Blizzard enter the film industry

Ye Weilun said that the Blizzard had developed a total of 4 online games in 10 years, but each was significant in the market, and currently Blizzard had branch offices in eight countries and regions globally, China was one of them. Ye revealed that Blizzard’s business in addition to the game, had extended to peripheral products, novels, and they were now considering to enter the film industry.

ChinaJoy Seventh Summit was held at the Shanghai International Convention Center on 22th. People in charge of the game industry will be summing up the game industry development over the past year and most well-known CEOs from the game industry will be on the stage to share their feelings during the past one year or observation and thinking of the game industry. Sina science and technology was live broadcasting the whole forum.


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3 great strategies on the Social Medias in China

3 great strategies on the Social Medias in ChinaComments Off

Today there is more than 600 million internet users in China, and they all use the social Medias, every time. It’s essential to be present in the social media when doing business in China. Here are three great strategies on the social Medias in China. 1.      Using O2O O2O is a digital marketing strategy that

Shanda Games Sales May Fall

Shanda Games Sales May Fall(0)

Shanda Games Ltd., China?s second- biggest operator of online games, said sales may fall for a second straight quarter as the company struggles to boost demand for some of its titles, reported Thursday’s Bloomberg.

NetEase Second-Quarter Profit Rises 3.8%

NetEase Second-Quarter Profit Rises 3.8%(0) Inc., China?s third-biggest online games provider, said second-quarter profit rose 3.8 percent after the company added players by introducing new titles and upgrades, reported Wednesday’s Bloomberg.

China Clamps Online Gaming Market

China Clamps Online Gaming Market(0)

Web users in China will have to register their names before playing games online as part of the nation’s first official set of rules governing the booming market, reported Wednesday?s China Daily.

China May Inflation Rises

China May Inflation Rises(0)

China’s inflation rose in May amid signs its rebound from the global slump is slowing, adding to pressure on Beijing to keep growth on track and control politically sensitive prices, reported Friday?s AP.

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