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The country’s largest leading books site was born The country’s largest leading books site was born(0)

Different from the popular book sales platforms like Zhuo Yue, It provides not only books sales, but also the Book Search, pre-reading, the online shopping price comparison, book reviews and even search for the nearest entities stores and other very useful functions. As a leading books portal, the current site can be described as the first provider with such a full-service books web site.

It was introduced by CEO Zhao Ge, neither traditional store or existing online bookstore could meet the various needs of readers, as the incomplete book types was a serious problem. There was little effective and convenient index among books, publishers, and authors, restricting the users’ personalized and multi-directional readings. This site will include nearly 1.8 million kinds of published books, and this largest library of Chinese books has a comprehensive coverage of the major categories from the mainstream book sites. will be the first to test the model of charging individual users will be the first to test the model of charging individual users(0)

This is the first demestic video site which publicly announced personal subscription.

Wang Jianjun said as the majority of contents were original works by net users, so users who uploaded videos should receive a certain amount of remuneration, and the users who needed to obtain the video should pay, which was the development direction of Internet.

Xu Ruyun who has just launched the new album recently opened her own online account at, and provided auditions of new songs from her album for friends.
In addition to Xu Ruyun, He Jie, Zhou Hui have settled down happily. Different from ordinary users, these stars have a small red flag after their names. staff explained it was because there were a lot of “pirate” stars online, for example, there were hundreds of “Liu Xiang”, to add a “little red flag” to next to the account was to show this was a verified star.

In fact, many stars usually are regular users of, Lu Chuan, Ke Lan are managing their accounts, but a lot of stars are relatively low profile, only friends are allowed to see their pages while ordinary users can not. for the identified stars in public, has changed from a private fun entertainment network a public advocacy fronts, especially for the stars who have backed to second-line, it is a good way to increase popularity through the happy interaction with users.

Ba Fang Shi Jie received 7 million U.S. dollars Venture Capital Ba Fang Shi Jie received 7 million U.S. dollars Venture Capital(0)

Happo vision was established in April 2007 and is headquartered in the global high-tech and education center-Boston. Chinese company was founded in May 2008, headquartered in Shanghai. Management and development team have very rich experiences, has successfully created global software and multimedia companies. Company brings together leading experts in English language education in China and the United States, voice technique experts and senior interactive designers of platform for world-class large-scale networks. In May of this year, Ba Fang Shi Jie has launched the “Wei Zhi Xue Yuan” online English learning software. This is the world’s first online virtual world for English beginners and kids to create a lively, interesting and immersive language environment to help learners to improve oral English and communication skills. is planning to turn into site of urban life is planning to turn into site of urban life(0)

It can be seen from its newly revised shanghai station, the original homepage which had only the contents of food was replaced with the navigation of “Guide to Living in Shanghai” , and below was broken down into 9 channels: food, entertainment, shopping, beauty, marriage, parent-child, sports fitness, cars, and hotels. Billboards on homepage, Top Categories, Top Search, Wonderful Comments were changed from the food to 9 channels related contents. At the same time, its 3 years’ operated contents of the community was displayed in popular tribal form on homepage.

According to the site related sources, the revision was only in its headquarters of Shanghai and later revisions would be completed for major cities such as Beijing .

Zhang Tao, CEO of the said that the revision was strongly driven by the majority of consumers, hoping through this revision they would provide a more convenient, economic, practical consumption guide service for people living in urban cities.

According to Zhang,’s main business service was to provide accurate online advertising for life services clients, before primarily co-operations with catering business clients, and in the past one year, non-catering businesses clients co-operations developed very rapidly.

Jiangtong cartoon determined to create Chinese Disney Jiangtong cartoon determined to create Chinese Disney(0)

The company has a capability of annually outputing 5000 minutes international standards animations, and in animation industry it owns both the State Administration of Radio Awarded “national animation industrial base” and the Ministry of Culture Awarded “National Cultural Industry Model Base”.

The company has a mature and highly efficient production management system and directoring planning team with extensive experiences, providing services for prior, during and post-production. The company produced a large-scale original animation ” A pig named Zhu Ba Jie falling down from the sky” which won Beautiful Monkey Award series Special Award in the second China International Animation Festival and Excellent full-length art film Award in the twenty-third China TV Golden Eagle Award.

