Online Entertainment back to homepage announced mobile douban was officially launched in community announced mobile douban was officially launched in community(0)

The number of registered users exceeded more than 40 million launched mobile douban on Jan 7, to support searching book, movie, and music. Douban website provided rich data resources for mobile douban. In order to meet more and more users demand of interaction at mobile, mobile douban launched community function. Users can access at any time, though radio, neighbor status were recognized and users can record their own life using “I said”, participate in group discussions topics, respond to diaries or photo albums, exchange emails with Friends, send messages to musicians, or to recommend interesting contents to your neighbor, with real-time information interaction.

It was known that mobile douban still provided books and movies information search function. Click the book and movies links at the bottom of the page to enter the search page, search function support ISBN, ISRC and barcode search. Users can login from to find more mobile douban details.

Sina micro-blog and CC video reached strategic cooperations Sina micro-blog and CC video reached strategic cooperations(0)

Below each video of, there has been added the “forward to the Sina microblog” feature, so that users can use this service to move favorite videos to the micro-Blog to share with “fans”. And though this new media form of communication, contents are not limited by 140 word limit, carrying more information and value. To embed media information to micro-blog for transferring, this rich format will further enhance the interaction between users.

CC Video is the largest domestic video service platform, providing video products and services for more than 100,000 video sites, daily coverage and impact of about 320 million Internet users. CC lian bo( is online video network sites under CC video, working with many TV stations, copyright agencies, domestic well-known sites, providing users of genuine authority and original content, local news, local entertainment and arts programs.

CC video market director said: “Sina micro-blog is the most popular real-time communication platform, and cooperation with sina mirco-blog can deeply tap the communication value of mutual customers, providing a more exciting audio-visual content. In the near future, we will deepen the cooperation with Sina micro-Blog, to give more surprise to users at the product level. ”

Industry analysts believe that because of CC video’s unique business model, its contents are mainly from the professional, semi-professional media production agency, so in this cooperation, more high-quality video contents can be introduced to Sina microblog.
According to Sina microblog relevant person in charge, the video-sharing mechanisms established was only the first step in bilateral cooperation, next, the two sides will also connect in depth in technology and product aspects. Though CC video extensive partner resources, Sina micro-blog API sharing can be directly applied to hundreds of thousands of video sites, providing global Chinese the best social media platforms.

Microsoft MSN China Microsoft MSN China(0)

Xiao Chen, MSN China’s Vice-President of sales who has been with the company since its inception, will leave at the end of March to pursue his own start-up, a Microsoft spokeswoman told Reuters.

MSN China, which was launched in 2005 with local partners, is struggling to compete against QQ, a chat messaging and social network operated by Tencent Holdings, China’s most valuable Internet company.

MSN China ran into trouble late last year when its microblogging site, Juku — created by an independent vendor — was accused of copying another start-up. Microsoft subsequently suspended the service.

For its part, software giant Microsoft is pinning its China hopes on search engine Bing, currently a minnow in China’s 7.2 billion yuan ($1.1 billion) search market.

Microsoft said earlier this month it will stick to its strategy for China’s Internet search market regardless of the outcome of Google’s high-profile spat with Beijing.

Motorola Inc said last week it has reached a deal with Microsoft to put Bing search and mapping services on its phones that use Google’s Android operating system.

Source : Konaxis

Qi Yi finalized Office Location: up to 108 recruits Qi Yi finalized Office Location: up to 108 recruits(0)

This morning, Qi Yi organized a small in- house opening ceremony, Gong Yu, CEO cut the ribbon for the new office , Gong Yu said Qi Yi Network staff number reached 108.

At the ceremony, Gong Yu said that the Qi Yi Site preparations were proceeding well, 108 people were recruited, opening entered a countdown state, and all departments had begun office in Ou Mei Hui Building.

Gong Yu also disclosed plans in the near future there would be web site on-line internal test, and if currently logged home, the progress bar will show the progress of the construction of Qi Yi Web site is 71%, and the site is expected by the end of March before officially launched.

Gong Yu, said during an interview earlier with Sina, Qi Yi provided video platform for primarily long movies and television-based videos content, adhering to genuine, high-definition model of development, and in future will be listed in stock separately.

Not long ago, Baidu’s announced an agreement with the U.S. private equity firms Providence Equity Partners, that Providence Equity Partners would invest 5 million dollars into Baidu’s video site Qi Yi. After the injection was completed, Baidu would continue to hold a controlling share of video company. confirmed Liu Qian was going to study abroad confirmed Liu Qian was going to study abroad(0)

Kaixin said that it was grateful to Liu’ work in expanding Kaixin business last year, and felt sorry his leave for personal reasons, also wished Liu all the best.

