You Shi net: business SNS minority

When we are still indulged in “stealing vegetables” “grab parking lots” based community, in the United States, a social networking site called LinkedIn is doing business fast, and now covers more than 50% of U.S. white-collar crowd with annual revenues of more than 100 million U.S. dollars.

A guy named Lu Hansen with China and Philippines origins returned to China in 2008 and founded a business networking platform in China – You Shi Net. Different from other sites, You Shi Net is minority of “Real name invitation Membership Fees You Shi currency”

Recently, the reporter was informed You Shi Net got millions of dollars ventures investment. As for the specific amount of investment, Lu Hansen said a big new fund was going to come in immediately, but it was not convenient to disclose details for this moment.

First batch of members are from investment professionals

Before starting this site, Lu Hansen has been successfully established in Canada a very international community sites – WorldFriends, targeting at the cross-cultural network, looking for foreign pen pal, getting travel information and a platform for learning a foreign language.

Lu seems very experienced in how to run the community, as he found his business model before its inception in WorldFriends, not only just selling advertising space, the site also allows users to have a few ways of upgrades with different priority functions: for example, if a user can pay the cost of 24.95 U.S. dollars per month, he can post contact information (such as email, instant messaging, voice and video chat information) to all users; if a user pays 244.95 U.S. dollars a year, he can post contacts and get contacts from all users for free.


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