At present, in the field of animation industry chain operations, the company relies on the domestic market in order to develop independent brands derivatives through brand authorization and marketing channels, for formation of animation derivatives industry chains including television broadcasting, terrestrial brand promotion, animation book publishing, cartoon Brand authorization, and R & D and exclusive sales of derivatives. In 2008, under the international financial crisis background, the company’s main income business remained steady growth.

To enhance the creative capacity of original planning as core competitiveness, Jiang Tong Animation is committed to the introduction of more market appealling national animation brand, and strives to build the company as one of China’s leading animation content providers, one of China’s leading animation production bases.

Scholars reading bar net sued Shanda case hearing was in court yesterday Scholars reading bar net sued Shanda case hearing was in court yesterday(0)

A Beijing company accused Shanda of abusing its dominate position in the online literature market, implementing monopolistic behaviors.

The plaintiff in the case is Beijing Scholar Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, operators of “Reading bar net” Scholar Electronic said in the writ, the company commissioned Kou Bin whose online nickname is known as “do not eat tomatoes” to write “Xingchenbian After”, and put series on “Reading bar net”. However, “the starting point of Chinese net” required the author to stop creation for the “Reading bar net”, and sent the letter of apology on the site.

Scholar Electronic believed that, because of the monopolistic position in the industry, Shanda ordered Kou Bin to stop creation, and subsequently claimed that the novel infringed copyrights demanding “Reading bar net” to remove the work. Therefore, the acts were alleged to abuse the market dominance position.

Scholar Electronic brought the two companies -Shanda and Yuen-ting technology- to the court, and called for an end to monopolistic practices, apology and compensation for the loss. At present, the case is still in progress. It was reported that both the plaintiff and defendant had another reputation case went to the Pudong New Area court, which was also under review.

Online travel agencies developed strange products Online travel agencies developed strange products(0)

Many industry insiders reminded that online travel information was not easy to supervise, and if problems appeared, it was difficult to protect your rights, so consumers should make rational choices.

An “online travel agency” released information saying that the break-up traveling developed by them is limited to a pair of lovers who are about to break up, which does not include round-trip air tickets, and the travel period is of 4 days 3 night, or 5 days 4 nights, with a cost of ¥15,000; “losing lover traveling” has period of 4 days 3 night, or 5 days 4 nights, with a cost of ¥8,000. It was known that since the start-up of this “online travel agency” on April 1 this year, over 100,000 pieces of traveling information has been updated everyday.

Jiangxi tourism regulatory reminded that in real life visitors signed travel contract with travel agents before departure, and if there were any trouble, visitores could through various channels protect their own legitimate rights and interests;but “online travel agency”, after all, was more virtual, because there was no security, monitoring was more difficult. if there were problems with quality of the service, consumers had no way to rationally deal with the service.

Alibaba SNS Alibaba SNS(0)

It was said that, SNS stands for full Social Network Site, that is the “social Web” or “social network.” SNS’s originator – Stanley Milgram, a psychology professor at Harvard University created the six partition theory in 1967, simply saying: “The number of any interval people between you and a stranger would not be more than 6, that is, through a maximum of the six people you will be able to know any stranger. ” In accordance to the six partition theory, each individual’s social circle is constantly enlarged and finally become a large-scale network. This also means that the Alibaba SNS will make millions of domestic e-commerce platform for users to create a “business community”, the information of buying and selling will be more convenient.

It was learned that the product is through data mining the user conduct generated in Alibaba, to make “customer relationship” and “relationship management”, and to maintain the soft inter-relationships through soft marketing similar to gifts giving in the future.

According to related sources from Renmai Tong business department, Alibaba RenMai Tong SNS will be different from the current SNSs, not offering interactive games, but focusing on “Commercial interaction acts among business friends, and based on the Chinese business exchanges culture to promote a purely commercial relationship.”

Voice of Tibet website online radio launched Voice of Tibet website online radio launched(0)

On that day, the Voice of Tibet website online radio opening ceremony was held in Lhasa. To further enhance the dissemination of radio capacity in Tibet, widen the channels of dissemination, and to better promote the new Tibet to domestic and international audiences , and to display the new Tibet, the radio and broadcasting administration of Tibet Autonomous Region created Chinese Han, Tibetan, Sino-British three languages versions, to disseminate 4 sets of real-time online radio programs.

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