Sources familiar with Liu disclosed that Liu was to leave kaixin for some time, studying abroad, and his main purpose is to study in a relaxed environment, and further systematic study of advanced management experience.

The source also said that Liu was very optimistic about kaixin’s development, and looked forward more work in near future for China’s SNS.

According to media reports, the founder -Cheng Binghao invited in March last year his old colleague Liu Qian from Sina to join kaixin, and some media quoted informed sources that sales of kaixin under the leadership of Liu had a lot of progress.

Tudou announced the official proceedings of the Cool 6 Tudou announced the official proceedings of the Cool 6(0)

Cool 6 network will be formally charged for its infringement of copyright for the content of 33 TV drama comprehensive rights protection.

The current evidence has been completed. Next week, the Potato Network will be formally prosecuted at Haidian District People’s Court.

It is learned that Cool 6 was prosecuted for the 33 films and television dramas. The first evidence of the productions includes: “Please Turn on the Phone Log”, “Live with a Smile,” “Wanted to Rely on You,” as well as a joint venture with Central China’s first 3G network drama “Mr. Lei?, and many other Greatest Hits.

Cai, director of legal affairs, said that Tudou issued a notice to remove the Cool 6? prints already in early February this year. The Cool 6 still adhere to a negative attitude, completely ignoring the “norm.” Based on this, the Tudou Network decided to formally initiate proceedings.

On march 1st, Cool 6 announced that it has filed lawsuits against Tudou Network on its copyright infringement. Cool 6 network claim 500,000 yuan for 5 TV dramas. At that time, Shanghai Pudong New Area People’s Court has formally accepted the case. internally tested online recruitment platform internally tested online recruitment platform(0) recruitment platform indicated they wished to have more users to find suitable jobs and provide for the majority of job seekers with free, reliable and accurate employment information, and 100% protect users’ privacy.

It is known that companies such as patriot, Nokia, Adobe, Yahoo and other companies stationed in China have entered recruitment platform, indicated that there would be more enterprises with the recruitment needs to enter

This is another attempt from after test in e-commerce, “renren loves to buy” . Previously had jointly worked with Taobao, Jingdong Mall to introduce the e-commerce into community. In the online business travel aspect, renren has in-depth co-operation with elong net.

Analysts believed that business travel was still too high end users of, the online recruitment may be more in line with needs of students groups.

Baidu independent online video company was named Qi Yi and get online in March Baidu independent online video company was named Qi Yi and get online in March(0)

It is learned that when Qi Yi officially gets online, it will take domain name. Official logo includes Chinese-language brand name and English domain names. Qi Yi’s CEO Gong Yu said the video platform primarily provides the long videos like movies and television and with a model of high definition and copyrighted contents,and will consider to be listed in stock market in the future independently.

Recently there have been news Baidu video has recruited from other online video companies some technical staff, sales and marketing personnel. At the same time it had settled down with some of the copyrights side of the film purchase agreement, about to sign the contract. According to Baidu video company personnel earlier that staff size would reach 350 by the end of 2010 .

It is reported that Baidu Baidu’s video website is a joint venture with Providence, a U.S. investors, while Baidu is in holding, and the newly appointed CEO Gong Yu shares.

Baidu independent video will be launched in March, disclosing joint US investors Baidu independent video will be launched in March, disclosing joint US investors(0)

Reporter learned yesterday that the site would be get online in March of this year, with an office in Chongqing, which is the first video site who set up office in the west.

Baidu independent video company’s western head – Hai-Tao Yang told reporters that the video site was invested by Baidu’s joint venture with U.S. investor-Providence, and Baidu is in charge, CEO Gong Yu also has a stake.

“If you forget the movie name, you can enter the scripts in the search box lines, it will also search out the movie.” Hai-Tao Yang introduced due to proximity to the domestic search giant Baidu, the site enjoys natural advantages in the search. It is said that currently none inf domestic video sites has related technologies.

“To fully radiate domestic market, Baidu this time specially set up two offices in Chongqing, Chengdu to simultaneously advance with the north, east and south China regions.” Hai-Tao Yang disclosed that this was the first time for video sites to set up offices in the West, which will radiate southwest and northwest 10 provinces and municipalities.

Youku is going to hold on-line Spring Festival Evening Youku is going to hold on-line Spring Festival Evening(0)

It is known that youku’s online Spring Festival Evening, will once again hand in hand with Guo Degang to show De Yun community’s annual sealing performance through youku Live interactively. Immediately from today, De Yun community is looking for “Bao Fu”(interesting jokes), new scripts, big events and so on among Chinese Internet users comprehensively and will be performed in the sealing performance. Youku Staff said De Yun community’s “Spring Festival big gifts” will be live broadcasted for free to youku users.

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