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The first video in cooperation with Taiwan Media to create mobile phone lottery platform The first video in cooperation with Taiwan Media to create mobile phone lottery platform(0)

Its stock backed to market in afternoon.

The first video’s announcement said it reached the exclusive strategic cooperation agreement with Taiwan Hua Xun Media Group(6237.TWO) in the form of sharing benefits. By working with iPeer Group invested by Hua Xun Media Group and (MTK) MediaTek(MTK), the first video became the exclusive mobile entertainment partner of MediaTek in Greater China. One of co-operations is to add value-added services surrounding purchasing lotteries from the first video including games, entertainment, music, video and wireless payments to mobile phones chips made by MediaTek.

Hua Xun Group, in this collaboration, will primarily provide platform development, application-layer display, the client technology development, and marketing transplant. The first video will provide a legitimate lottery and entertainment value-added services and billing system. The two sides will build China’s largest mobile phone lottery comprehensive entertainment platform. hand in hand with China film group to push ‘network drama’ hand in hand with China film group to push ‘network drama’(0)

The biggest competitor of previously announced completion of 40 million U.S. dollars to increase their investment, while also announcing another plan which is being negotiated of 40 million U.S. dollars. Another video site-ku6, through stocks convertion cooperation with Hurray, to a large extent solved this funding problem. In 2010, with the increasing pressure on the issue of copyright, video website’s “money-burning” speed is doubled.

Wang Wei made the above remarks at the conference of co-operation of and China Film Group. Yesterday afternoon, the two companies jointly launched the network drama “MR. Thunder “premiere in Beijing, through the cooperation with China Mobile, the play will also be ported to 3G mobile phone platform, for a full push. Network play is a new model of video site in 2009, generally a single act of 5 to 10 minutes in length, business model is implanted-up ads.

Baidu builded independent video company Youku partner with Baidu builded independent video company Youku partner with

Few days ago, the world’s largest Chinese search engine Baidu announced the official formation of an independent online video company, fully into the field of original high-definition online video industry. At the same time, China’s leading video-sharing sites youku reached an agreement with the in charged of by China Internet Information Center for China Unicom iPhone (mobile Internet) to provide its mobile video users an exclusive branded content.

Baidu officials confirmed yesterday that the former president and COO Gong Yu 12580 has been invited to become the new company CEO. Vice president of Marketing and Business Development at Baidu, Ren Xuyang said, “With China’s Internet development and Internet users become more sophisticated, the market desire video companies with professional operation and high-quality Internet video, and Internet video is an important strategic development direction in the future.”

After multiple rounds of financing, youku are seeking cooperations with more resources with the official qualifications. China Internet Information Center is a key national news website led by the State Council Information Office, regulated by Foreign Office, with qualification of start-up mobile phone networks for the dissemination of audio-visual programs and has a very rich visual and audio content resources.

The newly established video company of Baidu, unlike the market’s leading video-sharing models, designed in close collaboration with the upstream copyright providers, free of charge to the general Internet users, providing a series of rich high-definition video contents such as full genuine movies, television dramas, sports, animation.

Baidu video company Baidu video company(0)

The new entity is designed to work with content providers to supply copyrighted material, including movies, TV shows, sports, and animation, and it will generate its revenue through advertisements, reported Cnet.

“Online video is a rapidly growing sector in China, and I believe Baidu’s search platform will provide a solid foundation for the new company to address the increasing demand for premium content,” said Yu Gong, former president and chief operating officer of China Mobile’s 12580 hotline service, who is set to head the new venture as CEO.

But video piracy has long been a thorny issue in China. And it has gone more high-tech in recent years. More and more illegal videos, including full-length movies and TV shows, have shown up on popular Chinese video-streaming sites such as Youku and Tudou. A group of content providers filed a lawsuit late last year against some of these Chinese sites, charging them with copyright violation, reported. So far, the case has resulted in a legal judgment against Youku, ordering it to pay a small sum in damages.

TVs with Internet access have also become a new haven for video piracy, as Chinese users can now download illegal videos directly off the Web into their living rooms. The Google-funded service Xunlei, a Chinese peer-to-peer file-sharing service, has been the target of lawsuits, alleging that it distributes copyrighted movies and TV shows without compensating the studios or networks.

Source : Konaxis

CBOX TV China’s Internet TV CBOX TV China’s Internet TV(0)

Just online the day before yesterday, China Network Television (CNTV) has widespread concerns from online users, but since yesterday, there were users saying the site Client CBOX was in a state of collapse. Later reporter tried programs running for several times, but was still not able to watch the online live broadcasting, but the normal web page mode was working. CNTV relevant staff told reporters by telephone, the server was just on-line soon, in too many connections from users, the CBOX program was easy to crash, they were solving the problem.

