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It was said that, SNS stands for full Social Network Site, that is the “social Web” or “social network.” SNS’s originator – Stanley Milgram, a psychology professor at Harvard University created the six partition theory in 1967, simply saying: “The number of any interval people between you and a stranger would not be more than 6, that is, through a maximum of the six people you will be able to know any stranger. ” In accordance to the six partition theory, each individual’s social circle is constantly enlarged and finally become a large-scale network. This also means that the Alibaba SNS will make millions of domestic e-commerce platform for users to create a “business community”, the information of buying and selling will be more convenient.

It was learned that the product is through data mining the user conduct generated in Alibaba, to make “customer relationship” and “relationship management”, and to maintain the soft inter-relationships through soft marketing similar to gifts giving in the future.

According to related sources from Renmai Tong business department, Alibaba RenMai Tong SNS will be different from the current SNSs, not offering interactive games, but focusing on “Commercial interaction acts among business friends, and based on the Chinese business exchanges culture to promote a purely commercial relationship.”


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