, said the firm’s CEO, Li Yu.

Chinese game firms’ investment increase is in accordance with China’s goal of revitalizing cultural industries, and was approved by the State Council last week, sources said.

While China is encouraging joint R&D activities between Chinese firms and foreign firms for online games, foreign firms are not allowed to operate online games in China independently or jointly with domestic firms, said Sun Shoushan, vice director of the General Administration of Press and Publications.

China has also prohibited Web sites from advertising or linking to games that glamorize violence. A notice posted on the Culture Ministry Web site said games that promote drug use, obscenities, gambling, or crimes such as rape, vandalism and theft are “against public morality and the nation’s fine cultural traditions.”
The ban on the Web sites starts immediately.

Without going into details, the notice called for law enforcement bodies to ensure Web sites adhere to the new law. China has the world’s most extensive system of Web monitoring and censorship.

China’s online game industry earned RMB 18.38 billion in sales revenue in 2008, up 76.6% from a year earlier.

Source : Konaxis

First domestic novel backgrounded in online games was published First domestic novel backgrounded in online games was published(0)

A veteran gamer said: “Jiu Jie” series of novels were the first novels backgrounded in online games that had model effects to add the cultural connotation meanings into online games, which can be called milestone events of online games Literature.”

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