China Network Television (CNTV) got online since December 28 and received widespread attention from China’s Internet users. On 18:48 yesterday afternoon, the reporter opened the famous traffic ranking site Alexa and found that in less than two days, had been ranking to the No. 4552 among CN domain names. Journalists found in the relevant web forums that online users reported the night before last (December 28) since 23:00 the Web client CBOX was in state of collapse. Yesterday afternoon around 5:00 p.m. reporters ran CBOX software on several occasions, but never able to successfully watch online video programming. CNTV relevant staff, told reporters in a telephone the current CNTV technology sector had not yet solved the problems in conneting CBOX through, China Mobile and other networks, and the server was just on-line soon, in too many users connections, the CBOX was easy to collapse. CNTV relevant departments were working to solve the problem, and suggested anxious users watch videos through the web page first.

Rumor has it that received the fifth financing of 40 million U.S. dollars Rumor has it that received the fifth financing of 40 million U.S. dollars(0)

Other details are not available at present and the message has not been officially confirmed.

According to the sources, the financing will be used to purchase copyrighted content, has begun to delete piracy dramas in large-scale, CEO- Wang Wei also publicly indicated that he would input 100 million to purchase the copyright.

Based on publicly available data, had a total of four financings, totally receiving 85 million U.S. dollars.

CCTV online video CCTV online video(0)

CCTV will launch a national Internet TV station next Monday, according to a source from, the online subsidiary of CCTV.

The new website, which reportedly received a 200 million yuan ($29 million) government investment, will provide programming from CCTV, one of China’s largest video content makers, and make it available on the Internet.

“If CCTV allows its own video website to stream its contents exclusively, it would have a great impact on websites like and,” said Edward Yu, CEO of Analysys International, a domestic research firm.

He said CCTV’s entry will create an online platform similar to Hulu, a website in the United States that is funded by US networks such as NBC, Fox and ABC that offer commercially-supported streaming video of TV shows and movies. and are the two biggest video-sharing websites in China.

CCTV will also launch a client software that optimizes video streaming for both computer users and mobile users, according to the source.

Source : Konaxis

Youku raises $40 Million Youku raises $40 Million(0)

Youku raised the funds as part of a new financing round, bringing its total amount of private equity funding to $110 million, the company said Sunday. The company also has $10 million in venture debt funding and expects to bring in up to $40 million more in additional equity funding.

Youku has become the most popular YouTube-style Web site in China since its launch in 2006. The site, like some of its local rivals, has worked to expand its offerings from user-generated clips to include professional content like TV drama series and its new funding will be partly used to syndicate more professional video. Youku has already partnered with 1,500 license holders to offer professional content, it said.

Youku will also use the new funds to produce more Web-based content and for research and development on both PC and mobile projects, it said. Youku earlier this year launched a beta mobile portal to tap China’s growing number of 3G mobile phone users and start gaining revenue from a new source.

China had 338 million Internet users at the end of June, the most in any country, and two-thirds of those people used online video, according to a government survey.

Youku has not said when it expects to become profitable, but its total revenue for this year will surpass 200 million yuan ($29 million), it said.

Source : Konaxis

Hong Kong next year will launch .Hong Kong Chinese domain names Hong Kong next year will launch .Hong Kong Chinese domain names(0)

Hong Kong Internet Registration Management Corporation pointed out after the introduction of “.Hong Kong” domain name, users can register the “. Hk” and “.Hong Kong” domain names at the same time, and users will receive Simplified Chinese domain name automatically when registering a Traditional Chinese domain name, which can be described as double benefit.

The company added that due to HK’s proximity to mainland China, neighboring Taiwan, Southeast Asia and other places “.Hong Kong” domain name will be launched to cater for the increasingly frequent economic and trade exchanges in this region, promoting the development of Chinese language web site.

Microsoft suspends China’s Juku Microsoft suspends China’s Juku(0)

Microsoft is working with the MSN China joint venture to investigate the situation, the company said in a statement on its website.

In a blog post on Monday, Plurk, considered a rival to Twitter, said about 80% of the client and product codebase for Microsoft’s Juku appears to be a copy of its own service.

“Plurk was never approached nor collaborated in any capacity with Microsoft on this service,” Plurk said in the blog.

Microsoft launched MSN Juku, which was created with an independent vendor, in November, allowing users to find friends via microblogging and online games.

Source : Konaxis

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