Chinese SNS: Perish Before Old

The “Perish Before Old” condition of Chinese SNS sites now is a phenomenon. Entering 2010, smaller SNS sites that belong to the first generation of Chinese SNS sites fell down one after another, and on the death list are, and other SNS sites.

The giants are having a tough time of “Growing Pains” too. After experience a fast growth of 60 million registered users in 2008 and 2009 , Kai Xin ( now have found their loyal users are turning away, cancelling their accounts. In the following 10 months after their big leap, there were only 25 million users. It is only the history that their users used to get up in midnight to play their web page games.

Let’s look at the west. Facebook has attracted a total of 500 million registered users, and advertisers have increased their advertisement budget on by at least 10 times in the past year.

According to Hitwise, a market research company, Facebook has topped, winning the title of “Largest Website of the U.S.”. It has also become the largest advertisement publisher, instead of The first quarter market share is 16%, higher than that of the last fourth quarter.

After reading the above, you may be thinking “What have the Chinese SNS sites done wrong?”

One of the most crucial issue is the fact that they lack technical creation

Copying the west looks like an ordinary internet business model, even some of China’s major Internet businesses such Tencent, which is very famous for their ability of imitation in the circle. The are some people that believe “Who copys profits.”

This is more of a working routine now in the world of SNS sites. Both Kai Xin and Renren copy their western counterpart, This is truth.

Let’s wait and see where Chinese SNS sites will head for.


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